January 10, 2018

For Spring 2018 I Hope To See…..

Do you have any hopes for Spring 2018 makeup or beauty releases? Some new device that will cure your under eye wrinkles? A new foundation that will make your complexion completely flawless? What do you hope to see released for Spring 2018 from your favorite beauty brands?

I’m actually quite excited about fragrance releases this year. I’m actually happy to see a good deal of my favorite brands releasing new scents. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Ma Robe Hippie-Chic, The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Stawberry Kiss, and Thierry Mugler Angel Muse Eau de Toilette are just a few of the scents I’m excited to try when they release.

For Spring 2018 I hope to see….

I’d love it if Nest would introduce a new scent this season! I was hopeful it would have happened in Fall 2017 and when it didn’t I crossed my fingers for the Holidays but nothing came out sadly. Nest Black Tulip released in December 2016 but it was towards the end of the month and I consider that a Spring launch versus a Holiday one. This makes me hopeful they’ll do something new again this Spring.

Fingers, toes, and legs crossed I’m right.

I’m actually a late bloomer to Nest as the first time I tried their scents I felt like they gave me a migraine but I started to slowly love them over time and now I own them all. I’m about ready for something new though 🙂

What are your hopes for Spring 2018?

Any new fragrance you hope your favorite brand might release?

Or a new eyeshadow palette?

Do share!

About the Muse

Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • L

    Maybe a nice hair mask. When the weather warms up, I hate spending a lot of time with my blow dryer (but hate letting it air-dry!) so anything that preps my hair for a quick blowout is great. My hair is long and wavy, and not really thick, but I have a lot of strands of hair (if that makes sense) so if the weather is humid or I’m sweaty, it makes blow drying a pain!!

  • Chris

    From reading reviews about Nest fragrances, you either love them or hate them. I gravitate towards the Midnight Fleur & Black Tulip scents. The others like Dahlia & Vines, Citrine or Indigo did nothing for me in terms of being long lasting.

    I wish there was less ‘celebrity created’ scents & that perfume companies just did what they do best without the need for a ‘celebrity du jour’ to assist with the creation or roll out. I find many of these celebrity created scents to not be on the same par as other scents from that particular company.

    I’m pretty much set on eyeshadows & other makeup. I do enjoy reading the reviews on various blogs to see what the bloggers have to say.

    • Isabella Muse

      I was not a fan the first few times but they slowly grew on me. Those don’t last on me either but I still like them ;-D I try to layer citrine with lemon scented body lotions and it really compliments those nicely. Too true about celebrity scents! Coty doesn’t need to collaborate with every single upcoming singer to do a fragrance. They can do it themselves and make it just as a appealing!

      • Christina

        I am on the “hate” them boat. LOL! I can’t wear a lot of perfume in general, but the Nest ones I really can’t stand. Maybe they’re too strong for me, I don’t know!

  • Claudia

    Completely unrelated but my local Target put ALL the Sonia Kashuk on clearance. I liked her line and wondered about new releases and now I have my answer.

  • Susan

    Every year, hope springs eternal. Once again I hope to see a return to much lighter (coverage-wise) makeup since I’m so tired of seeing young girls trowel on the product and stencil themselves into drag queendom. Nothing against actual drag queens.

    Also — although I doubt it’ll ever happen — I hope for a concealer that truly covers my dark undereye circles without looking pasty or cakey.

    For makeup, I’d love to see an all cool-toned eyeshadow palette with no browns, no orange or red or black. And lighter shades that aren’t chalky would be great. Lighter, more natural brow products. Death to matte lips.

    • Isabella Muse

      I hope to see that too in the foundation world. Lighter would be nicer! YouTube/Instagram makeup is over the top for daily use.

    • Deb

      Ditto to everything you said Susan. And some glowy blush that isn’t loaded with shimmer. And some very understated highlighters would be nice.

      • Emily

        Have you ever tried Essence Pure Nude Be My Highlight? To me, it’s the perfect understated highlighter, even more so because it is so inexpensive. I highly recommend it, if you’re looking for a gentle highlight and haven’t tried this one yet.

  • Kimmwc03

    I would like a glossy lip product that lasts several hours and more cool-toned shadows for spring.

    • Emily

      Have you ever tried Lancome Lip Lover gloss? I think it’s beautiful, feels great on, and lasts quite long. It doesn’t get much hype, I guess it’s been around for a while, but it really is a standout gloss in my collection. I have the color Violette Pirouette. Anastasia, Huda, and Fenty glosses have also impressed me, too. But those already get so much attention.

  • Carol G

    Agree with the death to matte lipsticks! For Spring 2018, a return to our “makeup roots”.
    Meaning no more gimmicks (color correcting consealers for example). A return to normal makeup when drugstores did seasonal collections. No more contour kits, highlighters or any of that crap. The market is completely saturated right now with this nonsense. Just give us nice quality and affordability in our makeup. Skip all the hype!

  • MN Diamond Girl

    I would love to see cool toned eyeshadow palettes become a trend this year. I would love to find a long-wearing foundation and concealer for dry skin that doesn’t stick to dry patches or breakdown within four hours. Also a self-tanning spray that doesn’t end up being blotchy or streaky and looks good on fair skin. I don’t want to go from pale Minnesotan to deeply tanned girl that looks like I was stranded on a raft in the ocean without sunscreen for 2 years within a 4 hour time frame.

    • Jane

      Hello fellow Minnesotan!

      Have you ever tried the Ordinary’s raspberry ketone self tanner? (Well, it’s one of their brands). I fully embrace the beauty of my see-through skin everywhere, but I do have to admit that I wish my blue white legs weren’t so…. you know…. blue.

  • Robin

    I nominate Susan and Carol for Cosmetics CEOs and Product Developers !!! I want a cool toned palette for eyeshadows and blush. Glossy lips and no unicorn or mermaid trends. I want colors I can wear to work and look like an adult.

    I would also like to find a foundation that is lightweight medium coverage and actually matches my pale skin.

    Muse, you need to sniff Escada’s new fragrance Sorbetto Rosso!!! Watermelon is the main scent, but it’s wonderful!! Sounds weird, but I bought it blindly and it’s now a favorite !!!

    • Isabella Muse

      I got it already ;-D Def need to review it. it’s quite different for Escada!

    • Tamah

      I also want a cool toned palette for eyeshadows and blush. Glossy lips

  • TropicalChrome

    More nail polishes in this year’s Pantone Purple. Maybe a cool toned eyeshadow palette (or even better, eye shadow singles!) featuring the color.

    A new eyebrow gel/mascara for us light haired folks who don’t want huge, dark eyebrows, now that Benefit’s Gimme Brow is on hiatus (until 2019, according to the local Ulta folks)

    But truthfully, what I want to see is everything I don’t want to buy. I have more than enough of pretty much everything right now, and fewer and fewer occasions to wear it, so the less temptation, the better.

  • Kish

    I’m sitting here thinking and thinking and I can’t come up with anything I’d like to see haha. I guess my answer then will be something truly innovative and interesting that lives up the hype and isn’t LE so we can all have it. 🙂

  • GlamourMom

    Wouldn’t it be fun to see world travel themed palettes? I loved the idea of the Emerald City (Seattle) Palette from Cargo last year. I would love to see a Paris Palette. What about Greek? Egyptian? I would also like to see more makeup from the K-beauty world. Some amazing moisturizing lip stains or brow products would be welcome.

    • Isabella Muse

      Yes! That would be fun! Stila did this a few years ago and it was very fun 😀

  • Gali

    How about a refreshing perfume release from bbw? Like the one we had a couple years back with the mini Waikiki, Oahu etc… I liked that concept. They should add those minis to all new releases in my opinion so we can skip the useless mists… just a thought.

    • Isabella Muse

      that would be great they are so repetitive lately with their releases!

  • Magenta Wilde

    There are so many good points here. I totally agree on a cool-toned eyeshadow palette. I’m tired of highlighters and contouring kits, too, and the stenciled-on eyebrow trend. I miss blush — I know it never went away, but a good satiny or matte blush is awesome. Same with glitter and shimmers and sparkles. They’re pretty but played out for me.
    I still love a comfy matte lipstick (like Fenty’s new ones or Bobbi Brown’s crushed lip color) but the liquid matte lippie trend is one I’m sitting out. A return to soft shine or satin lipsticks would be great. I want dewy looks, not troweled-on. I like to see people working with what they’ve got, and not clearing the canvas and redrawing the planes of the face with foundation and contour, etc.

  • Jane

    I would like to find a foundation that works for me. It seems I strike out somewhere all the time. It’s patchy or floats or it’s too dark or it’s fine for half the day and then the oxidation gets me…

    Eyeshadow singles at the drugstore! Not NYX. It makes me sad to see the grand old ladies of the drugstore world chasing trends they have no real business sinking all their energy into. We all know that the raw materials for cosmetics are cheap as chips. Won’t someone make a dupe of the Tom Ford singles? My god, gorgeous! But insane at $36!

    A return to saner pricing.

    More drugstore lipsticks!

  • Emily

    I would like to see a mini set of Bite Agave Lip Masks. And by “for spring” I mean before the next arctic blast. I have a full size tube of the lip mask in Champagne and it’s too pretty to wear to sleep, but not always what I want to wear during the day. But during those weeks (that have finally passed, thankfully) where it was FREEZING all the time, I was putting it on every time I went outside. It was the only thing I felt really protected my lips when I desperately needed that protection. I was turned on to the formula from some blister pack cards that I received in Sephora orders, which contain 2 colors and a non-tinted one. I’d like to have them all, and I know they just came out with a new color, but I can’t justify buying another full-size tube when I still have so much of the one I do have. Minis would be so perfect. That’s all I really want. Oh, that and a magic potion that will make my pores forever clear and tiny, eliminate all breakouts, fade all hyperpigmentation, and increase collagen production by 500%. I’m thinking my first wish might actually come true one day. If anyone has any leads on the second one, please chime in!

  • Susan

    I’d like to add one more brand-specific thing. I love Tarte’s quality but feel someone at the company was traumatized by a colorful box of crayons when they were a child. Stop putting the same few browns and rusts and creams in every single eyeshadow palette! Step away from the brown!! I know sometimes they go all madcap and throw in a plum shade, but it’s always the same plum.

  • Kimkats

    I hope to see an end to matte lips. Have hated it since it first became a thing. Please, *someone* come out with a nice cream or sheerish cream lipstick in shades human beings can wear…. PLEASE I beg of you!

  • genevieve

    Everything that Carol and Susan above have stated:
    More cool toned eye palettes – a nice new one ( in fact the only one that I have liked for a long time) is the Smashbox Smoky Cover Shot palette – quite cool toned and really nice.
    No more highlighters, liquid or others
    No more matte nude lipsticks and lip glosses.

    And I always love a good, new perfume.