June 27, 2018

Maybelline Molten Peach Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter Not for the Heavy-Handed

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
5 stars out of 5

Maybelline Molten Peach Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter review swatches

I’m pretty sure after using Maybelline Molten Peach Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter you could see my highlighter from outer space but for once I didn’t care. This gorgeous golden orange-y peach holds a spot of honor in my makeup collection. And let’s be honest, that’s saying something right? I’m not really a highlighter type of girl. I love sparkly, shimmer, glow-y blushes but highlighters don’t really do it for me. I realize that I have a fuller face and sometimes highlighters accentuate all the bad things about that versus bring out the good. So, as pretty as they are I tend to avoid using them.

Another reason I avoid using them is the fact I am so heavy-handed. I can’t apply blush without going full on clown activation mode. You can imagine how happy I get with highlighter! I just can’t get down the right amount to look subtly glow-y. Instead I end up with see me from the moon highlighter.

I can’t say I’m minding all that much with Maybelline Molten Peach Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter. It is so stunning!

Maybelline Molten Peach Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter ($7.99) is light golden peach with slight orange coast and gorgeous gold sparkle. You can see why I love it right!? I was a little concerned about the sparkle and for good reason it really does have a super sparkly finish so if you hate larger particles of shimmer (dare I say glitter!? That’s what it looked like!) you might want to avoid this one as there is plenty of sparkle here that will give you a disco ball finish no matter how lighter you apply this highlighter.

If you’re fair you can probably get away with using this as a blush but you won’t want to since it does contains so much sparkle. I used it in conjunction with an orange-y blush for this review and as you an see I went a little overboard! The sparkle is very noticeable and in the sunlight I look like Edward Cullen.

The texture is velvety but does have a chunkier pigment-like consistency which had a flecks of highlighter sprinkling all over the place when I swiped my brush into it. Use a light, light touch to avoid this. It applies really well and adheres to skin in a very smooth, even finish. I tend to not wear highlighters for a number of reasons but another pet peeve of mine is the fact they can accentuate pores I don’t even have and just make my skin look less than smooth. This formula had a very smooth appearance and applied very easily. The wear time is outstanding. The glow just lasts and lasts and lasts for hours. I can get through an entire day and still have a gorgeous glow on my skin without any fading issues.

Overall, this was an outstanding pick up for me! I’m going to grab a backup before it disappears for some reason or another. I love the shade and I think it’ll get a nice work out this summer!

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Maybelline Molten Peach Master Chrome Metallic is a permanent shade that’s $7.99 at most drugstores and 0.19 oz in size. This gorgeous golden peachy orange sparkle highlighter is long-wearing, easy to apply, and gives my cheeks a gorgeous, stunning burst of peachy gold! It’s truly a beautiful shade for Summer or for any time of the year. Anyone that loves golden peaches should get on famously with this formula!


  • Anyone who loves peach shades.
  • Anyone who wants a popping shade of highlighter.
  • Anyone who wants a long-wearing glow.
  • Anyone who wants an easy to apply highlighter that doesn’t cling to drier areas or accentuate pores or uneven skin surface.


  • Anyone who hates sparkle or glitter.
  • Anyone who’s looking a subtle glow.


Maybelline Molten Peach Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter should be a highly appealing pick up for anyone who loves golden glow-y shades of peach. This one is stunning!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Carol G

    I don’t have this shade but I have the rose gold one. This shade is very pretty. Might have to pick it up. I use a fan brush to tap it onto my upper cheekbones. What kind of brush do you use? These highlighters are very nice for the price that’s for sure.

    • Isabella Muse

      I used a small fiber brush from Real Techniques but I got a little wild and crazy with application ;-D have to try that Rose Gold shade!

  • Janessa

    I love the rose gold version! Great great drugstore highlighter.

  • Maria

    Thanks Muse. It looks so pretty on you. I have to look for it. Is it similar to Tarte Glisten blush?

  • Sara

    This looks like it would make a pretty eyeshadow, or even to highlight body parts when you’re at the beach or pool. Like your collarbone or shins or something.

  • Felicia

    I have it and loove it. This is more what I was hoping the Becca Dreamsicle highlight that I returned would have been like. Gorgeous!

  • MJ

    Edward Cullen! Omg throwback hahaha

    Very beautiful highlighter. My friend just gave me the Molten Rose Gold and I use it the same way as you! Just makes me happy

  • Lisa

    If you’re having problems with clownish looking blush, maybe try some less dense blush brushes?

    • Isabella Muse

      I use a fiber one to apply but I tend to be heavy with blush no matter 🙂

        • courtney

          me 3! i love blush! its my makeup weakness. give me all the blush! and i tend to overapply too, no matter what kind of brush i use.

  • Silvia

    So glad to see your review Muse! I have stood many times at Target admiring these beauties in my hand but somehow I don’t dare. I love both the pinky shade and this peachy one is just gorgeous! Maybe if they end up sometime in the clearance bin I’ll grab both and give it a try. Maybe the peachy one I could apply lightly on my shoulders wearing a Summer dress in a party and shine bright like a diamond instead of on the face? But the colors are beautiful and I should never ever again purchase another highliter also. I have back ups of Precious Petals and few others. God help me! Better yet smack my hands whenever i grab one to admire another yet. Lol!
    Btw, those light brushes from WetnWild are great to apply highliters the new blush one or the actual highliter one. I love them!