August 1, 2017

Tom Ford at Sephora

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After much delay I am happy to report Tom Ford is now available at

This is great news as we can now get it at a discount when the Sephora VIB Event takes place during the Holidays! Wahoooooo!

Ulta continues to grow their book of beauty brands but Sephora has also been bringing in a lot of higher-end brands lately as well as some interesting niche ones. Plus they have newer brands upcoming as well such as Fenty Beauty.

Are you happy Tom Ford is now available at Sephora!?

Which brands would you like to see Sephora carry?


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Michelle

    I am not impressed with the Tom Ford Brand. I bought one of the eye-shadow quads as a special splurge and one of the shadows completely fell out of the package…..For that price NO WAY should that have happened and I won’t be buying anything from them again. I would love to see Chanel added to Sephora. I love their lipsticks and blushes.

  • Carolina

    I think Sephora is trying to step it up! Noticed that Kiehl’s is now available on their website, (not sure about the stores) I may actually check it out the next time I make a Sephora purchase.

  • Carol

    I got the email today about this but nearly fell off my chair at his ridiculous prices! Please. Makeup should not cost this kind of money. This is what is off-putting to me about certain brands that charge these exorbitant prices. I’m sorry, but no eyeshadow quad is worth $85, no foundation stick is worth $85…mascara for $45?
    Blush is $60, liquid eyeliner is $57. This is completely insane! Sorry, I will never buy any of his products, discount or not.

    • Sarah

      I agree, Tom Ford is one of those brands that you’re clearly paying for the designer label. I am interested in the lipsticks, but at $54 (I think? Don’t quote me on that) it’s just not a price I want to pay, splurge or no. If I want to splurge on an expensive lipstick, I’ll spend my money on YSL or Chanel. Still a higher price point, but not eye wateringly so.

      I mean, what ingredients is he using? Unicorn tears? Fairy dust? Charging so much for your name is just…nope. No thank you.

  • Sidney

    I was at a different Sephora than my usual this Sunday and they had a big Tom Ford display with a large selection of the Lips&Boys collection and other products. Didn’t know if this was a new thing since the brand is out of my price range but I’d never seen it at Sephora before!

  • Agona

    It makes sense that Sephora is expanding their luxury brands while Ulta is expanding their drugstore brands. I’d like to see Chanel, as Chanel eyeshadows are really the only luxury brand I own right now. I used to love Lancôme too. I noticed Sephora added a couple of green brands, recently, and I’m interested in trying those too.

  • kjh

    Some TF has been online at S for a while. They seem to be expanding it, as in added the eye quads. They are perennial favorites, esp Nude Dip and Honeymoon. All I wanted to try of TF is the old blush…not so interested now. Only have one old boy from CCO, Stavros. It was unusual enough to buy it discount, but I haven’t and likely won’t get any from Sephora. Think this may be a response to Ulta’s upscaling. S: We gotta upscale MORE. Dying to see your take, Muse, on the Subculture furor. Bet you don’t even get a passable one. Usually don’t watch that many videos of palette testing, but watched 4. The one where the lower left shadow dusted out like a waterfall was a riot. Even Jeffree was somewhat at a loss for words.

  • Christina D.

    I was initially excited that I could get some of those Tom Ford eyeshadow quads at Sephora. But now I’m not too sure: an order I placed yesterday from Sephora is being delivered via LaserShip!!! Who? The main reason I buy from Sephora and have been VIB Rouge for years is the “guarantee” of UPS Ground. I called Customer Service this morning and told them that if this is what they plan on doing going forward, I will be significantly cutting back on Sephora purchases.

    • Isabella Muse

      lasership? Hm could be they are shipping from TF’s warehouse direct. Is it at least arriving fast? or do you have to wait?

  • Christina D.

    This wasn’t even the TF stuff yet. It was (hangs head) the Sephora Pro palette — their own damn brand! Regardless of the shipper, it’s supposed to be flash two day delivery. We shall see but this sucks.

    • Isabella Muse

      Hmmm! that’s interesting! Well hey, maybe lasership is faster!!!!!!!! keep me posted!

  • Amber G.

    This would NEVER be a purchase for me (54 bucks for a lipstick?!?), but a friend gifted me a TF lipstick in the color Nude Vanille and it is *everything*. Amazing, creamy formula and exceptional pigmentation. Like I said, I’ll purchase any TF products; the prices are just too exorbitant for me.

  • Ruth

    I’d love to see Charlotte Tillbury at Sephora. I have one of her eye shadow quads and it is just lovely! the colors are so soft and blend-able and look fabulous all day, even when the rest of my make up has broken down- but my eyes still look good!

    • Isabella Muse

      She has some very nice products and I would LOVE to see her at Sephora ;-D

  • Christina

    I don’t mind the prices of Tom Ford. Yes, you are paying for the label, but it’s no different from paying for designer clothing and accessories. I have nothing against people who don’t want to buy from these luxury brand–because, hey, I sometimes balk at the prices, too–but they are priced for their target market: those who can and will pay for them. It’s a designer brand, so it will charge according to it’s label’s value.

  • genevieve

    Tom Ford occasionally brings out some stellar products, but also has some fairly average ones too. You would have to read some reviews to work out the best value for your money, because his products are very expensive. I wouldn’t pay that much for a lipstick.