May 3, 2017

Japanese Pond’s Cold Cream Is Much Nicer

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

A few years ago my friend from Japan brought me a big tub of Pond’s Age Beauty Cream Cleansing and I had that moment of, “OMG I love it!” but in reality, I was like, “My grandmother used this stuff to take her makeup off 60 years ago…”

And this is a story about how Japanese Pond’s Age Beauty Cream Cleansing is so much better than mere Pond’s Cold Cream.

I think I tried Pond’s Cold Cream when I was 14 and newly obsessed with skincare everything. I recall trying to love it but not really understanding what it actually did. Fast forward several years and I tried it again in my early twenties and I remember it being an awful mess. With all the different cleaners on the market why would anyone want to remove their makeup with cold cream? I think cold cream and instantly Joan Crawford and my grandmother come to mind. Not that my grandmother was following up by toning with vodka mine you, that was all Joan.

Many years went by and many cleansers came and went through my life but Pond’s Cold Cream wasn’t one that made it into my daily routine. Several years ago, when my friend Mai was visiting from Tokyo she brought me plenty of goodies as she always does and one of those beauty goodies was a big old jar of Pond’s Age Beauty Cream Cleansing. I raised a brow, told her all about how I’ve used it before and hated it. She explained to me it was a good deal different from the US formula. And that’s how I fell in love with this stuff.

Ponds Age Beauty Cream Cleansing from Justin Cooper on Vimeo.

I think the regular Pond’s Cold Cream is considerably thicker and a little difficult to simply wash off versus the Japanese formula which is more of a lighter cream that does in fact rinse off a lot more easily should you choose to rinse versus wipe off with a wash cloth. Since embracing double cleansing its always been the secondary part of my cleanse as it not only adds much needed moisture back into my skin but also removes anything that may have been left over from my initial cleanse as well as any cleanser that remains on my skin.

I’ve been known to use it all its own as well. Smear a bunch of it over my face and closed eye lids, rinse, and pat dry. Done! It removes makeup very easily and the soft, lightweight cream texture is very gentle on my drier skin. I find the light fresh floral scent considerably nicer compared to the US one. Pond’s Cold Cream here in the US has the thicker texture of Nozema but the Japanese formula is considerably lighter and compared to the cream that comes with the new Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse Duo!

Oh, by the way, it comes in a standard white jar but they do these limited edition jars as well with floral designs that are just so damn pretty that they demand to be displayed on your bathroom sink! So, if the formula didn’t capture your attention, the packaging surely will!

So, if you’re currently double cleansing you might want to add this little gem to your makeup removal routine. Especially if you feel rather tight and dry after cleansing as it’ll leave skin pleasantly soft and lightly hydrated.

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I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • hope

    i’ve been using the american ponds cold cream with the green and white packaging for years to remove makeup, water proof and all, in my shower before exfoliating and washing my face. it works well and has a nice smell but it can feel too thick and even a little greasy. i have to use a face wash after it or else i can feel it’s residue, and it’s not good. i’m thinking the japanese version is the best of both worlds: creamy makeup removing magic without the lingering oily film. and that makes me super excited.

    my only problem is seeing $15 shipping for the $5 jar on 🙁 and the free shipping threshold is a whopping $75.

    amazon of course had prime shipping for $14 jars but they weren’t the pretty floral design. i also noticed on the amazon page that the japanese ponds also come in different varieties and now i’m not sure which would best suit my needs.

    is it really worth the $15-20 extra than the american version if i’m only using it to remove makeup and hydrate my skin?

    • Isabella Muse

      The original has always been a little too rich and emollient for me. Weird to say considering I have dry skin but it’s a little overkill for me. The Japanese version feels like more of a traditional moisturizer and doesn’t have that greasiness the US one leaves behind 🙂 I use the original red label which is the anti-aging formula. They also have a traditional pond’s cold cream formula which can be wiped off, not rinsed, I believe that’s green label. And there’s also a washable version of that available and finally a blemish/acne prone formula which is gold. Hopefully I got those all right. 🙂 You can try on ebay! They have a lot of sellers that have LE floral designs available! Some are in the white packaging with a vine/floral motif, very pretty. No, I wouldn’t pay that much for it. It’s great don’t get me wrong but only if you can pay under $12 for it. I wouldn’t pay $20!

  • Christina Tran

    Cute packaging. I absolutely hate Ponds Cold Cream here and didn’t realize the Japanese market had a different version; otherwise, I would have picked one up on my trip recently. I feel like I’m so picky with my makeup removers. They have to have the perfect consistency and not leave behind icky residue, even though I double cleanse. LOL!

    • Isabella Muse

      ugh I hate gross left over residue :-/ nothing like washing your face but still feeling dirty because of a gross film left behind!

  • Heidi

    I love that LE packaging. I have tried the U.S. version before but was never hooked onto it. The Japanese version definitely sounds better.
    You mentioning the differences makes me think of Nivea Creme. The stuff in the tin that’s made in Germany — which can be found in the U.S., but usually only in import stores — is slightly different from the U.S. version, which is made in Mexico, and works better for me.
    Do you have an ingredient list for the Japanese Pond’s?

  • Isa

    That packaging tho! If they had packaging like this everywhere, I’m sure it would sell better. Like you, I’ve always thought of Ponds Cold Cream as a rather old-fashioned, uninteresting product. I did use it for a while, also in my teens; it was probably the first makeup remover I used when I started wearing (pretty heavy) foundation and my regular cleanser just wasn’t cutting it anymore. It work to remove makeup, yes. But it was also difficult to remove in turn! It wasn’t long before I switched to a cleansing milk.

    • Isabella Muse

      right? Haha! People would want a jar of pond’s cream if it was this pretty! 😀

  • Jes

    I had recently seen this listed on someone’s skincare routine list of products, and I was like, what? I too tried the original when I was young and hated it. Guess I’ll pick this up on my travels! I’m excited to pick up some of the more luxury stuff while I’m in Japan, but I’m really more curious about the drugstore brands. Thanks for the rec!

    • Isabella Muse

      I think we are conditioned to think that Pond’s Cold Cream is something our grandmother’s used 😀 The original is too emollient and just makes me feel like a grease ball! You’ll like the Japanese one! It’s very light and it rinses off easily 😀 My pleasure!

      • Mediterranean Maven

        The problem with the American version of Pond’s Cold Cream is that it leaves a waxy film on your skin and keeps the skin from naturally flaking. The trick to getting around this is to exfoliate more often than you normally do. I found that using Paula’s Choice BHA 2% Lotion alternating with Paula’s Choice AHA 8% Lotion every evening took care of the problem and left my skin smooth and blemish free without dryness. With my dry, sensitive skin, I was never able to exfoliate daily as when my skin was much oilier. Using cold cream in general (whether it is the artisan cold creams found on Etsy or the commercial ones like Teatrical or Pond’s) though has resulted in more frequent exfoliation for me with good results.

  • Lisa O’Neill

    haha Nozema was m HG in my teens!
    I just looked on eBay & there are a few sellers from Thailand that have it for $9.99 with free shipping. I’m seriously thing of trying it. Right now I double cleanse with DHC cleansing oil & Ponds make up remover clothes on the days I wear makeup. I’m guessing it would just replace the oil?

  • zVintageFashionizta

    I use Ponds; I wish I could get a jar of this one.

  • Charlotte Lo

    I remember going through those cold cream jars in my teen year. A total mess really. I want to ask whether you ever try to use the pond’s cold cream from daiso before. Daiso is a japanese dollar store. I have one store by my house in texas. I saw those pond’s jars in the store before. The only problem that stop me from getting them is that even though the jars were made for daiso but they were actually made in china. May be it is the asian in me but i dont trust anything that made from china. So I want to know if you ever tried those jars before?

  • LouAnne

    Since, I tend to like the same cleansers as you, I bought a jar of this on Amazon based on your review. It was shipped from Japan so it took about a month to get to me but I really, really like this. It could not be more different than the US Ponds Cold Cream, IMO. It’s so light and creamy and really cleans my skin very well. I went ahead and ordered it again since it takes so long to get here.

    • Isabella Muse

      I am so happy to hear that LouAnne 😀 How great it worked so well for you! I’m a big fan of using this in my double cleanse routine. It def has a considerably better texture than the one here in the US ;-D Enjoy! I’m glad it was a successful purchase for you!

  • Amy

    Is the scent very different from the one used in the American Ponds? I had a bad reaction to the rose scent they use in the U.S. version. I also can’t seem to use stuff that has that baby powder scent they use in the dry skin cream (U.S. formula). Would you say it may be safer for sensitive skin types?

  • Mediterranean Maven

    I just had to leave a comment about how wonderful the Japanese version of Pond’s Cold Cream is. I ordered the Age Beauty Cleansing version with the red top and while it took 2 months to arrive – yes, the vendor even thought the package had been lost – it was well worth it. Fortunately, it is a large 270g tub – about 8 oz – so it should last a long time. It definitely has a vastly different texture from the American version which is thicker and much harder to remove than this one. The soupier version of the American Pond’s Cold Cream which was marketed with a cucumber scent doesn’t hold a candle to the Japanese version. The Japanese version not only is creamier and fluffier but removes everything including eye makeup and mascara easily and even if you use a washcloth, you can still rinse off the residue easily. Even after rinsing, your skin is left soft, hydrated and clean. Since my skin is sensitive and very dry too, I don’t double cleanse but just apply a rosewater toner (Milk Of Roses from LBCC Historial on Etsy) and then follow up with Argan Oil and Teatrical Moisturizer and my skin is comfortable and hydrated. My skin is so calm since using the Japanese version of Pond’s, it’s amazing. By the way, a little goes a long way with this version, too. Thank you for sharing this little wonder!

    • Isabella Muse

      YAY! I am so glad you had such great success with this 😀 that’s wonderful!