October 23, 2019

Target Beauty Box Advent Calendar Arrives November 3rd for Holiday 2019

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The Target Beauty Box Advent Calendar for Holiday 2019 arrives at target.com starting November 3rd. I have a really serious question. Is anyone ready for the Holidays yet? I haven’t even really enjoyed Fall yet. Sheesh! I feel like it’s going to be one of those seasons where everything rushes by yet again! Remember when you were a kid and it took ages and ages for the seasons to change and the holidays to arrive? As an adult I feel like it all rushes by so very quickly!

I’m sort of in a Bah Humbug type of mood lately because I just want to enjoy Fall! It’s my favorite season! Let me take it in before shoving Santa and Christmas Trees down my throat.

Anywayyyyyyyyyy, at least Target’s Beauty Box Advent Calendar isn’t launching in October. That’s something right?

Curious about the contents?

Jump ahead!

This year’s calendar contains a lot of hair products which is a bit disappointing for me. I am curious about that AHC Eye Cream! Wonder how that is? There’s a lot of skincare here as well and only two makeup items one of which is a lipgloss from Soap & Glory and a Milani Mascara. At the price of $19.99 it is a steal as the sizes of the products are around 3 to 3.4 oz on some of the hair and skincare.

Do you think the Target Beauty Box Advent Calendar for Holiday 2019 will come home with you this year?

Target Beauty Box Advent Calendar launches November 3rd online at target.com.

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