August 15, 2017

Hawaiian Tropic Fragrance Mists Are Available in the US And I Love Them!

I am so beyond excited that the Hawaiian Tropic Fragrance Mists have launched in the US. These popped up at Superdrug last year and I quickly added them to my list of items I asked one of my best friends to buy for me from the UK. She’ll be visiting soon and rather than have her ship them (they are pretty heavy bottles) I figure she could stow them away in her suitcase. Imagine my surprise when I came across a display at Walgreens.


I was so happy. Finally, I could sniff them for myself. I’ve read a lot of ravings about them and I was pretty hyped that Walgreens had a display with testers! Sadly, they had only three of the four fragrances and the display was super tiny (two bottles of each scent). After road tripping around the state of New York I was able to finally locate the final bottle I was looking for, Golden Paradise. Now I have all four scents and backups on the way from the UK shortly (I wonder if they’ll smell differently compared to the US ones?!). The UK actually got six fragrances total but here in the US it appears we are only getting four.

I’m not sure if these are limited edition. I do know they are very difficult to locate but worth the chore of seeking them out as they smell lovely.

The scents we got were Golden Paradise, Island Resort, Summer Dreams, and Sunkissed Dreams.

Golden Paradise was the one I couldn’t find and the one I happened to want the most. It’s a creamy coconut with a beach-y suntan note. Summer Dreams is one of my second favorites because it’s straight up Ralph. Smells exactly like Ralph Lauren’s Ralph perfume! It’s supposed to be a tropical fruity scent with mango and musk but to me it smells just like Ralph! Island Resort is a sweet, slightly spicy fruity floral with orchid and tangy pomegranate. And Sunkissed Dreams is a fresh aquatic scent with lotus flower and musk.

I wouldn’t say these are terribly complex but they are pretty tropical, sweet scents that should be appealing to those looking for something sweet and fruity to wear in the warmer weather. They have average staying power and linger (I get about three to four hours of wear) and weren’t completely gobbled up by my body chemistry. I don’t think they smell anything like Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil so, that might disappoint some fans! But all in all, I’m glad I got them and happy to have backups coming my way (and some other scents to try out too!).

Hawaiian Tropic Fragrance Mists are $7.99 each and available at Walgreens.

I purchased this item.

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  • kjh

    Why would they get 6 across the pond, and we get 4? It’s an American company, right? The one I want is CB I hate perfume At the Beach, 1966. Smells like vintage Coppertone. What a blast from the past. When the controversies (and in my case, serious reactions) of sunscreens was far ahead of us. Love the nostalgia with Brosius.

    • Jane

      Business decisions are an ongoing source of bafflement to me. Why do American companies Maybelline and Estée Lauder launch products in Great Britain first? Why does Avon have the same color names for different colors from country to country? Thanks for the I Hate Perfumes tip. I plan on going hog wild with the samples at Luckyscent!

      Muse, I love your blog. I am totally uninterested (hear me out, I’m getting there) in lots of products you feature, but I’m just so tickled at the way you review them that I read your review anyway!

      • Isabella Muse

        aw thanks Jane <3! That made my day 😀 I love you read them anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ash

    These have been at my Walgreens for, at least, a couple of months now. Unfortunately, I don’t think mine carry them anymore. I didn’t see them the last time I went there as the displays changed. I’ll check again tomorrow though, because I was really wanting one of them!

    • Isabella Muse

      First time I’m seeing them here and unfortunately, difficult to locate. Tried several Walgreens, can’t even buy them online anywhere. Great you got them a few months ago! No luck here though!

  • Heidi

    I am curious about golden paradise. Are these just popping up in stores now, though, in mid August? Seems like you’d want them out in May.

    • Isabella Muse

      Someone mentioned they have been in store for months but this is the first time I ever saw them! Not sure when they launched but my store got them just recently.

  • Olivia

    Does golden paradise smell like their silk hydration sunscreens? Because I’m so obsessed with the scent!