November 29, 2018

Candle-ageddon Is a Go

bath & body works holiday 2017 candles

Just a friendly reminder to mark your calendars because Bath & Body Works Candle Day is on Saturday (December 1st)! I’m excited because I need 500 more candles like a need hole in my head. But in all seriousness, ahem, candles are $8.95 all day on Saturday both online and in stores.

Most stores stock up for this event but I have noticed candles sell out fast online so have your cart ready for checkout early in the AM if you plan on ordering online!

Enjoy! Let me know what you plan on hauling! Two recs: Peppermint Marshmallow or Merry Cookie.

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  • Hollie

    If you get there and your favorites are sold out- the SAs at my local store encourage people to just grab however many they want and exchange them when the candles are restocked.

    I asked about waste but since candles are clearly used (burnt wick) or not used, they are resold.

    It would mean two trips, but just FYI <3

    • Isabella Muse

      excellent idea actually! I’m confused about the waste? They sell used candles?

  • Lori

    Last year I bought a bunch online during this promo and they took soooo long to ship that they actually gave me a $15 gift card for the trouble. I stocked up on Yankee Candles this year so won’t need B&BW but they do right by their customers which is nice!

  • Carol G

    I love this sale but my only gripe is they are mostly holiday scents. I would love to stock up for the year so it would be nice if they had some spring/summer ones as well. But I think I’ll do the “buy them now, return them later for different scents” game.

    • Isabella Muse

      ITA! I do so wish they’d have new scents as well! Not Summer but maybe the January/New Year ones at least!

  • Carol G

    Oh and you are correct: it is Candle-aggedon. It’s a shitshow to say the least!

  • Violet

    The last 3 candles I burned would quit lighting up when I reached the last 1/4 of wax. Is this normal for this brand? I’ve never had this problem with other brands.

    • Isabella Muse

      no, it isn’t but BBW candles have had issues lately and that’s really sad 🙁 Return them! They’ll refund or give you another one! Even burned! Just explained what happened! And have your receipt!

    • Carol G

      I am so cheap I pour the last of the wax in my tart burner and burn it! I have an electric one from Yankee that uses those plastic cups and I just pour the wax in the cup and it goes for awhile more. Even a regular tart burner would work. Then I pop the empty jar in the freezer, pop off the wicks and re-use the glass jar. They are great for storing eyeliners, makeup brushes or rollerball perfumes. I try to re-purpose everything and anything!

      • kjh

        I buy wicks at Michael’s. Take out the old wick disk. Melt the dregs on the gas stove. Hold the new long wick up straight with a chip bag clip. Then, as a candle is used up, I melt that one on the stove, and pour a layer in. When the candle is full, I have made a layered scent one. I use Yankee, and the one I’m burning now has lots of extra wax around the sides. Much less good than they used to be. But their sales have year round scent. This year B2, G2. I stock up for the whole year.

  • Angie Clementine

    I never thought I’d say this, but I think I’m skipping Candle Day this year. Last year, there were no coupons to stack on top of the sale price, and it looks like this year will be the same. $8.95 with no coupon isn’t as good as $12.95 with a 10 off 30. Plus the store is a madhouse on Candle Day! I’d rather shop during a regular sale.

    • Isabella Muse

      I have some mail coupons for 20% off and $10 off $30 and $15 off $45 that I thought I’d use! I did notice 20% is less and less available online! That used to be a very common coupon code to locate! Now it’s impossible!

      • Angie Clementine

        Yes, the current 20% off expires today, unfortunately. That’s so awesome that you have some from the mail! They stopped sending me coupons in the mail a while back. I made a small purchase in store yesterday ($3 hand soaps) in the hope that they’d give me a bounceback coupon, but they didn’t.

  • Nikki7434

    I burn Fresh Balsam and Winter all year long, so I stock up on those this time of year! I branched out this year during the last sale and found a few new favorites: Snowfall and Crushed Candy Cane! Merry Cookie was a long time favorite, and I think it disappeared for a few years – glad it’s back! ^_^