July 14, 2020

Bath & Body Works, Let’s Stop With the Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Birthday, Etc Labels

Who gets terribly annoyed with Bath & Body Works Candles that come out with those dumb “Happy” labels? Happy Birthday, Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Valentine’s Day, these labels are my biggest pet peeve and send me into a rage.

You might be wonder but why?

Ok, so on some level Bath and Body Works probably thinks this is a cute gift idea. Get a candle for your best mate’s birthday, gift one to your dear old mum at Mother’s Day, they may feel these labels are really adorable and gift worthy.


I think this is a an evil marketing scheme!

You know how Bath and Body Works is notoriously awful about releasing candles that are renamed but smell like something they already launched and you probably already own. It drives me bats that’s for sure.

We all know Bath & Body Works is big on repetitive fragrances so I have to admit when lifeinsidethepagedailyfinds on Instagram posted new body care with these dumb gift labels on them I did a mental eye roll. They now have Happy Birthday labels slapped on Champagne Toast. I’m sure they’ll do more of these. I personally hate them. They are confusing as sometimes you’re thinking it’s some new scent but in reality it’s a Signature Fragrance but a new label! I guess it’s cute for gifting but some part of me is like, “Yeah sure! You’re trying to get me to buy this without checking that small print which says “Champagne Toast” under the bigger Happy Birthday label!”

What do you think of these celebration labels?

Are they cute for gifts?

Or do you find them annoying thinking they are new fragrances being released?

I have to admit when I saw the Happy Birthday label I got excited thinking they were releasing a birthday cake scent and later being disappointed after reading the smaller print that said it was Champagne Toast.


My feelings are hurt!

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  • Daphne B

    I agree. This is a rather cheesy ( and sneaky) marketing ploy. Like you said, they are already so bad about relaunching the same scents over and over, and I think this is really unnecessary on their part.

  • KimMWC03

    I agree and I never give B&BW as a gift anymore so it’s lost on me.

      • Jess

        It doesn’t bother me. I put all my candles in holders because I just don’t like labels on candles in general. I try to hide the labels no matter what they are. As far as lotions, well I don’t like their body care so I rarely use the ones I have and won’t be buying more so I don’t care at all what those labels look like. With scents, I always smell before I buy and I don’t order BBW online because they usually don’t have free shipping. If anything the shipping charges bother me more then anything else with the company. When are they going to start offering free shipping as standard instead of once every few months as a promotion?? That’s my big pet peeve

        • Isabella Muse

          It’s soooo rare they do free shipping! I wish they would at a minimum because I def find it annoying they rarely offer it! Plus when they do you can’t use any other coupons because you need to use a coupon for free shipping! ANNOYING!

  • kimkats

    I also hate them. What if I want to give it as a gift other than what they’re marketing it for? That’s really dumb, and limiting on BBW’s part I think. You’d think they’d have thought of that before they started slapping labels on things – I can give them a card or *say* Happy birthday, or Happy whateverday when I give them the gift – I don’t need a dam label that says it!!

  • Frozendiva

    It is annoying and a waste. I am stuck with the candle for weeks or more with it saying Happy Birthday. Well past its shelf life unless I can put it away for Happy Half Birthday month. Bring out a new fragrance or have it include a general label.

    Nothing wrong with winter themed candles and soaps, or fall pumpkin types. Those last a season. Halloween, Happy Mother’s Day is one day. I am not a family of four and it gets tiring to have a Halloween soap around for 2 or 3 months. Not all people celebrate Halloween for a month or two. Too bad the store doesn’t sell plain soap bottles so you can use them for expired seasonal items.

  • N

    I’m not a fan of repackaging scents especially under those birthday or holiday labels. I suppose if you were buying a gift and it happens to be a favorIt’s scent of the recipient anyway it could work though. I’ve been reading the life inside the page blog for a while. I want to give a shout out to @_scentsgalore Instagram page if you aren’t familiar. She posts a lot of info about upcoming and new products too.

  • kjh

    Agree. Totally deceptive and totally expected. OTQ: Do you use reed diffusers, and if so, which brands, scents, and refills do you enjoy? Feel free to make this a post later in the month.

    • Isabella Muse

      I don’t really! I’m more a plugin girl and also candles and wax melts but don’ really do reeds!

  • Samantha

    I agree! I also hesitate to buy gifts like that because what if my friend is a mom, but is having issues with her adult kids and it isn’t always rainbows and butterflies and my MOM candle just hurt her in some way? I know for myself, my birthday is often very emotional. The biggest annoying thing is that I can never tell what is a new product or just a redesign of a fragrance that has been there before.

  • kellly

    Bath and Body Works drives me nuts sometimes, but it has to do with fragrances rather than labels. They focus on food smells, which are something I’m not interested in. Occasionally they come out with something I totally love and they only have it for one season (and sometimes not even that long) and then it vanishes, never to be returned again. I wish they wouldn’t do that, particularly with the non-food scents, since there are so few of them anyway. I guess they’re just like any business, tho – whatever they can get the most profit from and eliminate anything that’s not mainstream and most profitable.
    I still wish they’d keep Snowy Morning on regular holiday rotation and make On the Waves a permanent offering!!!

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m the exact opposite lol! I wish they did more foodie scents!