May 27, 2020

10 New Beauty Picks Available Now at Ulta

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When is that 20% Off from Ulta gonna hit my inbox? Ulta made an announcement a few weeks ago they were delaying the 20% off they typically send out for Spring which makes sense as many people aren’t really concentrating on adding new beauty or makeup to their arsenal at the moment. But I still get questions daily about when it might pop and I honestly haven’t a clue.

But hey, while we wait we can explore some new beauty picks from Ulta and pop them into our cart for when that 20% off does hit right?

Here’s some new beauty picks available now at Ulta.

Peter Thomas Roth Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Antiseptic 80% Topical Solution $16
What the world needs now isn’t more makeup but a little more hand sanitizer in our lives! An 80% antiseptic alcohol formula comes in handy when fighting off germs!

Kiko Tuscan Sunshine Eyeshadow Palette $18
Kiko who? Feels like Kiko hasn’t been on our beauty radar lately right? But they are still releasing new makeup on the daily! This new palette just launched and features selection of dusky roses, golds, and taupes inspired by the sunrise in Tuscany.

Alterna My Hair My Canvas New Beginnings Exfoliating Cleanser $30
I’m really into all these exfoliating shampoos popping up lately but they really aren’t ideal for my hair type. Doesn’t stop me though from wanting them try them all. Alterna’s new formula clarfies and exfoliates your scalp and hair while absorbing excess oil.

Honest Eyeshadow Palette $20
Honest Beauty was so active during isolation on social platforms! I swear I saw it everywhere! They were really getting themselves out there these last three months. And here they are hooking us up with a new natural eyeshadow palette!

Tarte Shape Tape Shaping Eyeshadow Palette $22
Tarte is all about purples lately! This dusky mauve and pink palette really feels old school Tarte but should fit the bill if you love shades like this!

Pacifica High Vibration Natural Perfume
Pacifica has several new fragrances popping up and one that caught my eye is High Vibration! Stinky hippie or sweet AF? I’m intrigued as the notes of syrupy, sweet sandalwood, vetiver, and jasmine have me intrigued.

I Heart Revolution Pineapple Brightening Fixing Spray $8
I’m not a huge fan of setting sprays but I can be convinced to use one that smells like pineapple!

Tarte Sugar Rush Summer Playlist Eye & Cheek Palette $17
Tarte’s over here all wild and crazy with their palette releases! The Sugar Rush Collection gets a new Summer palette that contains a quad of shadows and a pretty blush!

Benefit Superstar Wardrobe Minis Makeup Value Set $90
By now the world has tried all of Benefit’s offerings but if you haven’t this mini set includes 14 deluxe size’s of Benefit’s bestselling favs like Galifornia Blush and Dandelion Highlighter.

Ulta Too Cheeky Lip & Cheek Color Stick $10
Slip on this creamy color for a natural flush on cheeks or lips! Perfect for Summer looks!

All these new goodies are available now at Ulta.

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • kimkats

    I need another neutral brown shadow set like I need a hold in the head, but that Honest one is really kinda pretty! I’m likin’ that!! so – gonna add it to my list for when Ulta finally does have the 20% off sale. I hope it’s not too long from now! 🙂 Thanks for the heads up MissMuse!

  • C. Gray

    I have Pacifica’s Cosmosis perfume, described as vanilla stardust. It’s going to be perfect for this fall because it has a wonderful sweet tobacco dry down. But I’m intrigued to try the sandalwood and jasmine one.

      • C. Gray

        I have no idea, but when I was getting out of my car, my dad said “Why do you smell like really expensive pipe tobacco?”. I love the smell of pipe tobacco, so I took it as a compliment, lol. I will say that sometimes Tom Ford’s fragrances are over priced for what you get, but the Pacifica fragrances are only, like, 22 bucks or so. That’s a lot less than $245!

      • C. Gray

        I just remembered another amazing vanilla tobacco perfume for less than Tom Ford. It’s Vanilla Woods by The 7 Virtues. I literally stopped writing this just to go put some on, lol. I think you would really like it.

  • Lea

    The Nabla Dreamy 1 palette finally landed at Ulta! As soon as there is some incentive I will scoop it up. It’s not only the lack of 20% off prestige, there also haven’t been any point multipliers in months. I usually only purchase when there is something “extra”. Even Sephora has GWP options. Hopefully Ulta has done this to protect their employees in the warehouses with fewer orders, but the cynical side of me says its because a lot of people at home have been online shopping like crazy and will continue without any promotional incentive anyways.

  • Carol

    I just made the comment about the 20% Ulta coupon in your BBW post. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for that damn Ulta coupon but I finally caved because I figured at this point they aren’t going to send it. I wanted 3 bottles of perfume which would have been about $300 and I had $225 in points so I was giddy about that 20% coupon coming. Then the shit hit the fan and now we have nothing. So I decided to go ahead and order the perfume because who knows what’s going to happen? I actually think they should release the coupon and make it last longer…it would help with their business as I’m sure they have lost money not having their stores open for these past few months. Sure, people order online, but sometimes you can’t order stuff online – you want to see the shades in person, smell the perfume in person, etc… In fact, all 3 perfumes I bought were blind buys – which I hate doing – but I had no choice because I wanted them for spring/summer. Regardless, businesses need to start giving us consumers a reason to shop if they want to start to recover from this…

    • Isabella Muse

      which fragrances!?!? tell me tell me! 🙂 Hey, treat yo’ self right? That’s my theme of the day! ;D I think they decided to not do 20% off at this time as they didn’t want to overwhelm their factory workers. At least I assume that’s why. You’re right. We def need to start recovering from them but we def have to be safe too.

      • Carol

        Yes that makes sense too. I guess I didn’t think about that…
        The perfumes were the new CK Euphoria Blush; Christian Dior Blooming Bouquet; D&G Dolce Shine. All flowery ones for Spring/ Summer. Now I want the new Dior Roses n Roses too. I will wait for the coupon for sure as I’m out of points from the 3 I bought.

  • kjh

    Tarte does a really good job with their ‘youthier’ line. The kid i give it to loves it. Subtle and neutral, wearable, with a few nods to color, but no Norvina aspirations. Nothing like a 10 y.o. in Norvina. Get her the dress from the first eponymous palette as well. Silver and max cleavage. When you think about it, there really IS a need for more innocent, less overtly sexy m/u items for the young’uns. I used to think that the cutesy TF was not Kawai’i, but puerile, and they’d left their fanbase in the rear view mirror. But it’s really true that the industry needs products with a totally different mindset and design for the younger set. And the Benefit is drop dead adorable.

  • Eileen

    The PTR hand sanitizer – DON’T BUY IT. He was previously selling it on his website for $10 for 2 oz. In a luxury bottle he claimed was approved by the FDA. Customers were complaining about price and what percentage he was donating to a hospital he was working with. Very unhappy customers. Lots of questions removed. Now he is selling a 6 oz. bottle at Ulta and it is still getting awful reviews on his site. I will not be purchasing ANY of his products again. I thought this was a great guy. Now I think he’s just a greedy guy out for himself. Check it out on his website for yourself. He took advantage of people during a pandemic when they couldn’t find anything else.

    • Isabella Muse

      oh no! that’s awful! thanks for warning me Eileen! Capitalizing on the pandemic is not cool!

      • Eileen

        So many companies have made masks and sold them them for almost nothing just to help. Companies have made and donated N95 and other masks, gowns, food, food to the food banks, delivered other food and pizzas to doctors, nurses, first responders, custodians, cafeteria workers, respiratory therapists and so many others I can’t name them them all. Every one of them putting their lives on the line to take care and save us day after day. I have spent more money on PTR products than I care to mention but this just put me over the top. I will never trust him again, or believe anything that comes out of his mouth. He at least owed his customers a response to their answers. We got nothing. I have nothing but contemporary for him. I know people can spend their money where they please and some will be loyal, but he just carried it too far this time. Buyer beware! I don’t usually rant but when I saw this today and now he is no longer making the claims about FDA approval tells me he is also a liar. Either was or wasn’t. Why didn’t he answer the questions when asked the first time. Now he has retracted that. I think I’m done now. Maybe.

        • Isabella Muse

          Sorry I didn’t know about all this drama when I posted about this 🙁

          • Eileen

            Well, you wouldn’t have known. I’m not blaming you. You were just doing your job. I just hate to see people being taken advantage of. I have no problem with you taking my rant down. You just make available to us what you see so I’m in no way trying to blame you. Please remove if you want.

          • Isabella Muse

            are you kidding? I wouldn’t take your rant down. Rant away! I rant about everything! I don’t like seeing anyone being taken advantage of either. It sounds like a crummy situation! I honestly didn’t know about it until just now so you’re educating me! 🙂

  • CR

    I’m sorry but a $16 hand sanitizer is ridiculous. The companyies profiting off of this tragic pandemic will not be getting any of my money.