July 28, 2017

Bath & Body Works Reformulated Hand Soap With Coconut Oil

I broke my no ban yesterday and headed to Bath & Body Works to buy candles. Thankfully I walked out with only two! While there the sales rep told me they are reformulating their hand soap with coconut oil. She got a little busy so I was unable to question her further about this but I headed online and right now some of the bottles are reading “with Vitamin A, B, and E”. I’m unsure if the hand soap coconut oil formulation is a one off or if they’ll be keeping it in all their permanent and newest releases. A few years ago they dropped the antibacterial from their line of hand soaps which was likely in compliance with the FDA ruling.

I hoard Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps because I compulsively wash my hands. I deal with clients all day, I’m shaking hands constantly, so, sure I want to wash my hands after I’ve touched one to many sweaty palms. Can’t blame a girl right? I also hoard them because I generally like using them. I enjoy the foaming ones because they lather up nicely and they smell really great. I’ve been known to pick up a few of an LE scent if I know it is about to disappear.

Some people hate them though…

One of the biggest compliant I hear the most often about Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps is the fact they dry hands out. I honestly, never noticed this. But I was thinking maybe now with the addition of coconut oil and Vitamin E they might garner new interest for those that have drier hands and needed a more hydrating hand soap.

I haven’t seen the coconut oil hand soaps in store yet and again, I have no idea if they will reformulate the entire line to include the ingredient but one can hope so.

What do you think?

Would the addition of coconut oil make you want to give them a second chance?

Fan already?

Do you like the idea of a new formula?

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  • yelena

    oooh! I haven’t seen the coconut oil ones yet, but I did try the ones with olive oil and i LOVE LOVE LOVE how it leaves my hands soft and hydrated!

    I am also a constant hand washer, and I noticed the original formula drying out my hands so when I saw the olive oil version, I bought one just to try it. now i have backups of cherry merlot in my closet 🙂

    i can only imagine coconut oil will be even more hydrating! can’t wait to try it!

    • Isabella Muse

      I don’t think I tried the olive oil ones! I have to look out for those! I hear that a lot, I honestly never had an issue but my sister is constantly telling me they dry her hands out horribly. 😀

  • Deb

    They dry my hands out badly. I bought a big batch a couple of years ago during a sale and have been trying to use them up….with no intention of ever buying them again. This new formula might change my mind. Thanks for the heads up Muse!

  • kimakts

    I don’t find they dry my hands at all. I got them primarily to keep DH from using DAWN dish soap to wash his hands!! Then he was all puzzled why they were as dry as the desert…. (smh…) I get the ones deep cleansing ones, and I really like them, tho I understand they’re going to reformulate those too to get rid of the polyethelene beads that are the scrubby things in them…

    BBW should be dragging out the fall scents here before long, and I tend to stock up then as I seem to like the fall scents better than the others, so be interesting to see what’s out this year.

    • Isabella Muse

      It’s a dude thing! They think dawn is hand wash and irish spring is shampoo! 😀 lol! I like the Fall ones best too and some holiday ones are keepers!

      • Brandy

        Lol @ Muse’s comment. Guys are too funny when it comes to body products. I finally got mine to use a moisturizer designed for the face (which he has now become obsessed with). We are now working on getting rid of the bar of soap and using body wash.

  • Toby

    Love their foaming handsoaps and have never had a problem with them drying out my hands since they removed the tricoslan. I have a few of their olive oil versions but I haven’t tried them yet. I hope they are not formulating the whole line to include coconut oil as it always makes my skin itchy.

  • Staci

    I don’t understand the complaints about the handsoaps- every single brand of handsoaps I’ve tried have dried my hands out to some point.

    I like their soaps regardless, and it’s interesting to see new formulations.

  • shelby

    I only use Bath and Body Works hand soap, but not anymore. I went tonight to stock up on the sale, only to find out that ALL the hand soaps now contain coconut oil, and i am highly allergic to it. Thanks B&BW, now i can no longer use your product. What a dumb idea. You should of made some select soaps with it and others without.