August 18, 2017

I Can’t Find That Cute Blinking Girl Cup Everyone Has

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Update: THANK YOU Shannon! The mug I am talking about is available at YES!

Ok, so has anyone ever noticed that everyone who snaps a photo of their vanity or does a video on youTube has that cute little blinking girl cup holding their makeup brushes? I THINK Sonia Kashuk released one two or three seasons ago but I guess I missed it.

Anyway, I also heard chatter about it being available at TJMaxx but I never found one. Keep in mind, that I’m like Indiana Jones storming the Temple of Doom when I go to Home Goods or TJMaxx. No one, I mean no one better get in my way when I’m hunting out some cute little box, vase, or coffee mug. Mine, mine, mine!

I’m happy to report, although expensive, I can now get my hands on that little cup for some of my commonly used makeup brush essentials! has it for twenty bucks! I admit to purchasing two, one for either side of my vanity.

If you missed out you can snag one now too 🙂