January 17, 2019

Lathers & Lights Is Officially Closed Here’s a Replacement or Two

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As you may know Lathers & Lights is now closed for business. I’ve been purchasing perfume, bath, and body goodies from them for 10+ years and I’m really, really sad to see them close their doors. They had a massive assortment of scents and I loved that each season they would come out with new ones. Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, I always looked forward to each Holiday when I could buy some great product scented like Marshmallow Peeps or Conversation Hearts! It was a very fun indie shop that I really enjoyed shopping at.

I think I enabled some of you to Lathers & Lights as well! Since that time I’ve been trying to find some replacements but nothing quite grabs me the way they did! That being said, life goes on sadly and I have since replacement them with three other shops I am currently like and you might want to check out too!

First one would be Butter Toki. I am loving this cute little brand as they have a slew of yummy gourmand scents like Toasted Marshmallow and Funnel Cake! Their scents are strong and long-wearing and the shop is Vegan as well! The scent list isn’t as massive as Lathers & Lights but they do seasonal collections! In fact, they should be doing a Valentine’s Day one soon I imagine! They carry creamy body soaps, scrubs, and perfume rollerballs.

Doctor Sweet Tooth is another shop that carries a MASSIVE assortment of fragrances in an huge assortment of products such as body sprays, perfume rollerballs, body powders, bath bombs, and more! Their perfume rollerball section alone has 91 fragrances listed (not nearly as big as Lathers and Lights but still quite a bit of variety!).

And finally, Autumn Apples Scents who I have a love hate relationship with. I LOVE that they have almost as many scents as Lathers & Lights not to mention they dupe Lush fragrances like Snowcake as well as some freaking spot on higher end ones like Kilian Love, Don’t be Shy. But I HATE their packaging. It’s awesome. It reminds me of Windows ’95 and my obsession with Print Shop and creating labels. There fragrances are amazing, strong, long-wearing, with an excellent selection but the packaging leaves A LOT to be desired!

Anyway, if you’re missing Lathers & Lights hopefully some of these options help ease the hurt.



I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Michelle Luna

    I love that you mentioned Doctor Sweet Tooth, that’s where I get my Karma dupe stuff from! ๐Ÿ™‚ I LOVE that they have the try-me sizes and sets!
    I did just a few weeks ago get a Blue Raspberry Slushie oil from them bc I am trying to dupe something else and it requires (according to my nose) blue raspberry. Sadly, this scent wasn’t as I was expecting. I was hoping for a straight up Blue Jolly Rancher smell, but this smells…. I don’t know actually, it’s very strange. It’s sweet, and it’s not GROSS, but it’s not something I would wear without cocktailing. I am going to blend some of it with some sweet orange and/or lemon EO like I had planned and see what happens. They have a Blue Candy scent and while the description sounds nothing like blue candy I’m going to order that next. I’m trying to dupe the Summer Cool girl’s deo from Tom’s of Maine haha.

    I’ve seen Autumn Apples on eBay and I agree with you on the packaging. I like my products in glass so I can see the product, and so I can reuse or recycle the them later. But they have a bunch of scents I found that are right up my alley, all these tropical/summer type scents, so I’ve got like a dozen living in my watch list haha.

    Butter Toki looks totally cute! Will def be checking them out.

    • Isabella Muse

      Doctor Sweet Tooth is awesome! I remember discovering them on Ebay a few years ago and they opened an Etsy Shop a little while after and I was in heaven ;D I never smelled that deo now you have me curious!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah Autumn Apples has some cheesy labels/bottles. I prefer glass as well since like you I like to reuse them! They do have a very extensive scent list though which makes them a fab spot to grab stuff ;-D Let me know if you try butter toki! I really like it. Also, I THINK they have a blue jolly rancher scent or maybe it’s a slushie perfume oil!? One of those two!

  • Anne

    If you’re looking for Lush dupes, Indigo Fragrances https://www.indigofragrance.com has some spot-on scents. These are the uncut oils that a lot of etsy sellers use, so you would need to incorporate it into your own body cream/bath bombs/body oil creations with your own packaging.

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks for the rec. I’m not really one that mixes anything, I’d rather purchase the items already mixed/prepared as it’s always a little difficult to know how a uncut oil will react to my own body cream plus I have no idea how to create a bath bomb ;D

  • Mei

    I ordered a 29 high street dupe from autumn apples the other day, it’s sooo good. I love walking around smelling like a bath bomb!

  • Kel Berg

    this is awesome! i have been coveting what i have left of my lather and lights collection but they are all pumpkin scents. glad to have some new brands to play with for other seasons!

    • Isabella Muse

      Yay ;-D I actually created this post with you in mind as we briefly touched on LnL’s closing in another post!

  • Cyndi Pagliaro

    I also love Dr Sweettooth and Autumn Apples Scents, both which I get from eBay. Especially the latter. Very quick delivery and delicious scents. The packaging isn’t great, but I don’t mind. Does anyone remember A Zaftig Woman Scents? Best place ever, but sold to another person and it’s never reopened!

    • Isabella Muse

      A Zaftig Woman Scents? No! But I was just googling and it sounds amazing! How did I miss that!

  • Cheryl

    If you’re into all this candy type of stuff you might like the jumbo lip balms from Treat Beauty. I love the tinted ones but they also have tons of untinted in various flavors.

  • Deena

    Have you tried Cocoa Pink. I love their fragrances!! I can’t wait to try the sites that you mentioned. I am sad to see Lather and Lights close shop.

    • Isabella Muse

      oh my gosh I forgot about cocoa pink! I have and I like their stuff a lot and their scents are indeed very much the same as LnL!