January 16, 2020

Kat Von D Beauty Sold to Kendo and Kat Von D Steps Down

Kat Von D Beauty has been sold off all shares of the brand to Kendo, Kat Von D’s partner company for the past 11 years, for an undisclosed amount. Kat Von D will be stepping down from her role at Kat Von D Beauty going forward and has released the following statement on Facebook:

“This past year has been one of great change for me. As many of you know, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, launched my vegan shoe line, and am now busy prepping to release my long awaited album in the Spring, followed by an international tour!

As much as I wish I could balance all of this, on top of continuing my makeup line, it has become clear to me that I just can’t do everything at the maximum capacity. It’s hard to admit this, since I’ve always said “You can do everything and anything.” But I don’t think admitting one’s limits is a bad thing.

With that said, I’ve decided to sell my shares of the brand, turning it over to Kendo, my partners for the past 11 years.

This was not an easy decision, but after careful consideration, I decided I wanted the makeup line to continue to thrive and grow, and I believe Kendo is primed to do just that.

The transition for you, my loyal customers, will be seamless. In order to avoid any confusion with such a big change, Kat Von D Beauty will take a moment to rebrand itself, so you will start noticing the change from KatVonD Beauty to KvD Vegan Beauty.

I’d like to thank my beloved fans+followers who supported my vision to create a brand that stood for compassion, true artistry, and challenged modern ideals of beauty — most of which I never could relate to. I was able to create a makeup line that made outsiders like me feel like we have a place in this “beauty” world, and gave myself and others the tools to express ourselves in our own unique way, whether it was embraced by the majority or not. And I just couldn’t have done any of this without you!

Lastly, thank you for understanding+respecting my choice, as it was a difficult one to make, but one I am proud of regardless, and am confident that the team will continue the KvD legacy!

Here’s to many, many more years of KvD Vegan Beauty!”

As you know Kat Von D has had a few controversies over the years and her brand has suffered due to some of that. Moving forward I have no idea what the plans are for the brand but it will remain active and apparently has some Spring 2020 launches upcoming! I’d be curious if it remains at Sephora going forward.

This news is not unexpected nor surprising to me.

Will you continue to boycott the brand (if you are already) or will you consider purchasing it now that Kat is no longer involved?

Do share!


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  • rina

    Will probably continue my ban, considering there are so many other brands I can use/support.

    Bye Felicia.

  • Nina

    Unfortunately, no, when her brand went vegan the formulas stopped working for me. So when her stance on vaccines came out I was ok to stop using her brand completely. For now I will just focus on using up the existing palettes from her that I already have.

  • Tracy

    I’ll give Kendo a chance and see what they do with the products and formulas – but whatever they offer has to perform appropriately for the price point, otherwise I’m not wasting my money. I didn’t buy a ton from KatVonD Beauty before but definitely made a conscious choice to avoid the brand once she started posting about her antivax beliefs.

  • Anna Fantasia

    I love this freudian slip… bad for had LOL.
    “As you know Kat Von D has bad a few controversies over the years and her brand has suffered due to some of that.”

    Yes, I will continue not to purchase. I loved her packaging and aesthetic so I’m sorry to see the rebranding if it changes the look too much, although I do understand the logic behind it. But it does go to show you that as a business owner, you cant just say whatever it is you want and continue to be supported by the people you just bad mouthed. Years of no KVD proved to me that I could live without it. So… moving forward.

  • Kelly

    If they do a good job on the products I would consider it. I wonder how it will effect the look of the line, will it go more earthy vegan organic looking? I like a nice nature inspired look so I think that would tempt me.

  • Jennifer B

    Hmmm. Sephora has been clearancing a lot of the line for awhile.

    Not sure the brand has much traction without the founding figure, since it was so focused on her esthetic.

    I’ve never bought from the brand but have some minis that were in sets that are decent.


  • Meha Varma

    As long as she has the name on the brand, I won’t be purchasing since I’m sure she’ll still be making some percentage of profit as Her name is still attached wi th the company. There are plenty of newer and BETTER brands with vegan products if that’s what I’m looking for.

    • Dusty

      Apologies for jumping in but I just left a long comment of my own and then I saw yours and I have a question (this is what confuses me about boycotts – and I’m going to be politely challenging you but you’re welcome to tell me to piss off if you don’t want to discuss it LOL!)

      You said you would continue to not support the brand because you’re sure she’ll still me making some profit.

      HOW are you sure?

      It seems like that’s a decision based off a gut feeling – not research. Let’s assume you like the products otherwise (don’t know if you do), do you think it would change your mind if you knew whether she was actually getting money from product sales? What if she were granted a one time flat fee to license her initials? What if she sold everything and was getting zip?

      Boycotting confuses me because I always want to know more. How long does one boycott? At what point does a company or person redeem themselves? CAN they redeem themselves? What does one expect from boycotting? Does the consumer do any research to support their decision? Lots of questions.

      • Swoozy

        Dusty – I never bought anything from KvD, but having boycotted brands before, I generally ask myself if buying from a compa puts my into the position of consciously supporting something financially I don’t agree with. There are, I’m sure, many companies/CEOs/etc that if I but knew how they spent their profits or what they supported, I’d not want to support them either, so for me, the line is how much do I reasonably know (Is the CEO/company vocal about a position? Has there been research/news on the company/products? Etc.) I think companies can redeem themselves, but for me, I need to see an equally publicized and authentic expression contrary to what drove me away in the first place. Your choices may vary from mine. We all have to live in a way we can handle when we go to bed at night.

        • Dusty

          Okay, this makes sense. I’ve never boycotted a brand formally (except for NARS and that’s mostly as a joke because I’m not interested in them either) but I suppose, like you, I have not purchased things for personal reasons because I didn’t agree with a person or company (I’m sure that I have though I can’t think of an example… but it sounds like something I’d do!)

          I think what I’ve been curious about is what other people’s expectations are with boycotts.

          Regarding KVD, from what I’m aware of she’s also stated that she wasn’t anti-vaccine, that she was a new mom at the time and blah blah blah. So I also wondered why people continue to boycott even if the brand tried to correct what caused the boycott in the first place. I’ve also seen this with Jeffree Star, who has outright admitted to and apologized for his behavior, yet people still boycott his brand.

          Of course, there’s not one answer and that’s probably what confuses me! Haha! I like a clear picture that I can understand and in reality, people boycott for different reasons and just because you may boycott one company, doesn’t mean you know why everyone else boycotts another. Thanks for taking the time to jump in and discuss this!

          • Isabella Muse

            Jumping in real quick not pin pointing Jeffree in particular but on a large a lot of gurus make the same mistakes over and over again so I guess people feel like the apologies feel empty and insincere. Also, again, not Jeffree in particular but many gurus have millions and millions of subscribers and that does put them in some sort of celebrity light which also means there are millions and millions of eyes on them, analyzing every single they do and say, which also means we see their mistakes under a microscope and when they do fail it’s almost instantly brought out into the open. I mean I make mistakes every day, some small, some huge, but no one is around to call me out on it. Like the other day I threw a plastic bag in the garbage without thinking about it because I was rushing only to later lay down in bed and think oh crap, I threw a plastic bag out. Am I horrible awful person? Shrug. Depends on your views of life, the universe, and everything. My point is, if you’re a guru/celeb and admitted or saw tossing out a plastic bag you’d be front page news. Again, all that being said, as people we make mistakes, we learn, we grow, we try not make those mistakes again but we aren’t perfect and I’m pretty sure we all at some point will make the same dumb ass decisions and mistakes a second time even after being burnt by it the first time. But again, we aren’t in the spotlight no one is here to judge and call us out on our BS aside from ourselves. We don’t need to make some world wide apology to the world because we effed up. At best we likely have to face our boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, family, husband, or wife and they might be the ones we need to face and say, “hey, I’m sorry I screwed up!” But really, most important, we also have to remember, that once we make a mistake and that’s what it is a mistake and twice we make a mistake and maybe that’s just considered dumb, but the third time around maybe we need to think more and be more thoughtful about stuff. So, here we are full circle. I guess that’s why people choose to not follow or boycott certain brands or gurus or celebs because they feel like hey, I gave you a few chances but you keeping failing me! Kat Von D is a pretty good example, she’s made quite a few different mistakes that were pretty huge and depending on where you on the moral compass you might feel her mistakes are big enough to make you boycott or unfollow her. If anyone around here follows her, love her, etc..no judgement from me. If you don’t, again, no judgement from me. What you do or don’t do in your life is your own. It’s your god given right as a human being to do whatever the hell you want ;-D and if that means loving Kat Von D wahooo for you or if that means hating her, again, wahooo for you!

    • Rosana

      This!! So long as there’s even a shade of association to the brand, I’m not buying. There are so many choices out there that I’m not missing anything by choosing to put my money elsewhere.

      • Mona Dovina Prodaniuk

        Hi I will support 100% Kendo owned rebranded KVD Vegan Beauty since Kendo also owns Fenty beauty and others. Doesn’t make sence for people to continue boycott if company rebrands. To continue a boycott makes me ask if one might have to boycott Fenty beauty now? Or boycott Marc Jacobs beauty? The company confirmed on Instagram and to others Kat Von D isn’t receiving royalties or pay going forward. I assume the KVD is still in title for now so brand doesn’t have to waste thousands of packaging units till new design is produced. The trooper liner and liquid lipsticks are a great cruelty free formula. (I also have allergies so I don’t react to the lipstick like Stila). I have autism and forgave the company after she posted video last year that she wasn’t anti-vaxx. I do not support her choices or past scandels but do like the products. I think this is good news for the company to move forward. Maybe they will now work with more positive women artists in future since Kendo brands do produce alot of diverse beauty products. Thank you so much. ❤

  • Colleen

    Used to love Kat von D beauty. It was such great quality. Had stopped buying it due to Kat herself. I’ll definitely check them out now that she will be gone.

  • Shannon

    I’m sure it’ll stay at Sephora. Kendo is owned by LVMH, just like Sephora is 🙂 I’ll probably start buying the products again, the liquid lipsticks are my favorite.

    • Tracy

      I agree that it’ll stay at Sephora, just like the rest of the Kendo Brands (Marc Jacobs, Fenty, BITE).

  • Cil

    I think in some ways people love to talk of supporting women, but by the end of the day this is never true. That she is selling her shares of the company she created over the vaccine thing when J* is alive and well, despite BOTH of them having a lot of controversies, is saying a lot about the beauty community.

    Never canceled the brand. If I were to cancel things on people’s opinions I’d not see movies. Let’s see the direction.

    • McGuinea

      I don’t think it’s fair to say “people don’t support women” because of this? People don’t support her because she promoted archaic asinine practices across her platforms that pose a health threat to quite literally the entire world. People tend to feel pretty strongly about things like that, has nothing at all to do with gender. She also gave a very different reason than “controversy” for selling her company. If you want to support her, you can still do so by looking into her shoe line or upcoming music endeavors.

      • Dusty

        I think it’s a fair thing to bring into the discussion actually. Whether or not it’s true in this case, it seems that there are plenty of times when a woman’s actions would be taken differently if she were a man.

        Example: If she were a man talking about anti-vaccination and then retracted the statement saying that he was a new dad and wanted the best for his kid but was still figuring it out, I think there would be more of a tendency for people to say, “Aww! New dad! Cares about his children!” Even if it was coupled with, “Men are so stupid.” LOL!

        Because she’s a woman, do people quickly dismiss her as batshit crazy?

        Honestly I don’t know. I don’t have the answers to these questions. I just think it’s a fair point to being into the discussion because it makes me think about how I myself react.

        • McGuinea

          Okay but all of what you just said is anecdotal. Men don’t get leeway on this subject either, even old beloved favorites like Jim Carrey get absolutely demolished on social media for supporting anti-vax. People boycott his movies and his “art” because of it, so what’s the difference?
          Bringing gender into this beyond a reach. Even the complete hypothetical you brought up about what you think people might say doesn’t show historically to be true. No one has ever been safe from ridicule on this subject, they might as well be flat-earthers as far as getting a social death sentence from the sane public. I think in absolutely no way does her being a woman make her a different kind of batshit in the public’s eyes than any other batshit anti-vaxxer. Redacting insane statements due to backlash doesn’t matter to the masses, “you cant put the toothpaste back in that tube” so to speak. Lets not forget she had some image issues aside from the beauty community when she famously (allegedly) got with humantoilet Jesse James while he was married to Sandra Bullock and then continued to date him despite knowing he was a humantoilet. A lot of people still remember that and have ill feelings towards her even if they had no idea she had a beauty line. idk. to me, in this situation, bringing gender into it is more inflammatory than thought provoking in any way, shape or form. just my unsolicited two cents

          • Dusty

            Fair enough, all I’m saying is that I thought it was an interesting point because it made me stop and wonder. For myself, that’s rarely a bad thing. I enjoy remaining curious about people and things like that keep me curious.

            I’m neither a woman, an anti-vaxxer, a parent OR a person who’s bought a product from KVD so… it’s not much of a bother to me LOL! I just thought it was an interesting viewpoint because it wasn’t one I’d heard over and over again.

          • Dusty

            Also I had no idea about Jim Carrey! Did he retract his statement like KVD did or is he still anti-vaccination? I know that’s not the only reason people aren’t fond of her though. It’s all interesting that’s for sure.

      • Cil

        Just saying I was comparing her situation with Jeffree Star. Her controversies have lead to this. His? To sold out everything (or so he says).

        Cancel away, but be consistent. You can’t cancel KVD for her controversies and then keep supporting people like J*.

        People canceled her over the vaccine thing, but J* has his drug business that is destroying the youth that was vaccinated. And all is pretty in this world.

        • McGuinea

          what do you mean by drug business??? the only thing I’ve ever read or seen is his openness about personal use of marijuana?

    • Jen

      Kat Von D married a literal neonazi. I don’t support her because she’s a disgusting antisemite, not because she’s a woman

  • Serah

    No I wouldn’t. They’re still using her name for the brand, and I want no part in supporting a brand that identifies with her at all.

  • Vikki

    I’ll consider it now that she’s no longer part of the brand…but it depends on the product.

  • Dusty

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot the past couple days: does boycotting work? Or I guess what I mean is, what is the hopeful outcome?

    Do you think boycotts work or do you know of examples where they have worked? OR do you think it’s just about making a personal decision for oneself to not support a brand that operates counter to ones own moral beliefs? In which case, who cares if the company still makes money because that’s not the point I suppose.

    I’m just confused. (Nothing new LOL!) I often find myself feeling JUST outside the beauty community enough to be confused most of the time. Kat Von D is a good example: People are mostly boycotting her because she’s an anti-vaxxer, right? That’s been my understanding. But didn’t she come forward and say that she wasn’t? So then why still boycott? Is it because we “feel” like she is an anti-vaxxer and that’s what matters?

    Not assuming you boycott or anyone here does – and if they do it’s for THAT reason.

    I have no answers. Only questions. LOL!

    • Isabella Muse

      my dear dear friend Imma hold off answering this for a brief moment because I have thee worst cold ever and I might insult the world by saying how I feel about boycotts ;-D

      • Dusty

        First: Feel better. Do that before anything else. LOL! Second: I can’t reply to your reply above For some reason so I’m replying here.

        What you said all makes sense and I think I agree with it all too. I’m not sure how to explain my “WTF?!” feelings with stuff like this!

        I see a lot of people who jump onto something and want everyone to boycott a brand for one reason or another. And I just wonder, “What’s your end game?” Then when someone apologies but people don’t accept it and continue to rant about the person I think, “See, now you’re the one sounding like a bully to me.” (“To ME” being the key part of that sentence. LOL!)

        Everyone has who they like and who they don’t like and that’s fine. Jay won’t watch anything with Helen Hunt in it. When he sees her his face turns red and he’s overcome with rage (I have a similar allergic reaction to Halle Barry). Is there a reason WHY he hates Helen Hunt so much? Nope. Not at all.

        Some people just don’t like people I guess. Sometimes there’s a reason (KVD and Jeffree Star being good examples). Sometimes not (See also: Halle Barry – am I even spelling her name right??).

        If I may, I just want to say this: I think I’m just tired of hearing people rag on each other. It seems to happen all the time and it’s draining. The interactions on here are great! People are talking and it’s nice, even if we don’t all agree, it’s still friendly! Maybe it’s a personal thing for me. Maybe my tolerance for boycotting, group hating and pointing fingers is just super low right now. Maybe that’s why boycotts confuse me. Maybe I’m just pooped! LOL!

        Get better soon. Call me if you need some soup or anything xo

        • Isabella Muse

          aw thanks! I’m getting there slowly! Ha if you could come over, make me soup, and watch Lace with me that would be fabs! ;-D I miss you!

          I agree with you. Some people don’t like other people. I wish I could say I’m this awesome person that loves everyone and gives everyone a chance but I’m actually someone that can meet you and within a minute I’ll know if I like you or I don’t. I need only a few moments to talk to a person to know if we’ll be besties forever or if I’ll just not want to hang with them. That’s probably really bad because I might be missing out on a friendship of a lifetime. It’s one of my flaws I guess.

          I think it happens more with celebs than anything else but in today’s society it seems like everyone hates a lot more. Everyone also happens to be very very very very sensitive and very very very easily offended. I’ve never seen people so defensive in my life. You have to be so careful with how you speak or say something less you offend someone. I’m a very easy going person and very little upsets or angers me. I also don’t take things literal nor do I overly analyze everything. But people do, so I find myself being very thoughtful how I say things. That sort of of does suck as you feel like you’re walking on eggshells a lot in today’s society.
          This is a problem for celebs though or gurus as many haven’t quite learned that they need to curb in what they say.

          I’m also really tired of everyone just going off on everyone else. It really is draining. Emotionally. If you disagree with someone just do it civilly don’t start a War World over it. That’s why it’s nice that we are all just talking here and no one is ripping each other up. We’re adults, we can still love each other if we don’t agree on every single thing.

          I’m right there with you. I’m just drained. I do wish we could all just get along and things would be beautiful. “Imagine all the people Living life in peace” It’s a really nice dream but we are just too different. Everyone us unique and special in some way and being different means fighting sometimes and arguing and disagreeing. I fear there won’t every be a world filled with complete peace because we’re just all so very different. And sometimes differences leads to arguments and even wars. What we really need to do is understand our differences and maybe that might eventually help us all get along 🙂

        • McGuinea

          I’m having the same issue with not being able to reply to your previous post also, dusty. I don’t think Carrey has redacted anything, but to be honest my blood pressure can’t take having a Twitter account so I don’t keep very up to date with him or his ex Jenny McCarthy (another antivaxx advocate). Maybe a braver soul than I could peer into that black hole of IQ points and tell us lol

    • Tracy

      There are so many choices out there in the cosmetics world and so many companies competing for our money that it’s easy to skip out on any single one for any reason – whether that’s the product quality or not liking the marketing. At the end of the day, if a company has a figurehead for their brand posting on social media, they have to take the good and the bad that comes with that because at the end of the day it’s all marketing. Regarding retractions, a problem is by the time the figurehead comes out with the retraction the market is so saturated with options that there will be invariably be people who already moved on and aren’t interested in giving the brand another chance. With the KVD rebrand time will tell if it matters or not. If that doesn’t help the profitability then Kendo may change the name to something else entirely or just scrap it altogether if they think there’s no market for another vegan brand.

    • Eraser

      In my experience, organized boycotts usually seem to backfire. In this country, we have such a large and diverse population that enough people will react to the boycott and basically negate it, for better or for worse. As a consumer, I can only make choices for myself (I think most people feel that way) and I have chosen to avoid purchasing from certain companies for personal reasons. I guess that’s technically a personal boycott as opposed to an organized one.

      In any event, I never liked her image or what little I knew about her, so I never bought her products anyway.

    • McGuinea

      She posted a pregnancy pic on instagram in 2018 that stated she wouldn’t be vaccinating her baby. Stupid move full of information literally no one asked for and ended up hurting her company. I’m confused as to why you’re confused about boycotting? I think it really comes down to your sentence “making a personal decision for oneself to not support a brand that operates counter to ones own moral beliefs”. At least 99% of the time. Look at all of the boycotting of brands that weren’t cruelty free actually causing changes of heart and practices for that reason alone (lets be honest with ourselves, its about money for those companies, not morals). I also think if anything it’s a great example of as being an individual and business owner, sure you have a right to sperg online about your personal political/moral choices, but you only risk dividing your audience, customers, and ultimately, paycheck. I think in this situation you have people who refuse to line Kat’s pockets and reward her with customer loyalty when she’s using her fame and audience on multiple platforms to promote something as utterly braindead as anti-vaxxing. Plenty of people boycott J-Star’s line because of a past racial slur he yelled at harassers on the street, Jaclyn Hill for her botched launches and formulas…Kat Von D isn’t unique in this situation.

      • Dusty

        Which brands have gone cruelty free as a response to customer boycotting? I haven’t been able to find many examples of boycotts being effective, that’s part of my confusion with them.

        I guess I think, “if you want a thing to change, and you’re going to put effort into changing your life anyway – by not buying something from a brand – is a boycott the most effective way to cause a change?” That’s what I’m curious about. Do boycotts work?

        I’m guessing the answer is “ish?” Haha! They can certainly tarnish a brands image. But I don’t know how often they lead to change and I am wondering if there is a more effective way.

      • Cil

        There are people boycotting J*/JH, but the plenty is not true really. They are still making money. So much so that JH released new products without a care in the world after her lipstick disaster. J* also is always sold out.

        KVD is unique as she is the only forced to leave her company behind because of controversies. Plenty of people singled her out to boycott.

  • Kel Berg

    soooo i don’t have an issue with her (but i know jeffrey starr does LOL). i don’t own any of her stuff but i’ve always thought it was cool. people have been hating on her. refinery 29 titled an article yesterday like “kat von d ousted” or something like that which isn’t true. i did love one comment from a poster who said kat doesn’t have time to run a company….being trash is a full time job for her. LOL

  • Margaret Jackson

    Nope, that ship sailed for me a loooong time ago. Won’t go back, zero regrets and don’t miss the products at all.

    I’d be super curious to see what total revenues were **before** her infamous anti-vax “I know science” debacle vs. current revenues. Colour me naive, but I suspect she was single-handedly responsible for destroying her own line. 1/2 of the stuff one sees permanently in the Sale section of the Sephora website is KvD — which at one point would have been unthinkable — nuff said…

  • StillPedaling

    Is this why Sephora sale section is and has been flooded with her stuff? I purchased a few palettes years ago and they didn’t work for me at all.

  • Randi Macdonald

    I purchased some of those eyebrow powders at TJ Maxx/Marshall’s for 5 bucks. They are great. I’ll purchase from those type of stores, but not Sephora. I do love the lipstick Lovecraft. I am not buying anything this year, so I won’t buy anything rebranded.

  • MDW

    Will KvD be the scapegoat division where the parent company will unload all their debt on it and next declare it bankrupt? Like what happened to Toys ‘r’ Us?

  • Saoirse

    Her name is still on it, so nope, I won’t be buying. Besides, there are plenty of other brands out there to choose from!

  • Isabella Muse

    I’m honestly a little too sick to get into a political discussion or debate at the moment but I’m reading all the comments and want to say I’m so happy we can all agree to disagree on certain points without ripping each apart! 🙂 All of you have very, very valid points!

  • kjh

    Fascinating run of comments. Kendo ought to have developed their own vegan line, without the aura of bad taste and seen-as-unacceptable behavior that always will be tied to KVD. But, remember that plenty of science-free people agree with her (presumably former) stance. Not to mention that the US harbors hordes of ultra right wingers and supremacists. As to personal boycotts, I have not bought/eaten grapes since 1965. Really, 55 years. That was the year of Cesar Chavez and the farm workers strike, an important milestone in labor relations. I certainly can continue to cancel KVD. But I do not deny her abilities, just her uninformed and bigoted behavior…that she was foolish enough to air on SM. If you are on the radar, you cannot escape scrutiny, and your feet will be held to the fire for any infractions. Ask J*, James C., Jackie Hill. Heck, ask Elizabeth Warren. IMO, KVD was probably given the opportunity to resign, though ‘ousted’ is probably technically correct. She certainly has enough experience putting a spin on things, to make them look more acceptable. Narcissism and self-importance do you in, in the long run. And you get ousted, just as the Impeachment hearings are trying to do. There are quite a few parallels between the two, at the intersection of self-importance, beliefs, and (?skewed?) cognition.

  • Anita

    I haven’t seen much I liked from the brand recently, but since she has stepped down I will be comfortable buying from them again if they release anything that really catches my eye.

  • Ana N.

    have long stopped buying or read anything about her products. decided to stop my interest totally since she decided to promote no-vaccine stuff & other not-so-great ideas re: life. though, it is great her products are all vegan.
    in this saturated market of beauty, i dont think hers will be missed much.
    * sorry for the harsh comment, esp to those who really support her & her products.

  • genevieve

    I think it would be a positive move to see how the new rebranding works and make your choices from there. Good quality products at a reasonable price that suit you never go out of fashion. It seems Kat Von D has matured a lot by realising her limitations and by acknowledging that her priorites have changed over the past few years.
    Her fondness for publicising her personal views on a variety of topics did her no favour, but again I think she has learnt a valuable lesson. Her brand now deserves a chance.

  • Moxie

    I’ll never purchase from someone whose morals and ethics are so fundamentally screwed that they make “mistakes” like dating a collector of Nazi memorabilia, make racist comments, etc.

    Her, Jeffree Star, etc have something basically wrong with them as people that those things would ever remotely be ok, and age or inexperience is no excuse.

    I’m very wary of anyone who would let their ethics lapse and then just say “oops my bad”.

  • Rachel Runyan

    This came as no surprise. If the new products are good, I would feel comfortable buying from the brand again now that Kat is out of the picture.

  • Bella

    I have never liked the brand . I have tried the eyeliner, but I prefer my Maybelline Master precise (which I think they are discontinuing!!!) and the Stilla, but Maybelline is still way better. I never liked Kat especially after that rugamorole with Sandra Bullock’s husband, which I will not going into detail. Seriously not my favorite and I never got excited by any of her launches.