December 20, 2019

Bath and Body Works Christmas Cocoa & Mint Is Getting Poor Reviews But My Review Is All Good

5 stars out of 5

Bath and Body Works Christmas Cocoa & Mint is a new fragrance that launched for Holiday 2019 during the first annual Body Care Day where all body care and fragrances mists were $4.95 each. Bath & Body Works went live on Instagram with Santa to introduce Body Care Day which is bound to become a Holiday tradition like Candy Day and during that introduction they said they’d have a new fragrance available which was Christmas Cocoa & Mint. I probably heard incorrectly but I thought they said the fragrance would be available during Body Care Day only. Thank god it wasn’t! It’s actually still readily available so I can grab more before it disappears.

I really think this should be added as a Holiday Tradition Signature Scent but if Bath & Body Works goes by some reviews that might not happen.

Some of the reviews posted said they’d rather not smell like a cookie and I’m in the minority because running around town smelling like a Girl Scout Thin Mint is awesome. That’s exactly what this smells like by the way! A Thin Mint! Chocolate, mint, it’s Andy’s Candies and Thin Mints all rolled together into one delicious fragrance.

At first mist there’s a powerful blast of mint with a quick burst of decadent chocolate. As it dries down it swirls into a delicious mint cookie scent! It’s just a spot on Thin Mint scent! It almost feels like I can taste the cookie in my mouth when I mist this one one. It is a cooling fragrance due to the mint which means it feels really chilly when you mist it on or slather the lotion on. The bathroom in my bedroom has heated floors and the combination of the heat and the chill of the mist just feels so awesome in the morning. It sort of jolts you awake!

Sadly, like most Bath and Body Works Fragrances this scent is fleeting. Layering helps but it’s a scent that doesn’t stick around terribly long and disappears quickly. But it’s very yummy while it is around and I don’t regret purchasing it.

Grab up Bath and Body Works Christmas Cocoa & Mint now online.

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