May 8, 2019

Tarte Adelaine Morin Eye & Cheek Palette Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
5 stars out of 5

Tarte x Adelaine Morin Eye & Cheek Palette ($39) launched a few short weeks ago and was created in collaboration with youTuber Adelaine Morin. Yes, I’m old and had to Google who she was because I was all:

Ok, so, here’s the thing. I’m either not watching enough youTube, I’m too old, I may live under a rock, or Tarte selects youTubers no one ever heard of to do collaborations with. I’ll feel a lot better if someone steps in here and says they don’t know who Adelaine is either. Had the same issue when they did the Aspyn Ovard Eye & Cheek Palette but good news at LEAST I knew who the Grav3yard Girl was! Phew! See? Pop culture hasn’t completely eluded me!

Well, Adelaine I make major apologies for not knowing who you are but girl, props on the awesome palette! I like it! A lot! I didn’t expect to considering my track with Tarte hasn’t been good lately but you do a good job creating this with them!

As we had into Summer juicy, fresh, and fun shades might be your order of business! If that’s the case you’ll get on rather famously with the Tarte Adelaine Morin Eye & Cheek Palette. This lemonade inspired palette has some truly fun, funky shades to create some cool eye looks for the warmer weather ahead.

The palette isn’t as pretty as Aspyn’s palette which had a gorgeous floral design and arrived in a heavier compact. For Adelaine’s release they went with a sturdy cardboard palette that has bright lemons decorating the front. I am currently obsessed with lemons! They have taken over my house, my wardrobe, and my makeup collection. So, I was thrilled with how cute this packaging is! Inside you’ll find a generously sized mirror along with nine eyeshadows, one blush, and a highlighter all of which are made in the USA. The eyeshadows are 0.029 oz each and the highlighter and blush are 0.124 oz. The palette has a vanilla cocoa scent and each of the shade names are printed below them the wells.

From the design to the formula this palette pretty much gets five stars all around from me. It’s a fabulous palette that surprised me. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did and I have to admit I didn’t expect it to be formulated so well because let’s me honest here, Tarte has been pretty hit or miss lately.

Tarte Adelaine Morin Eye & Cheek Palette Swatches (Beautiful, Magic, Wonderful, Red Eye Flight, Beep Bop, Girls Supporting Girls, Boss Lady)

Tarte Adelaine Morin Eye & Cheek Palette Swatches (Adelange’s, ConTOUR, Law of Attraction, Mama Morin)

Tarte Adelaine Morin Eye & Cheek Palette Swatches (Promise Ring Highlighter and I Feel Beautiful Blush)

You get six matte shades and three velvety shimmer shades all the eyeshadows have a super soft, buttery texture with intense pigment. They apply, blend, and wear like a dream! I was a massive fan of the blush as well which is a pretty medium rosy pink. The only item I wasn’t into was the highlighter! It was bit too frosty for me. But everything else was incredible. The blush surprised me as I expected something dry and stiff but it’s super silky and blended beautifully! This is how I remember Tarte’s formula! This is what I loved about their formula!

The shades are very playful and very fun and they pair up beautifully together. From bold lemons to sizzling oranges this palette has plenty of fun, funky shades for Summer! Sure, it’s not the most unique shade range around but I really don’t care because everything pairs up beautifully together here making it a fun palette to travel with this Summer.

I went into my Tarte Adelaine Morin Eye & Cheek Palette purchase expecting to not like it and was very, very pleasantly surprised to come out of the experience loving it.

I’m placing a Muse Approval on this one.

Do get it!

It doesn’t disappoint.

Where to buy

Tarte Ulta

Tarte Adelaine Morin Eye & Cheek Palette is a new, limited edition palette that contains nine eyeshadows, one blush, and one highlighter that was created in collaboration with youTuber, Adelaine Morin. The palette is $39 and available on Tarte’s website and at Ulta exclusively. The shade range is inspired by lemons and lemonades with bright lemony shades paired up with sizzling oranges, bronzes, and golds. It’s a very pretty Summer shade selection. I thought the formula was spot on across the board! I struggled a little with the highlighter as I felt it was a bit frosty. But aside from that I thought all the shades were super pigmented, easy to blend with a buttery texture and little to no fall out. It’s the first Tarte palette in a long time that I loved!


  • Bright, fresh, cheery colors for Summer.
  • Pigmented, buttery, beautifully formulated shades.
  • Very affordable.


  • Highlighter is a bit frosty.


Tarte Adelaine Morin Eye & Cheek Palette should appeal to anyone looking for a bright, cheery palette for Summer looks!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • kjh

    No idea and need to google as well. To some extent, it IS an age thing. No coworkers at day job know who Princess Margaret was. The computer geeks have never heard of Elizabeth Taylor (met and helped her once, total gas.). The manager at night job has never heard of Bruce Springsteen…I got hoots out of some Grav3yard Girl videos, and think Aspyn is one of the many (insert religion here) YouTubers.

    • Isabella Muse

      too true too true! My cousin’s daughter had a party recently and one of the 14 year old boys there didn’t know who the Beatles was. WHAT!?

    • Carol G

      Seriously, who the hell has never heard of Bruce Springsteen? Even if you aren’t familiar with his music, you would have surely heard his name! But yeah, all these collaborations with YT people are for the birds (another old lady saying!). I shy away from them actually because I don’t give a rat’s @$$ what some YT person says. Also, I’m quite sure they are getting money for this so why the hell should I be funding them? I’m just a jaded, old school kind of gal…I pine for the old days when we just went to the drugstore and saw cool LE collections. Now, it’s all about collab with this person or that person. Who cares!

      Rant over…

  • Cindy

    I don’t know who any of those YouTubers are and frankly, I don’t care. I don’t have patience to sit and watch YouTube videos all the time, and yeah, I’m too old for that crap LOL!

    • Isabella Muse

      me either! I swear I have so few hours to do stuff during the day! Between life, work, blog, etc…I just don’t have time to sit and watch youTube videos! I also don’t have the patience for it either! I feel old saying this! 😀

      • Deb

        Not just you Muse, I never heard of this person either. But there’s soooo many of them!! I watch Mel Thompson for new product release reviews and that’s about it. She’s sweet and bright and bubbly, but most importantly she doesn’t ramble. I don’t have the patience for most of that crap on YouTube either, especially in the so called beauty expert community. Good grief, I’ve never seen so many people that just ramble and ramble on before they get to reviews. That caused me to stop watching, I just can’t. Yes, I’m salty about it! But damn people, just shut up and get to the good stuff LOL! And don’t even get me started on the ones that spend half of their review video pouting at the camera and playing with their hair.

        • Isabella Muse

          LOL this is likely why I don’t watch videos because I don’t have the patience to listen to a story about someone’s boyfriend or something or another before getting to a review.

        • kjh

          Preach! Most of it is entitlement or self,-enrichment, rather than informative. I watch a few, when something like Subculture comes along, but otherwise, big time suck.

  • Christina

    I have no idea who she is as well, and I watch a lot of YouTube. Maybe it’s because I don’t really follow anyone and just click on videos that interest me. I’m not huge on following “major” beauty gurus on Instagram, either, as I care more about performance and true product reviews rather than just pretty pictures.

    The palette looks nice on you. You always look nice in these vibrant yellow and peachy shades. It’s a very summery and fun vibe.

    • Isabella Muse

      I always feel relieved when people are like “ME TOO! No idea!” because I swear I am the only one out of the youTube loop ;-D Aw thanks <3!!!!!!!!!!

  • Max

    I, too, have no idea who this gal or guy is. I’m in my mid-30s and don’t care to watch 20-somethings or teenagers smear make all over their crease-free, spotless face. In my 20s, I had pore-less perfect skin. Anything I put on top of my skin would naturally look amazing. Any who, my point is that I want to see how products perform on skin with some lines, spots, and imperfections.

  • Lee Griffin

    I’ve honestly never heard of her. I practically live on YouTube, but have never come across a single one of her videos. Definitely getting my hands on this palette though. It’s basically everything I use and want in an eye and cheek palette.

    • Isabella Muse

      She’s actually been on youTube several years apparently (she’s only 21 which boggles my mind! When did she start youTube?!) but I dunno who she is either! no clue! ;-D But it’s a great palette! She did a good job with the shades!

  • Heidi

    Never heard of her. I looked her up and her style isn’t my thing, plus the one video I saw had so much editing that it made me wonder if she can’t utter a complete sentence. Pass.

  • Saoirse

    Never heard of her either. I looked up a few of her videos and it’s definitely an age thing. I’m way way out of her demographic!

  • Agona

    Muse, you did a great job with the yellow eyeshadow. I can’t make yellow work for me but it looks so summer-licious on you!

  • Tracie Warren

    I love this palette!!! I also had to look her up on YouTube. This is a fabulous palette.

  • Brenda Cremer

    I am 59 but a very young 59. I find you tube a snore. I have not found anyone that can really hold my interest. Lisa Eldridge isn’t bad but still it’s just not that interesting to watch. Wayne Goss?? Maybe something is wrong with me, or I’m just too old for it?

    • Isabella Muse

      You’re not alone. I’ll watch Wayne and Lisa occasionally also, I do LOVE Joseph Birdsong (not beauty related though) but I don’t have the attention span to sit through beauty videos for some reason!