February 17, 2020

Here’s Some New Stuff You Can Put In Your Hair for Spring 2020

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Short, long, curly, fine, what’s your hair type? My hair is long, all the way to my butt, wavy, a bit dry, unruly AF, it’s a entity all its own. My BF says, “Never cut it!” but I’m always every so close to shaving myself bald most days.

I’m always so jealous of woman that spend so much time and attention on their hair. Unless I’m going out I really don’t do a lot with my hair. But oddly enough, I sort of dig buying new potions, conditioners, and styling products for it. Is that terribly weird?

If you’re into hair care this post is for you because here’s some new stuff you can put in your hair this Spring.

OGX Kandee Pop Glam Mermaid Moisture Ultra-Hydrating Hair Mask $9.99
Kandee Johnson teams up with OGX again for a new collection of treatments, shampoos, and conditioners for the Spring 2020 season. I’ll just say that Tarte sort of killed mermaids for me. Sorry not sorry. They just went all in on the mermaid trend a year or so ago and it sort of irritated me to the point I mentally role my eyes whenever I see any sort of beauty brand trying to market me mermaids. But I MIGHT be just tempted by this sweet cotton candy hair mask. It was created for color-treated hair but hey, it hydrates that counts me in as a drier hair type right?

Pacifica Moon Cloud Overnight Repair Mask $14
Speaking of hair masks….! Use this overnight hair sleeping mask that’s infused with hemp to deeply conditioner hair overnight! Or put it on, leave it in for 20 minutes, and rinse out for beautiful, shiny, hydrated hair!

Pacifica Pineapple Curls Curl Defining Shampoo $10
Got curly hair? You’re going to want snag up Pacifica’s newest shampoo to help preserve your natural curl while defining and giving it bounce without weighting it down thanks to pineapple oils and hyaluronic acid!

Cake The Smooth Move Moisture Melt Hair Mask $2.99
Cake has a slew of new hair offerings this season and I’m all about trying them! My sister got me really into these single use hair masks lately which are a bit expensive (from $3 to $5 a pack) but they are such a great indulgence for a once a week treatment. I use one on my hair every Monday night just to get my hair in good shape for the week ahead! I’m curious about Cake’s new moisture melt hair mask! This one restores moisture with butters and oils while de-tangling and smoothing so hair looks healthy, soft, and shiny after a single use!

Cake The Mane Manage’r 3-In-1 Leave-In Conditioner $8.99
I’m all about leave in conditioners especially those that I can easily mist in. This new leave in spray conditioner helps to de-tangle and smooth hair while driving away frizz with a few spritzes!

Cake The Soft Serve Cream Rinse Conditioner $8.99
It smells like lemon meringue pie so that might be one reason to buy it but but this cream rinse also, gives your hair a freshly cleansed clean without needing to wash your hair! Massage some in your wet hair but don’t over rinse this baby as you want to keep some of that light conditioner in to give your hair a soft, smooth feel while the formula fends off dirt and pollutants so it looks like your washed your hair when you really didn’t.

Sephora Smoothing Cream $14
Need to tame that wild mane? Do it with this coconut oil infused smoothing cream that melts on contact with hair and tames frizz and flyaways without build up!

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Joia Strengthening + Smoothing Shampoo + Conditioner Set $45
The best thing to ever happy to my hair was getting shampoo and conditioner that was scented like Sol de Janeiro’s legendary Bum Bum Cream! Enough said.