September 30, 2019

High-End and Budget Friendly Beauty Picks at Walmart

I was compensated by a brand or company but all thoughts and opinions are my own and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

Betcha didn’t know you can buy both your favorite budget friendly beauty brands and higher-end ones at Walmart. They do! Now you can get your favorite Smashbox Lipstick or your beloved Wet n Wild Blush all in one place! carries a wide assortment of higher-end beauty brands like Clarins, Smashbox, NARS, Peter Thomas Roth, and more. And of course, all your favorite budget beauty brands as well like L’Oreal, Wet n Wild, Maybelline, and more! And let’s not forget some you might not even know they had like Kokie!

I’m one of those people that’s always on the fence about whether or not I actually like the idea of shopping both prestigious and budget beauty in one place. As I get older though I realize a one stop shop sure is helpful. Like, you ever go to Trader Joe’s and you’re like, “Damn! I gotta go to Whole Foods after this!”. It’s like you can never do an full shop at TJs and you’re always needing a few things more from some other store. It’s such a pain! I guess that’s why I’ve sort of embraced the idea of shopping for both higher-end beauty and budget in the same place. It just makes life a lot easier. Granted, Walmart doesn’t carry these brands in store sadly! But maybe one day!? Plus they provide 1-2 day shipping so items get to you fast! I ordered from on Monday and I got my order on Wednesday! That’s some fast shipping!

I’ve teamed up with Walmart a few times the last few months to celebrate their “Here for Every Beauty” campaign that celebrates over 327 different million faces that make up America. This is a paid sponsorship with them however, the thoughts and opinion I’m sharing are all my own. I decided to do the collaboration because I truly believe that beauty is all inclusive and I’m happy to support a brand or in this case a store that also, feels that way. The beauty world has become more and more inclusive in the last year or two inviting all colors, all races, all ages, all sizes to enjoy. I’ve always felt that the beauty community I’ve created here on Musings of a Muse has been an accepting one. It’s accepted me with all my flaws as I’m not a model, I wear too much blush, and I can’t blend eyeshadow for my life. Thank you for that. Now if the rest of the beauty world and beauty brands felt the same we’d live in a rather great world. But they are making changes and good ones at that. I’m happy that Walmart actually took a stand on this by offering a wide selection of products for all types of people no matter their race, age, or sex. A beauty world that doesn’t make us feel excluded is a good beauty world.

For my collaboration this month I decided to pick up some higher-end beauty picks and some budget ones too! A mix up of items that will get you through the Fall season!

Here’s some of my higher-end and budget friendly beauty picks you can get at!

Ok, just want to throw it out there I do not like Equate Cleansing Balm. Nooooo! However, that being said you know what I do like? The affordable hell Equate Beauty Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes! I purchase these in a 2-pack quite often because I swatch a lot on Musings and they do a great job wiping off swatches and makeup at the end of the night when I’m too lazy to do my entire cleansing routine. These are the most affordable makeup wipes I’ve come across at $5.97 for 80 and they work a treat at removing makeup quite easily. I literally purchase 5 x 2-packs whenever I hit up Walmart because I go through them so quickly when swatching and reviewing new palettes especially around the Holiday season as palettes have 24+ shades!

Speaking of wipes how many people knew that Swisspers has exfoliating cotton rounds? How did I not know about these? You need them in your life! Swisspers Premium Exfoliating Rounds have two sides one is a soft cotton side and the other has raised, textured surface to gently exfoliate. I started using these with toners, micellar water, and even acids and I gotta say I like them. They aren’t harsh or rough on skin but the raised surface seems to gently smooth skin! I don’t think I’ll go back to regular Swisspers after that. I just wish they came in a larger cotton round size.

Skincare aside let’s dive into some higher-end and budget friendly Fall makeup picks!

If you’re embracing that sultry smoky purple look for Fall because why wouldn’t you right? It’s such a devil woman look! You can snag Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Palette in Golden Hour (I’m wearing it below) which contains an assortment of beautiful hues to create that perfect Fall eye look!

I never thought I’d be shopping my favorite NARS Lipsticks at but you can indeed! Jungle Love is a fantastic red that will work great for the cooler weather plus it’ll follow you into the festive Holiday season ahead! I’m wearing it below with a bit of clear gloss!

I’ve sort of been guilty of embracing natural looks for my Fall weekends. This weekend I went apple and pumpkin picking and I kid you not I applied a bit of Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer under my eyes, curled my lashes, and dabbed on some Julep Skip The Brush Creme-to-Powder Blush Stick in Golden Guava (such a gorgeous golden pink) and I was good to good. Minimal but pretty.

Speaking of minimal I discovered Wet n Wild Color Icon Multi-Sticks and I’m in love. They are $2.93 a shade and can be used on lips, cheeks, or eyes. I personally used them on my eyes for quickie looks. Chocolate Cheat Day is a great matte brown that accents my eyes and Nudie Culture makes a great base for powder eyeshadows!

With Halloween on the horizon and Christmas soon after you might be thinking glittery, shimmery lips! Hard Candy Glitteratzi Crystal Lip Duo is a good place to start to grab those gorgeous glittery, sparkly lips. It’s a dual-sided sparkly lipgloss and a glitter lipstick that can be paired up to create a gorgeous lip look!

I’m pretty hyped that Walmart is offering a great outlet to shop prestigious and budget friendly brands. It’s a nice way to get your one stop of beauty without visiting a ton of shops!

I hope you enjoyed some of my high-end and budget friendly picks and I hope you’ll share some of the ones you love buying at your local Walmart.

Let me know what’s making an appearance on your cheeks, lips, and eyes this Fall!

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I was compensated by a brand or company but all thoughts and opinions are my own and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Heather

    So this is going to sound horribly snobby, and I guess it kind of is, but I don’t like it. Ulta made it a unique idea, and clearly divided the prestigious brands from drug store. It really worked for me. I could have the best of both worlds.

    Walmart on the other hand…. Don’t get me wrong, when I want less expensive items I go there. It’s not that I wouldn’t shop there. However, the idea of putting in brands like NARS or Smashbox at Walmart, to me makes it feel like those brands are cheapened in some way. I think it’s a bad move.

    • Isabella Muse

      It’s not snobby at all! Ironically I’ve always felt like Ulta combining drugstore and higher end was really weird and for years, I was like, No, this is such a strange way for me to shop but now I’m like hell this is saving me time so I totally dig I can do it all as a one stop shop!

  • kjh

    Nice. Walmart/.com has some hidden gems. They were the only place to rider Bamba peanut snacks, except directly from the co in Israel, before TJ’s got them. And they have brands that have been abandoned by other retailers, like Julep. Good post.

  • Adrienne

    Not sure how I feel about this. I agree that it could possibly “feel” cheaper or like old, defective and past season makeup was being sold. I sometimes feel that way about TJX and Marshalls too. I know Ulta has both but they try to make a clear separation by prestige on right side of store, drug store on left. I think getting my little shopping bag either with stripes or bright orange makes me feel better. Lol. I will try the swispers that’s a good combination for makeup remover and light exfoliation

    • Isabella Muse

      That’s so weird I never noticed that Ulta made separated the high end and low end but you’re right they do haha! GET THEM! they are so cool! Great for use with acids!

  • Sandy

    I’m loving Walmart lately. I’m quitting smoking and they are delivering my stop smoking aids with next day shipping. I’m looking forward to buying their beauty specials soon. Thanks, Muse!

    • Isabella Muse

      My pleasure Sandy <3! and good for you quitting smoking! Good Luck!

  • Susan

    How can WalMart sell these high end products so much cheaper? Some are half the retail price. Are they an authorized retailer for the brands? Are you sure these are authentic? Thanks.

    • Isabella Muse

      Yes BUT it’s a lot like Amazon they have sellers. You have to be sure you are purchasing from Walmart directly and not from a seller.

      • Susan

        Yeah, I saw that. Even so, how does WalMart sell PTR products that are not discontinued at half price?

        It did look like some of the sellers had discontinued products – like limited editions that are not around any more, especially with Nars. I have seen the same thing on eBay. It is not necessarily a bad thing (depending on how old it is) if you really wanted that particular item. The only thing is with WalMart there is no feedback about the sellers like there is on eBay or Amazon.

        BTW, I love your site. You are not pushing sponsored products and you tell us what you really think about a product and why. I really appreciate that. You are on top of sales, new products and special promotions and I hold you directly responsible for my credit card balance ;-). Keep up the great work.