April 20, 2020

When Is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020? Not In July! It’s Been Postponed!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 has been postponed. Yup, it’s not happening in July this year (P.S. Comic Con is canceled too but that’s a sob story for another day). It worries me that some events like the sale and even Comic Con are thinking so far in advance. I think we, at least I, wake up daily trying to remain positive and keep thinking to myself, “Ok, by Summer things are going to get better!” but in reality, a reality no one wants to face, things might be slightly better but not really back to normal at all. That’s a scary thing to come to terms with.

Nordstrom said: “We are reevaluating our needs for the event. Given the high promotional event during June and July, we know there will be less pent-up customer demand for Anniversary Sale and have planned that event down by roughly 50 percent. Only our absolutely best items at compelling prices will be part of the offer and a disproportionate amount of the funding will go to categories that have outperformed the average during COVID … home, cozy, beauty/self care, etc. This will certainly impact our original offer so we will discuss our proposed ideas on call.”

No specific date in August has been set for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but I’ll keep you in formed when they do announce it.

I always look forward to the sale because it reminds me that Fall is on the way. I can’t say I mind the fact it’ll be in August instead this year. Why? Because I think it rushes Summer away rather quickly. August is plenty of time to worry about the coming Fall season. And at that point I sure hope we are back to some normalcy.

Don’t worry I’m not holding my breath on that one.


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  • Mary Brenner

    Nordstrom is in BIG trouble financially and has been for a long time, they rebranded themselves to a very young demographic due the the tech $$$$ here in Seattle and it has been a HUGE mistake. Offerings here in Seattle are atrocious and this is their “flagship ” store I’m talking about. IMO the anniversary sale has been pathetic the last several years and frankly I could care less about it anymore. Nordstrom may very well be on the same path as Neiman Marcus if they don’t watch it

    • Nina R.

      Very interesting to hear. I noticed a similar change in my local Nordstrom (East Coast) several years ago. Older SAs, (especially in Beauty!) were basically forced out or fired and the clothing merchandise seems to skew to an ever-younger demographic. I do love the Anniversary Sale for the beauty deals though…

  • Ava

    I’ve been looking at their Anniversary Sale closely since 2017, and they seemed to be a disappointment – poor quality, boring stuff at high prices, whether you shop in store or online. They can have a poorly-fitting popover shirt on sale for $45, while you can find a better one for $15 elsewhere. Or bad-quality $70 velvet jeans that can be found for $20 elsewhere.

    And the employees at my local stores in San Francisco have been increasingly rude, condescending, and pretentious, though they’re lowbrow young service workers, and the customers are usually affluent professionals. I’ve been treated extremely rudely at Nordstrom, so I’ve been boycotting their stores for awhile.

    • Isabella Muse

      I think it goes back further than ’17. The sale has sucked for at least five years now. It’s just a really bad selection of products ๐Ÿ™ I’m shocked to hear about the bad experience you had. Nordstrom typically goes above and beyond when it comes to good CS. I’m so sorry to hear it. You should email them and tell them about your experience. I’m sure they’d like to know!

      • Ava

        I’ve had repeated rude and condescending treatment at Nordstrom stores, though I know much more about fashion and beauty products than the employees do. I’ve notified the store managers, but they didn’t take it seriously and didn’t care, and I continued to get rude service when I went back. Employees and others are extremely judgmental and stereotyping towards certain customers, especially in SF, where it’s gotten increasingly elitist over the years. Just boycott Nordstrom stores and their site.

        • Isabella Muse

          that’s awful sorry to hear it. ๐Ÿ™ I’d contact corporate!

          • Ava

            I did that as well, and they didn’t take it seriously, and I continued to get the rudest treatment when I go back. I also contacted a nonprofit, and the employee there was rude and didn’t care, either. I tend to be very easy on businesses and companies, but Nordstrom was just repeatedly and shockingly rude and unjust towards me. So people need to take a stand against their cruel, discriminatory treatment and stop buying from there.

          • Isabella Muse

            I’m so sorry you were treated that way! It sounds horrid. My nordstrom has always been excellent. The CS is very good at the store I go to.