July 30, 2018

I Need the Caboodles Rose Gold On The Go Girl Makeup Case

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If you didn’t own a Caboodles Makeup Case you haven’t lived. I mean you probably aren’t even a true makeup lover if you haven’t had one in your life. I STILL have one. It’s a lilac marble purple and it’s pushed way to the back of my closet and lord knows probably has photos of my first boyfriend stored inside of it or something. I imagine there’s some nostalgic treasure in their be it a fond makeup memory or otherwise.

I dunno what it was about Caboodles but they were so oddly appealing. Maybe my inner organizer was just screaming to get out even in my tender teen years. Technically speaking, nowadays, I’d say a Caboodle couldn’t even hold my essential makeup items. There’s just not enough room in that case. But when I was 16? HELL it held my entire collection.

Just for giggles I really want the Caboodles Rose Gold On The Go Girl Makeup Case ($19.99) because 1. the rose gold shade is gorgeous and 2. I want to relive some good makeup memories 😉

If you have a daughter, son, niece, or nephew that loves makeup I’m sure they’d dig this case.

I think I’m going to sit in front of the TV, organize my makeup in this thing, and watch Pretty in Pink! It was always you Duckie!

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Cindy

    OOOOOH! That is all. Haha! I still have my original ones in my closet with old jewelry in them that I don’t wear anymore but can’t part with! Caboodles were the best! I have some new-fangled ones too but I think I really need THAT ONE!! And it’s *always* time to watch Pretty In Pink . . . lol

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL isn’t it though? I watched the Breakfast Club two weeks ago and it was just so luxurious ;-D

      • Cindy

        LUXURIOUS! Yes! Haha! BTW saw Tom Bailey at Forest Hills Stadium on Sat and he sang “If You Were Here” from 16 Candles! It was epic!

        • Isabella Muse

          omg did it sound good!? “If you were here I could deceive you! If you were here you would believe but would you suspect my emotion wandering…” How old is he now? 300? ;-D

          • Cindy

            Noooooooo he puts on a really good show! Going to see him at the Iridium Wed nite too LOL. I put video of it on YouTube hahahaha

          • Isabella Muse

            link link link! ;-D I never seen him in concert, I inherited the Thompson Twins from my sister, she was a fan! I was still really young at the time so later in life I was able to appreciate all her 80s music ;D

          • Cindy

            OK I didn’t know if it was Ok to put links here lol -https://youtu.be/CTjMEoK9ii4?list=PLCTwBru8cjNLub-nWaTCDUZ8P2cZWtGKL

            The sound might be a little jacked because I was so close to the speaker but I did my best . . .

          • Isabella Muse

            Man he sounds really good. Sometimes concerts can be so damn disappointing that and given he’s a bit older! But he sounds good! I’m jealous! ;-D

          • Cindy

            Yes it was great! Honestly the only 80s singer I’ve seen lately that was a great disappointment was Paul Young. His voice is totally gone . Old CD’s from now on!

          • Isabella Muse

            aw man really? He had such a great voice!

  • Denean

    I still have mine from the 90s!!!! I store my make up in it and I’ll definitely be getting this one

  • KimMWC03

    I don’t know what happened to the Caboodles I had. It was purple w/silver glitter!

  • kjh

    On that track already. I got the biggie…primped and polished?… Simone Biles endorsement, a cutie. All six trays and the bottom are loaded up with Nars: VLGs, Audacious, old formula, lip pencils, newer palettes, old depotted palettes and blushes. Some rubbery stuff lives in a mini fridge, though. Some day I should put it on the scale. Also got the polka dot for HL and the few contour products I have. My biggest ‘organizer’ is a Craftsman chest with a flip top, two double pull out drawers, three single pull out drawers below them. I inherited that, along with A GUN COLLECTION at one point. Don’t ask, but the weaponry is gone, and the tool chest is put to good use. BITD it was Caboodles and tackle boxes.

  • Kish

    lol, this is great. I just posted a pic on IG of my first one, which is about 25 years old at this point. Still love it.

  • Carolina

    Still use my Caboodle everyday. I had abandoned it for a while and about three years ago found it again and haven’t stopped using it. However, it definitely isn’t Rose Gold and personally I think everything looks better in Rose Gold!

  • FrugalCat

    I had one in mint green! I got it in the late 80’s and I think I sold it at a garage sale in 1998 or so.

  • breyerchic04

    I almost bought a boring old coloured caboodle recently because mine from childhood is covered in nail polish. This looks much better and is $3 more!

  • Claire

    Omg I still have mine from the 90s that’s black and white with hot pink handles! I love it and still use it for my makeup hoard! Lol… I may need this rose gold one now too!

  • Stacy

    I have it! When I brought it home, my husband was like, why on earth do you want that!? Sooo many memories! I’ve seen them at JCPenney and Target too 🙂

  • kel habicht

    i had mine from middle school up until a few months ago when i finally trashed it. the plastic was just disintegrating every time i touched it. i ordered the one from ulta to replace it (in pink of course) and sadly it is much smaller in size. as a plus it forced me to throw out a ton of makeup that had been sitting there. but i miss all the space and compartments my other one had.

  • Anastasi Vance

    OMG…I still have my purple marbled one too, I actually use it as my tackle box for fishing…because let’s be honest it’s a lot prettier than a regular tackle box!!!

  • Eraser

    I’m craving this too… Lately I’ve been picking up the retro cases at Ulta and Walmart – I also have way too much makeup and I’m trying to organize it in separate cases. The rose gold is to die for!

    I also have my 90s original and I still use it although the clasp is broken. It’s a heavier, sturdier plastic than what they’re made of now, but I still can’t resist the reissues.

    • Isabella Muse

      ITA with you! the ones from the early 90s are totally stronger and better made. They are SO light now! But still love this ;-D