October 22, 2019

My Shaving Cream Cost a Dollar and It Smells Like Summer Time

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5 stars out of 5

You gotta dig all over Smartly Summertime Scented Shaving Foam because it’s only a buck! 99 cents to be exact! I do so love a good deal and Target’s brand Smartly has become a quick favorite of mine because they have some really affordable picks that are actually quite great.

One of my favorite products from Smartly is the Citrus Summertime scented Liquid Dish Soap and All-Purpose Cleaner! I’m convinced these smell like the Anthropologie Volcanic Orange Candle! The surface cleaner has this pretty orange-y scent that lingers well after I’ve wiped away the mess on my counters.

When Smartly started introducing the scent in a variety of different bath and body items like hand soap and this shaving cream I was quick to grab them up because hey, the price is right.

Ok, so, first off, this shaving cream doesn’t quite get the scent down as good as it does in the surface cleaner and dish soap. For some reason or another both of those smell a bit better to me. But that doesn’t me the Smartly Summertime Scented Shaving Foam is a slacker. It still has a bright, orange-y fragrance that’s very pleasant.

Like any good shaving cream it creates lovely a nice lather that you can easily shave with. I find it lightly hydrating and it eases my razor along very nicely. Not to mention the scent of oranges fills my shower as I shave.

All in all, for a buck why wouldn’t you try it? Your shaving cream can smell like summer time too! Just head over to your local Target and grab some of this yummy stuff and thank me later.

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