March 8, 2019

Kat Von D Vegan Love Eyeshadow Palette for Spring 2019

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Kat Von D Vegan Love Eyeshadow Palette ($43) launched rather quietly for Spring 2019 at I didn’t hear a whisper about this palette until it just randomly popped into my line of vision while browsing Sephora.

Kat Von D has been one of the longest Sephora house brands but the last year or so has been a rough one for the line. Due to controversy it seems like a lot of her stuff isn’t selling as well as it used to. Most of it ends up on sale within weeks of the launch. I remember her eyeshadow palettes causing a mad frenzy!

If you are still a fan you might be excited about the new Vega Love Eyeshadow Palette.

Praise the makeup Gods that Kat has changed the wording on her limited edition items. They used to be “ultra” limited edition but the ultra has been dropped. I’m quite happy about that. It was my pet peeve to see something being called ultra limited edition only to have it go on sale within a few short weeks. I’m talking to you Fetish Blush + Highlighter Palette!

Apparently this palette contains ten eyeshadows with an all new formula that you won’t find in any other Kat Von D Eyeshadow Palettes.

Shades include:
Compassion (pearlescent gold), Liberation (black with gold glitter), Activist (pearlescent canary yellow), Earthling (pearlescent kelly green), Empathy (pearlescent rich lilac), Sentient (peachy copper with silver glitter), Sanctuary (pearlescent electric blue), Mercy (pearlescent deep raspberry), Species (chocolate brown with gold metallic shimmer), Equality (pearlescent champagne)

Kat Von D Vegan Love Eyeshadow Palette for Spring 2019 is $43 and available now!

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Mary Brenner

    I’m sorry I’ve never been a fan of her stuff and after all that madness over her stupid decision not to vaccinate her child even if I had been a fan she lost me over that whole mess. I hope she is happy and her baby healthy but I will never give her a penny of my money

  • Sarah

    She’s really trying to make her brand look woke now?

    All she is an “Activist” for is being anti-vaccination, anti-science, anti-Semitic and promoting the sexualization of minors (Underage red and the ever popular Lolita line). Keep it, Kat!

    • Jules

      Yeah, those last 2 are what really get me. I think anti-vaxxers are misguided, but not intentionally bad people. But the anti-semitic problems and the doubling down on the Lolita-themed products are just huge no-goes for me. It really makes me question Sephora. I haven’t shopped there at all this year, since they made her products the birthday gift this year.

  • Anna Fantasia

    OMG LOL… the shade names: Compassion, Mercy, Empathy. I presume this is directed toward the love of animals. As an animal lover as well, I get it… or is this a new perspective (that has been missing in my humble, one-sided opinion) the last several years for fans of her brand.

    All I can say is i’m sorry Muse, I’m sure that everytime a KVD product post is planned, you brace yourself for the onslaught of vaccine and other brand critical messages. But really KVD needs to consider a re-branding. Too much water under the bridge I think to re-build the following she had in past years with mediocre palettes which are not as “special” or fancy packaging as previous releases.

    Happy Spring Muse!

    • Isabella Muse

      aw don’t be sorry! I expect a certain amount of backslash when I post these things but I’ve been asked to post about KVD new releases so, I do so for those that want to hear about it. I don’t support KVD but for those who like her stuff to each his/her own. I’m not sure on a rebranding would help. There’s way too much controversy that people are having a hard time letting go of! I’m surprised on some levels as there are a lot of people in the beauty biz that have had way more controversy but still remain standing. Again, not that I support KVD but I’m sort of surprised people are still om it! She may be done in at this point!

      • Anna Fantasia

        I think it’s because other brand owners recognize their issues (like Jerrod & Too Faced- remember the cake thing) and even if they dont apologize, they make a statement or own the issue. With KVD, she seems to constantly be flashing folks the finger, and well while she’s comfortable offending people, she can’t seem to figure out that these are the people who once bought into her and her brand. I realize this has always been her personality, but the world is changing and I think brands who want to stay current and popular need to change with it.

        Controversy aside, this palette really seems like a rehash of many other colors she has used in other more fanciful palettes, and I was a HUGE fan and own many of those. After the vaccine thing and her marriage to Prayers, I dont think her releases have been very unique and innovative- the drama has overshadowed the impact and novelty of the releases. I just think the fire’s out. So you may be right, the brand might be over.

        Hopefully as a business-woman (on this Woman’s Day) she can take a step back, re-evaluate where the failures are, and begin to plan a new line in the future. I think people will have short memories (and mended hurt feelings) if she puts some of that aggressive bravado aside and comes out honestly and addresses the issues… of course an innovative product launch that EVERYONE must have would help too!

        I’m not a KVD basher, but I think it is interesting to see the factors that can make and break a brand. Wah… Muse, you’re a brave woman 😉

        Wishing you a warm and happy spring.

        • Isabella Muse

          You could be right. Thinking about it now I realize I never did hear an explanation or apology for anything negative she’s done or said! But I also, feel like Too Faced/Jerrod tend to skate around their own negative actions as well at times and blame others for what is clearing their own fault! But I guess some apology and better than none at all! I hope so too! But I have my doubts. She seems to have very strong beliefs that she’s pretty intent on forcing on others that don’t necessarily agree. I’m all about do what you want/believe what you want so long as you aren’t hurting anyone else in the process, forcing others to be apart of your “thing” (whatever that may be), and of course, not making others feel like they are doing something wrong because they aren’t doing it your way. Unfortunately, Kat hasn’t quite grasped that mentality. Maybe in the future she will!

          • Anna Maria Fantasia

            I completely agree! Can’t wait to read your review on the Ciate Jessica Rabbit Palette. I’m sure its all the colors I own, but that packging is pure LOVE!

          • Isabella Muse

            haha! for sure they are all colors I own but the packaging is to die for ;-D I’ll have a review live shortly!

  • Beth

    All controversy aside I’ve never cared for her branding and the quality just doesn’t feel like it’s there or has ever been. Its always felt ‘Hot Topic cheap makeup’ and looks dated like Affliction/Ed Hardy era clothing. I’ve never purchased a thing from her TBH and don’t ever plan to.

  • Alex

    I agree 100%.
    And I just noticed the lightest, champagne shade is named “equality” I used to buy her stuff upon release since 2008. She hasn’t seen a penny from me since 2014!

  • Susan

    Wouldn’t buy her stuff if someone paid me. The anti-Semitism is bad enough, but the straw that broke the camel’s back for me was a few years ago with her horrible comments about how anyone who eats meat is an animal hater and so on. This from someone who wears leather and has taxidermied animals in her home.

    I’m considering even boycotting web sites, stores, and blogs that promote her products. If you promote her you’re enabling her anti-Semitism. (sorry-not-sorry, that’s just how I feel)

    • Isabella Muse

      You’ve been a reader for a while Susan which makes me hope you realize I’m not supporting nor promoting anti-semitism.

    • Amy

      What “anti-Semitism”…? The “note” to Ami has never been authenticated, and the person who “exposed” has remained “anonymous”, which tells me there’s a good chance it’s fake; besides, Ami has never spoken on it, which makes it seem he never saw it… As for “Selection”, it was named after a band, Die Selektion, who aren’t problematic/controversial… Was there another incident, because these are literally the only 2 I’ve heard of…

  • Serena

    I’d there a review coming for the essence palette you bought recently?