October 22, 2019

Lush Hair Custard Smells Like Dessert

5 stars out of 5

Lush Hair Custard is a gorgeous vanilla and toffee scented hair dressing that smells like dessert for your hair. I never tried this until recently even though it released a few years ago! But on a whim I picked up a bottle. I think in the past I wasn’t loving the fact it was in a pot but now that its in a squeeze bottle I thought it was time to try it out.

Now it deserves to be mentioned people are ripping this apart in reviews because it appears with the new packaging there’s now a new formula and it isn’t nearly as good as it was. I can’t compare the two formulas but I can say I’m just fine and happy with Lush Hair Custard as it now is! Maybe I’d be ranting too if I loved the old formula but since I have nothing to compare it to I have to say this formula did fine by me.

In my opinion, Lush Hair Custard would best work for textured hair or for those prone to frizz. My hair is very long, very wavy, on the dry side, and can be frizzy. I think it’s a perfect fit for me.

It’s created with argan oil and cocoa butter as well as vanilla. It’s very strongly scented! It lingers on and on and on! I love that because it makes my hair smell like creme brulee. As you know, when I’m headed to work I tend to slick back my hair into a bun and go. I’m not much for doing anything with my hair when I’m at work and like it off my face and out of my eyes. I use this as a hair gel of sorts as it provides a light hold. It does give my hair a “hard” feel that hair gel would but this is less so when I’m wearing my hair down versus when I wear it up and slicked back.

The texture resembles that of a custard. It’s a bit sticky but as I smooth it on it absorbs fairly well. It does some seriously great tricks with frizz! It eases my frizz considerably and refines my curls. And the scent oh lord that beautiful fragrance that lingers on and on and on and makes my hair smell like a posh dessert! So yummy, so delicious!

All in all, Lush Hair Custard is a keeper! If you aren’t familiar with the old formula try out the new as I think you might just like it!

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