January 3, 2019

I Hope Lush Perfume Oils Are Here to Stay

5 stars out of 5

I picked up a few of the new Lush Perfume Oils that launched earlier last month for the Christmas season. One of which was Yog Nog that quite reminds of of Jo Malone’s Ginger Biscuit but I think it’s a much better scent in comparison.

Right now Lush offers these perfume oils in a few scents such as Grass, American Cream, Butterball, and others. Don’t quote me but I think Breath of God has always been in an oil formula but I just never really gave it a glance because it’s not my favorite Lush scent. Or maybe I’m wrong. None the less, this is my first time trying Lush Perfume Oils and I’m ever so glad I indulged.

Right now, these are exclusive to Lush UK and each one is $19 for a 15ML glass bottle. They are fairly inexpensive and but sadly, if you aren’t doing a huge Lush UK order it’s not exactly cheap to ship them over. I had ordered several items for Christmas so the shipping wasn’t an issue but if you just wanted say one bottle of perfume oil it isn’t really worth it. I have hopes Lush NA will carry them at some point and that more scents become available as I’d totally buy more.

I got one each of Butterball and Yog Nog. I do wish I got more but at the time I hard ordered two Butterball EDPs and three Yog Nog EDPs so, I felt like one perfume oil each was plenty. Now, I regret it and wish I had ordered a few more just in case they are available for a limited time.

First off, the carrier oil they use is cold pressed jojoba oil and it carries the scent well not to mentioning it feels very hydrating! Jojoba Oil is typically hydrating but some reason this felt even more so! Honestly, if the bottled up just the oil I’d buy it to apply on my dry arms and legs in the Winter.

Secondly, as I said the oil holds fragrance well. I’m an avid buyer of perfume oils from BPAL, Haus of Gloi, Alkemia, etc…I also like shopping Etsy for perfume oils but sometimes I’ll run across some formulas that don’t work well. The carrier oil morphs the fragrances and they come across rather poorly because you’re smelling the carrier oil along with the fragrance oil and for me it just mucks up the scent.

The Jojoba Oil holds the scents very, very well which means all your smelling here is the delicious Lush fragrance and not the carrier oil!

Yog Nog is probably my favorite scent of the two I got which does have a very melted butter scent within the bottle. It sort of has a yuck factor for me and produces a big of a gag! Thankfully enough once you wear it that strong buttery scent disappears and you’re left with the gorgeous smoky clove and cake-like fragrance of Yog Nog. To me this smells like a freshly baked spiced cookie. With hints of clove and butterscotch with a very slight smokiness. It’s truly a comforting gourmand fragrance.

Butterball is lovely as well and smells exactly like the bomb! With a creamy chocolate and shea butter fragrance that’s divine.

Both scents project very well and have excellent long wear.

I loved these to say the least and I hope to order more soon (I hope they don’t disappear before I can grab some more!). If perfume oil isn’t your thing they are also available in regular EDP formulas as well!

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    • Isabella Muse

      you are so welcome! I hope you love them! I really adored them ;-D I hope they keep them around!

  • sian

    Me too! I picked some of these up to use in my diffuser! I love all of them but yog nog, i wish i had passed on that one.

    • Isabella Muse

      ohh you hate it? It was my fav! What a great idea to put them in a diffuser!

  • MM Curator

    Yes! I was afraid the oils would be foul on me given my wacky chemistry so I got the sprays – Butterball and American Cream. Both are so lovely. I hope they stick around too…I admit I got a backup of American Cream and am contemplating another.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m like that! Oils need to be blended well (like ones from bpal) for it to work for me. Sometimes they can smell awful if someone doesn’t mix them correctly. Lush did a good job ;-D! I actually already have a ton of American Cream (going back to the first generation haha) so I skipped it but I did get some more Butterball since I love that scent. I wish they were sending over the body sprays but sadly they are too big to ship 🙁

      • MM Curator

        I have a personal shopper in the UK who sends the body sprays to me!! The shipping isn’t bad either, not more than LUSH’s for the perfumes. Let me know if you want her info. 🙂

        • Isabella Muse

          Oh thanks!!!!!!!! I’m good! My BFF lives in London but ironically she’s been visiting with me the last few weeks so she couldn’t get them for me lol! she’s going home though soon so I can hopefully still snag them ;D

  • Kel Berg

    thanks i am going to check these out! i hadn’t even heard about them. i love ginger fragrance.