July 6, 2017

File Little MAC Lipstick Under Cute

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

When in your life have you ever finished a lipstick? I’ve always struggled finishing them off. I mean, is it because I have so many or is it because it’s a little challenging to complete an entire shade? I’m leaning towards, “Hi, I’m a makeup hoarder, I have too many shades of everything and I’ll never finish them all!”

That’s why we need ten buck Little MAC Lipsticks in our life. Little MAC Lipstick just launched in several different shades and each one is a mere 0.06 oz in size.

What’s not to love?

Well, sure you can argue that a regular size MAC Lipstick is larger and works out a bit cheaper but are they as cute as these ones?


Grab yourself one, two, or a few Little MAC Lipstick shades at nordstrom.com and at macys.com with free shipping!


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • kjh

    Love little MAC. Who finishes anything, given TMS (too much stash.)

  • Lorraine. E.R

    YES!! I’ve been saying this forever that if brands made “mini” sizes even if they weren’t as much VALUE BC of the price per oz or whatever, as long as they are cheaper I’m all for it. Like let’s say it’s a product that a full size is $16 & the mini size is 1/3 the size of the FS and priced at $9.00. They are making more money per ounce of product but I’m getting a deal too as far as my shopping habits BC I prefer more variety of smaller products and never finish things. I wish more brands would do this!
    Mac is one of my fave lipstick formulas though so I’m thrilled with this. Sell them in the MAC stores please!

  • Adrienne

    These are adorable but 2 of them became unavailable while in my cart. Hopefully they will restock. Only 3 shades are available now.

    • Isabella Muse

      oh 🙁 I’m sure they’ll restock 😀 they are just too cute!

  • wendy

    Hi I’m Wendy and I’m a makeup hoarder. At the age of 55, I can honestly say that I’ve only ever finished ONE tube of lipstick in my entire life. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m loving the new trend of minis because they cost less and I’ll never use the whole thing anyway! I’d grab these but MAC lipsticks hate me. 5 minutes tops, then — poof — gone!

  • Dora

    Wondering if MAC will make these available in other shades. My only issue (potentially) with these is the shape of the bullet. I had wanted a specific Clinique Color Pop lipstick — and then realized I could get it in a mini size as GWP. The color/formula are fine, but because it’s a mini, it’s just harder to apply.

    • Isabella Muse

      I sure hope so, that would be lovely to have an entire range! Ah true, sometimes minis are a pain in the butt to apply!

  • Flaky

    Another makeup hoarder here – but I do finish lipsticks all the time. I think I’ve finished about 4 so far this year. I love minis anyway though for traveling. My makeup bag is crowded & I always try to take minis when I can.

  • genevieve

    I think a lot of beauty products should be made smaller so we can finish them up and lipsticks are one of them. What a great idea and I love those shades too.

  • Stephanie

    Hi Muse! I’ve only ever finished one lipstick and it was from Mac and that was before my lipstick craze started lol.

    Just wanted to let you know that these mini Mac lipsticks are available at Macy’s.com as well and all of the shades are in stock!

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks Stephanie! I’m so glad they are stocking too as I’m doing a macys order and can order a few 😀 Ha…! I’ve finished maybe one too!