November 8, 2017

Etude House Pure Jelly Genie Multi Balm Review

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Etude House Pure Jelly Genie Multibalm ($9) is a new multi-use creamy balm that can be used all of our body or face. It’s not secret I love multitasking products especially multitasking skincare which makes this product a total gem.

You need it!

I’ve already hauled my second pot just in case it disappears! The cooler weather is starting to settle in and my drier skin is already feeling two sizes too small so I’m all about getting it hydrated. I decided to give this and the new Etude House Pure Drop Genie Multi Oil a try as soon as they launched in Korea earlier this month. I’m so glad I gave them a shot because I’m really enjoy both under my eyes.

Etude House Pure Jelly Genie Multi Balm arrives in a small 1.23 oz pot that resembles The Balm Balms Away Eye Makeup Remover. They created the formula to be mixed with makeup or other skincare or you can also use it alone. It’s a multi-use formula so it can be used as an eye cream, it can be used in your hair to tame frizz, you can use it on your lips for extra moisture or you can combine it with pigment to create a glossy tinted lip color, you can use it on elbows, knees, or your face. It’s basically a little wizard or genie for hydrating anywhere that needs it.

The texture is quite thick and creamy like a creamy petroleum jelly. It spreads easily, absorbs quite well, but it is quite a rich product and you might want to use it in the PM only if you’re using it on your face only. I use it on my face at night but in the AM I do use it under my eyes. I’ve taken to using the Pure Drop Genie Multi Oil first and proceeding to following up with a dab of this under each eye. It makes my concealer apply so much smoother and easier. It also makes the drier lines under my eyes look a lot better. It’s actually become a daily part of my eye care. Believe me if you have drier eyes you’ll love this stuff.

But your eyes aren’t the only person you can use it as I said I also use a small bit on my cheeks which tend to get dry and also on my elbows, knees, and heels. It absorbs easily, doesn’t leave me greasy, and my skin feels soft and smooth instantly.

All in all, an excellent product. I hate the tin packaging and wish it was in a tube but overall, the formula gets a Muse Approval from me.

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