May 14, 2020

Haus Labs Is Releasing An Eyeshadow Palette and I’m All It’s About Damn Time (Oh Wait They Already Have One!)

Haus Laboratories, Lady Gag’s makeup line, is releasing a new Stupid Love Eyeshadow Palette and I admit that I tilted my head, looked at the photo posted on Instagram, and muttered out loud, “It’s about bloody time!” But wait, they already have one right!?

I swear, Haus Laboratories was one of the weirdest makeup collection launches ever. When you have Lady Gaga behind a brand you expect really big things but instead of launching with a big bang, Haus Labs really tiptoed softly into our beauty world with a really small launch of product. Unlike Riri’s Fenty Beauty launch, Haus Labs was like a two product launch and there was a lot of fanfare that went into the launch as you had to pre-book it eighteen years in advance. Ok, it wasn’t eighteen years but it was a few months and it was like only on Amazon and it felt like a really big pain in the a$$ to get some Haus Labs makeup.

I mean, are you picturing Lady Gaga sitting at a meeting with a creative team and saying, “Ok, we’re doing this people! We’re launching this line and it’s going to include two products and were bringing it exclusively to Amazon!”



Hi, how ya doing there, I don’t shop makeup all that much on Amazon. Insert shifty eyes here. I really don’t….

Am I alone!?

Ok, you can get it on the Haus Labs website as well but you would think something as huge as a brand created by Lady Gaga would make its way to Sephora or even to a higher-end department store. To date, Haus Labs has 709,000 followers on Instagram. That number should be way bigger. In the brand’s defense, they are very much in their infancy. Stepping into Sephora can be risky business as we know from brands like Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Sephora is great exposure but it also comes at a higher risk for newly launched or indie brands.

On some levels I respect Haus Labs’ roll. They didn’t overwhelm us, they didn’t start producing flashy products right off the bat, they also didn’t slam us with release after release. All this is respectable. However, all this also means our attention wandered quickly. Case in point, I thought the Stupid Love Eyeshadow Palette was the first palette the brand produced when in reality they have another. See? My attention wandered away there for a second. It’s just a very uneventful brand that feels like it should have more followers than it currently does. Will it have any sustainability? Time will tell if we’ll see Haus on the clearance brand at some point.

For those interested, the Stupid Love Eyeshadow Palette launches at Amazon and on on the brand’s website May 19th. It includes 18 shades and will be $48.

Does the launch excite you?


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  • Colleen

    That color story is so unappealing. I would expect pure fabulousness from Gaga but she has not delivered. I don’t understand her line.

    Muse did you take down your post about using oil over moisturizer? I don’t see it and I found it so informative.

  • Eraser

    Not a fan but I’m loving the 80s vibe. Ah, the days of wearing those crazy Dior palettes, every shade all at once! I found a genuine 80s obe on Ebay and I’m very tempted to buy it and send it to 3 Custom Color to reproduce it.

  • Benni

    Well, I didn’t even know this brand existed. I do shop a lot at Amazon, but absolutely no makeup there because of all the knockoffs.

    Usually I only buy if I already trust the brand or otherwise have read good reviews, so I’ll wait on this. Probably won’t get it at this price either, but nice to see so many blues!

  • Dot

    I’ve found their releases so weird and not on brand for her; the colors are so boring or just not really right/trendy, and with something attached to Lady Gaga, you’d expect something incredibly bold and edgy. Their products have all been a pass for me.

    • Isabella Muse

      absolutely agreed. Not to mention it feels like she isn’t even involved in any of it!? It’s just like hey we threw this together wanna buy it!? It’s weird.

  • April

    I feel the same way! Amazon…why?? It cheapens the brand image IMO. Had it came to sephora or Ulta I might be more interested, but not even sure then. I haven’t seen a single product from her line that grabs my interest at all, including this.

    • Isabella Muse

      I feel like I buy everything on Amazon but makeup isn’t something I purchase there all that much and yes, it does feel like it cheapens the image of the brand! They actually did a prebook on amazon about three or four months before they even launch items on their website. It was just an odd way to introduce a brand imho! You’re not missing much! The glosses are nice enough but not something you have to run out and get!

  • Rachel Runyan

    This is much more of what I’d expect from Gaga than the rest of the line has been. I have no idea yet whether or not I’ll get it, but I’m kind of interested. This is named after her new single, so now the color is on, I suppose. As for the rest of the collection…IDK. It didn’t feel very Gaga. Maybe she was trying to go more subdued and glam because of her Oscar nom?

  • OliveUnicorn

    I liked the promo pictures of the model wearing the colors, very 80’s ish which I love ! But the actual palette kind of bores me . I feel like I could recreate the look in the promo pictures with the Juvia’s and Sugarpill shadows I already own . I would have to see some swatches and see how the formula looks on more people before I would order.