August 15, 2017

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Media Perfume Oil Review

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Media Perfume Oil is one of several fragrance blends inspired by Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. Media is a rare character that makes the jump from written word to screen brilliantly well. She’s a character that I actually liked more on the screen than I do the book. I think as a book worm that’s saying something. You might just blame it on Gillian Anderson who brought her to life so perfectly.

Either way, she’s something to behold on screen that’s for sure!

I had Media on my list of perfume buys for a short while now but I was waiting until the Bpal Halloweenies launch to haul her. But when the Lab recently introduced two coffee blends to support Transgender rights in the military I decided now was a good a time as any to grab a few oils on my wish list, Media being one of those.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s get down to a fresh, clean, lemon scented you or in this case a Victoria’s Secret scented you!

I expected Media to smell like Lush Ginger Perfume. Smoky, vintage, incredibly glamorous, expensive. The coy knowing woman in a white halter dress with perfectly coiffed blonde curls wearing a sultry red lipstick. Old Hollywood, Faye Wray, black and white movies…She’s the glamorous, Hollywood starlet that’s long since gone. We also know she’s not afraid of the 80’s and the lady does love a good blonde.

If Media was my God she’s probably look like a bearded man swinging a baseball bat with barbed wire swirled around it or a slightly stressed out all knowing dirty blonde in a lab coat dashing around a hospital…Media takes a nod to days of old though and embraces the boob tube wholeheartedly. Media is all about the good old days.

Media’s fragrance is described as a” news anchor’s cologne, a soap star’s perfume: perfect, pixelated, and glamorous; aglow with cathodes and anodes, coated with phosphor. “I offered you the world,” she said. “When you’re dying in a gutter, you remember that.”

I guess my mind immediately went to Gillian Anderson’s version of Media and that’s what instantly made me think old expensive, gorgeous perfume! Chanel No 5 anyone? Turns out Media smells like she spent a few hours in Victoria’s Secret amidst the endless selection of fine fruity floral fragrances. Some people say she smells like Bombshell, others say she smells like Heavenly, I’d beg to agree there’s something very Vicky’s Secret about her scent. I’m going with Body by Victoria’s Secret or Clinique Happy, that’s what this smells like to my nose. Clean, subtle floral, slight sweetness, very commercial (Hey, she’s Media right?) and recognizable as hell. She isn’t unique that’s for sure but she is a rarity in the Bpal world. I can’t say there’s a single scent like this in all of the Lab’s catalog. They specialize in unique and Media, well, she smells like most celeb fragrances you’d run across on the market at the moment or the strips of perfume samples found in your favorite fashion magazine. But that doesn’t make her bad at all. In fact, I liked her!

In the bottle, she’s a sweet floral mix with notes that are not easy to identify. Wet on skin, she’s pure fresh, clean honeysuckle! On dry down, she’s fresh, slightly sweet with a clean floral overlay. She actually wears quite long with a beautiful linger that’s not intrusive or overpowering. She wears a hell of a lot longer than a Victoria’s Secret perfume that’s for sure. She’s sparkly, beautiful, but likely toxic because nothing good comes from Media no matter what she promises you.

A big Muse Approval for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Media Perfume Oil.

She’s worth hoarding and who knows she might change your mind about hating on her.

Get her at

I purchased this item.

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  • kjh

    Oh, my. I had read about this, but without even seeing American gods, had that #5 vibe expectation as well. Thanks, I’ll stick with Banded Sea Snake and score some that channel the hanbang-y forest experience. Glad you talk about BPAL. Great outfit with interesting backstories. Even though they d/c’d some I wanted. They were onto Lovecraft long before kvd…