September 4, 2018

Urban Decay Naked Cherry More Cranberry Than Red

Urban Decay Naked Cherry is available today

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette was leaked last week on social media but and today Urban Decay has officially let the word out that the new Cherry inspired eyeshadow palette is a real thing and available soon. It’s actually not only a palette release though! Urban Decay will also launch lipsticks, eyeliners, and a new Naked Flushed Trio all inspired by the cherry!

Unfortunately, some people will be a bit disappointed in the color line up which isn’t really cherry at all but more cranberry what the promo images reveal. None the less it looks like a rather stunning palette.

We also know from leaks on social media that they’ll be a Naked Honey and a Naked AF Eyeshadow Palette upcoming as well and perhaps like the Cherry launch this will include lipsticks, eyeliners, and a Flushed Palette too! No word on this yet but I’ll keep you posted.

I admit I did want some cherry, red tones from the Naked Cherry launch but cranberry is a nice shade that’s very wearable for me so I can get on board with these shades. I just hope they launch soon as it’s a nice array of Fall shades. If they end up launching more towards Spring 2018 I might not be feeling it as much!

What do you think of the Urban Decay Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette?


Or excited?

Will you buy it?

No release date is set yet but I’ll be sure to update when news becomes available!


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  • Bri

    I’m super excited about it. But I do think it’s a lot like the heat palette. Which I don’t own, I think that’s why I’m really excited about this one!

  • Maria

    It looks really nice. I hope it is not like the UD back talk palette. I would need to see reviews and swatches.

    • kjh

      Indeed. Once bitten twice shy. Cranberry is prob my fave of the reds, and has lots of complementary products in my stash. So, yeah, but…. and wait for dupes and to see how it fares. Don’t have the trust level I once did for UD.

  • K8

    Oh my gosh I love it! Naked3 has always been my favorite palette and I need to re-buy it…but this one! Can I get both? Do I have permission?

  • Kate

    I don’t mind it being cranberry more than cherry as I’m actually excited about a reddish release. As you said, still looks stunning and I’m eager to see how the real thing differs from the leaked pictures.
    I just wonder how soon is ‘soon’ because I think it’d be a great palette for the holidays (and I have a funny feeling I will buy it).

    About the Naked AF, I find the name funny, but how much more naked can you get? hahah

    • Isabella Muse

      lol I do wonder the same! I’m thinking cooler pastel nudes? I hope not as I can wear them but maybe that’s as NAKED AF as you can get 😀

      • kjh

        You mean the palette that CP Fame only kinda sorta is? That one is only cool, compared to CP’s sea of warms. True cool neutrals I could get behind. Gray, blue, purple, pink cool variations. Bring ‘em.

  • Charlotte

    I’ll be waiting to see how it swatches, but this looks like what I wanted Tarte’s Love, Trust, and Fairy Dust palette to be. I’ve been jonesing for a good palette of pinks and berries; I bet you could get some nice holiday looks out of this.

  • Susan

    I think cranberry tones are better than cherry ones because bright red shades around my eyes (and many others’) just looks like pinkeye or like one has been crying. I think UD picked the cherry name because of the sexual connotation — it’s UD, after all. With some recent releases from other companies like Tarte, where they’ve tried to make things look much more pink than they actually are (brown, brown, and more brown), I’m definitely waiting on unbiased third-party reviews and accurate pictures.

    Looking forward to seeing what the Honey palette might be. Maybe the Naked AF palette will be all completely invisible shadows. That’s naked AF!

  • Amy Allen

    It looks a lot like Rimmel’s Crimson palette, which is cheaper and I have it.

    • Carol G

      YES! Was thinking the exact same thing! Almost bought that Rimmel palette the other day but wasn’t sure about the quality. Rimmel can be hit or miss but for anyone out there who wants a purple-based palette, Rimmel has one as well.

    • Alyssa

      Yes I thought the same thing! I have the spice palatte which really is a UD Heat dupe, so I’ll be surprised to see if it isn’t a dupe for this Cherry one. Zabrena on you tube did an amazing comparison between the Spice and Heat palettes.

  • Deborah

    I couldn’t be more disappointed. Who successfully wears these eyeshadow colors? Certainly not me! They would give me the look of seasonal allergies. I was really hoping they would come out with a purple based palette coupled with some greys.

    • Susan

      Thinking about it some more, I agree with you and wish/hope this is more purple than it appears. If it’s too red then I’ll pass. I have ABH’s ModRen and rarely wear it, because red.

  • Jennifer

    I’m excited about this and plan on getting this as soon as it’s released. I love cherry, burgundy, cranberry shades especially on blue eyes.

  • Dot

    I’m totally confused by the direction that UD is going in. The Naked palette line started as neutrals that were good for everyday wear, flattering on a wide range of skin tones, and looked nude. With Heat and Cherry, it looks like they’re just slapping the name Naked on everything, when the two palettes don’t really offer much in the way of true neutrals or aren’t that flattering on a wide range of people. They seem to really just be copying trends to make a quick buck, which is rather disappointing.

    • Sarah

      ITA. Why even bother to brand this palette as “Naked” at this point when it clearly isn’t? I think UD rode the neutral/Naked train for so long that they haven’t really kept pace with the major trends/shifts in the industry, e.g. ModRen, TF Sweet Peach, etc. Now that they realize makeup lovers have moved past the Naked trend, they’re scrambling to catch up.

  • Silvia

    Already owning a few reds and this one being cool toned not too sure if they actually look decent on me although I love all warm tones but I don’t mind if these shades are not truly red in fact I’d like anything otherwise. It looks pretty!

  • Lauren

    I was really hoping for a more purple palette. I don’t think people wear these colors well. The whole point of the Naked line is how well the colors are supposed to wear, and this just seems too much. But I’ll reserve judgment for seeing it up close.

  • Kelly

    I was excited when I heard about it, but it looks like a dupe of Lime Crime Venus xl. The Venus has twice as many shades at the same price point. Pretty disappointed.

  • Corgigrrl

    Purple, cherry, cranberry…this fair maiden will be looking like she had a bar room brawl the night before.
    No. Just no.
    I know we can all get bored with the same old colors but keep in mind, a well done eye should should enhance one’s beauty, not detract from it.

  • kimkats

    whatwhatWHAT?!?!?!?!?! Naked Honey? Naked AF?? Oh, man… those sound like they’ll be right up mah alley!! ‘Cos I need more nude shadows, right? RIGHT?!?! Can I get an AMEN?! 😀 Can’t wait to see sneaks of these two!

    I can’t wear most reddish shadows, even tho I kinda like them. Apparently, whatever pigment most of them use for the red bothers my eyes. It’s about the only thing that does, but I know enuf to pass by red based shadows.

    • Isabella Muse

      yes! two more upcoming ;-D lol! likewise! I always say naa don’t need more but do want ;-D

  • Liz

    You really called it, Muse! I think like a month ago when they released whatever that mini purple pallette was, you said you thought there could be something new and Naked Purple for fall. Well, here it is!

    As for excited….I don’t need another UD shadow pallette. But if they discount Naked 2 then that baby has my name on it.


    • Isabella Muse

      I was a little off haha ;-D but hey I can totally dig cranberry! 😀 Me either! but I’m slightly tempted ;D

  • Mellokitty

    This palette looks promising! I am hoping it will fall along the lines as UD’s Afrodisiac pallette as i bought it only for the shade “Addict”. I’m really into these “wine-stain” shades for autumn!

  • genevieve

    The Naked Cherry eye palette doesn’t really appeal to me – far too pinkish. But I am totally in love with the Maybelline Burgundy bar for its fabulous champagne and rose gold shades. And the darkest plum shade is pretty good too.

  • Sara

    I heard the name and was really excited…but Im kind of super bummed it’s not red red cherry….that would have been amazing.

  • Deborah

    Emily Noel got to me first with her Makeup Revolution palette. I have enough of these shades in there and it’s FAR more versatile and a fraction of the price.