December 10, 2018

Kat Von D Lolita Eyeshadow Palette for Spring 2019

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The new Kat Von D Lolita Eyeshadow Palette ($39) dropped today at along with a new Lolita Ink Well Long-Wear Matte Eyeliner and Everlasting Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipstick in Lolita. The eyeshadow palettes features eight matte shades inspired by the cult-favorite chestnut rose liquid-lipstick shade. Kat already did a multitasking blush and eyeshadow in Lolita before but this new palette contains a wider range of rosy colors inspired by Lolita.

Promesa (pale pink), Besitos (dusty rose), Recuerdos (raisin), Hermosura (rose), Con Amor (terra cotta rose), Lolita (chestnut rose), Corazón (plum), Eterno (eggplant)

Along with the eyeshadow palette there’s a new Kat Von D Lolita Ink Well Long-Wear Matte Eyeliner which is a liquid liner formula as well as a Everlasting Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipstick in Lolita. I’m every so tempted by both the palette and the eyeliner.

You can snag these two at Sephora.

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Mary Brenner

    Those colors would make me look like i have pink eye. Also I just can’t get behind Her or her products anymore.

  • Laurie

    Even if I wanted KVD to make money from me anymore, this palette features colors I love … and therefore already own in palettes many times over. I don’t see creativity here.

  • Kimmyyy

    It looks like everyone is coming out with their own pink palette! It looks really pretty, but I think I’d rather stick with a Colourpop palette for something like this, since it’s cheaper and I wouldn’t use this color scheme a whole lot. That eyeliner color is definitely fun and unusual, though! I would consider buying that if the color looked good on me.
    As for the people who are avoiding her products, I assume because of her stance on vaccinations… I personally think that’s ridiculous. I feel like every post I see about her, be it YouTube or a blog, I find people saying they don’t support her anymore, and I can’t figure out why unless it’s about that. I just think it’s silly to not buy from a company because the CEO personally doesn’t believe in something like that for HER child/children. It just feels like mob mentality at this point. There are plenty of companies out there with higher-ups that I don’t 100% agree with, but I don’t let it stop me from buying something I may potentially love. They’d have to be actual horrible people before I’d go that far. Then again, people are entitled to their opinions, so I guess it is what it is…

    • Laurie

      I DO, which is why I don’t buy TP, for instance, from companies owned by the Koch brothers. She IS her company and when she made such a public statement, she impacted her business. She could have simply not posted to social media her plans. But as a public figure very much out in the social media mix, she knew she what she was doing.

    • Cady

      Clearly, you haven’t been following. She’s been making an ass out of herself for years… antisemitic comments (dating known Nazis and naming products after Holocaust events), shaming people for using animal products (she’s one of the obnoxiously loud, militant vegans that gives the others a bad name), spreading anti-vaxx misinformation, using homophobic slurs… the list goes on and on. She pretty much is the textbook definition of “actual horrible people.”

      Also, your opinions on vaccines are misinformed, at best. Yes, she is choosing whether or not her child gets a vaccine… but that directly effects the people in our society who CAN’T get vaccines (for legitimate, science based reasons). The vast majority of opinions floating around out there are based on “gut feelings” and misinformation. A little research (using professional, peer-reviewed sources) goes a long way.

    • Anna Fantasia

      I know I’m gonna regret jumping into this, but folks may legitimately only know about the vaccine issue since it’s the one that is most in the public eye. I think Kimmyyy asked a good question- she may not have followed last years’ KVD drama and I think that while the vaccine issue has had its moment of debate, other issues that affect a companies popularity in regards to the owners/CEO’s vocal personality, opinions, phobic tendancies etc has been touched upon but not really completely discussed in the beauty industry. Right now, similar issues affect Too Faced, The Ordinary (Deciem) and others… While we can’t solve these issues, each consumer decides what they are willing and of course able to support with their dollars. As consumers, we can certainly try to be kind and understand each other’s day to day battles more. Business is business and if there is a slump in sales, changes will be made or the company fails. Take care friends and have a wonderful holiday!

  • Laurie

    I actually DO pay attention, buying TP from companies not owned by the Koch brothers, for instance. She IS her company, and in the age of social media, company heads need training on how to be responsible to their businesses. If that means not over sharing, all the better.

  • Anna Fantasia

    Sorry still on boycott. I’m actually quite proud of myself for not being tempted by her products any more. And no it has nothing to do with her vaccination stance. I actually am not too concerned about that issue as I believe it is her child, and if he becomes terribly ill because of a choice she makes, it ends up being her consequence- not mine. In any case, I was revolted by the disrespect she showed to her fans and customers at her anniversary collection launch and it was at that point I chose to not throw my money at a brand that didn’t really value it or me… when so many brands these days are truly courting their clientele. It really is a personal choice, but maybe i’m not alone as I see KVD items go on more and more sale at Sephora. I can see the appeal Muse, as before I watched that launch, I collected every new pallete and perfume that Kat created. Have an excellent and joyful Christmas. Love and Hugs!

    • Isabella Muse

      Aw you too Anna have a beautiful Christmas! I hope it’s filled with magic ;-D I actually like the looks of it all but I’m not tempted enough to buy it due to personal views/opinions/etc

  • Kish

    I’m sure this will be at Marshalls and TJ Maxx in a few months lol. Lately it seems like they can’t give her stuff away, stacks of palettes and lipsticks. Luckily, this is easy for me to avoid because the colors would make me look downright ill.