January 16, 2018

Tarte Maneater Eyeshadow Palette Volume 2 Looking A Lot Like The Original!?

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Tarte Maneater Eyeshadow Palette Vol 2 will confuse you beyond belief or maybe just trick you up a little. If you missed the original Maneater Eyeshadow Palette you might be happy to see that there’s a new Volume 2 Eyeshadow Palette available now.


Kind of yay but not really yay.

You see, I had the wool pulled over my eyes earlier last month when I purchased the Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette II which essentially was almost identical to the original Clay Play Face Shaping Palette. Y u want to confuse me so much Tarte!? Needless to say I was somewhat irritated about the similarities between the two palettes. There’s like what two different shades in II compared to the original!? What the hell?

That’s why I’m a little upset Maneater Eyeshadow Palette Vol 2 is essentially the same as the original aside from some minor changes.

So, if you missed the original palette good news you can now get it again. However, if you have the original this new launch is a waste of time.


The original shades includes were:

  • Meow
  • Passion
  • Foxy
  • Lace
  • Purr
  • Saucy
  • Hypnotic
  • Midnight

The new palette contains all those shades and one new shade called Cat Call which is a matte black. Well, that sucks. One new shade? I mean I get they are bringing back the palette which is cool by why bother calling it Vol 2 with only a single new shade!? To add insult to injury I already have 5000 matte black shades exactly like this in other palettes and I never use it.


Come on. Seriously?

I mean, I get if you missed the Maneater Eyeshadow Palette and want it now is your chance. It just irritates me they are slapping a Volume 2 on it. I think they should have just said, “Hey, we revamped our popular Maneater Palette with a new shade!” Putting Volume 2 on it implies it is a brand new release to me when in fact it isn’t.

Le sigh.

Tarte’s “new” Maneater Eyeshadow Palette is available now at tarte.com.

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Chrsitina D.

    Agreed that Tarte should have just said “revamped” or “updated” and drop the Vol. II. But as previously mentioned, I didn’t get the first iteration so I’m thrilled about getting this one. And I love that they ditched the one over-sized pan in favor of 9 equally sized shadows.

    • Isabella Muse

      def agreed on ditching the one over-sized. That was completely unnecessary. It’s great if you didn’t get it first go around but seriously, volume 2? Def false advertising on some level!

  • Joyce

    I agree. I get that the point many people wanted the shimmery champagne split to have a matte black. So I get that Tarte was like oh ok we’ll just discontinue the first one and add a matte black to the second one. But calling it volume 2 is a bit much.

    I’ll probably grab it because I’d like a matte black (well, I’d prefer charcoal brown), but calling it volume 2 is silly.

    I feel the same about the clay play 2. I like the color selection more because I like shimmery lid shades and a bronzer/blush/highlight rather than multiple contour shades. But they should’ve used all new shades and different packaging with the second one!

    • Isabella Muse

      Just keep the same and call it a relaunch the volume 2 is dumb imho! Clay Play 2 drove me up a wall, it was confusing lol!

  • Chrsitina D.

    I’m hoping it’s truly the same colors and the original Maneater palette which I really liked and wanted.

    As long as it’s not the silly scenario that happened with the Clay Play Face palette where Tarte had a stroke of stupid and kept the same names and packaging with different colors. I admit I’m glad I have the different finishes in Vol. II to go alongside the all-matte Vol. I, but that go also be Pokemon disease rearing it’s head.

    • Isabella Muse

      they look very much the same! And on their site they do say it’s a relaunch with one new shade. :-/ Sigh! I don’t think it’s a matte/shimmer situation! But let me know when it arrives!

  • Kish

    I’m starting to feel like Tarte is really just dropping in quality lately. Aside from their base products, so much of their stuff is just feeling really average. I’d rather see one new palette every six months instead of this crap.

  • kjh

    Didn’t get 1; won’t do a retread…..it makes about as much sense as tires…. (retread) The more interesting colors were fairly duped by one of the Lorac mini LA palettes. This reissue with an infinitesimal change, (yeah, WTF doesn’t have >5 matte blacks barely used in stash?) only serves to lower confidence in Tarte. Points up the current need for brands to churn ‘em out at a maddening rate, without the time to develop something. If this pressure wasn’t there, maybe we’d see s.t new! Very off putting.

  • wendy

    This is the 3rd time Tarte has done this. Check out their Chisel Pallete, now renamed “bronze and sculpt”. Same pallet, only they made two of the colors shimmer instead of matte. I wrote to Tarte about it and recieved a “we are looking into it response”

    • Kish

      I didn’t even realize that they were two different palettes until I read this ahahaha. Tarte has been a massive fail lately, and this just reinforces that.

  • Michelle

    I own the original Maneater palette so I am not too excited for the Volume 2 as I didn’t see much of a difference. I do love the original Maneater palette though but also agree they are putting out similar products too quickky. I miss the “special release” type of palettes and now I feel as if there is something new each month.

    • Isabella Muse

      I don’t understand what it is they are doing. I get their marketing, I really do. They want to jump while the iron is hot and they want to cash in on the frenzy. It makes sense but in the long run they are alienating so many fans with BS like this.

  • genevieve

    Tarte is getting really sad that it can’t come up with some more original shades than this.

  • Andrea

    Tarte is starting to do a lot of shady and just downright weird releases. I’m so over them. I said bye to Too Faced long ago after their descent into smelly madness. Now it’s goodbye Tarte for me. The Shape Tape foundation release was the final straw.