July 31, 2020

There’s Some Normalcy in New York But For Black Lives There Is Still More We Can Do

As you know from my post yesterday life in New York is slowly returning to normal. Yesterday, we reported some of lowest COVID numbers yet. Hopefully this will continue as we move into the Fall and Winter. We all have to stay positive and have hope that we’ll continue to all be ok.

For those still going through this horrible situation please know I’m thinking of you.

Sadly, things are normal in the black lives world as of yet. There is still much unrest and many injustices and wrongs that have not been righted.

When the Black Lives Matter Movement raged on full force several weeks ago I took part in a march and made some personal donations to charities I felt were good fits for my beliefs. At the time I also made a promise I’d be featuring more black owned beauty brand and that has come really full force with me during the pandemic as I was testing a variety of new and different hair care products from many different black owned businesses (don’t worry! They’ll be makeup too!). As per my promise in the next several weeks and months ahead I’ll be featuring a variety of different products I tried out and loved in the hopes that this shows my alignment with the movement and also, to bring positive attention to these brands.

I’ll also be monitoring the reviews and products I feature and the ad revenue that they generate. That ad revenue will doubled be by my own personal funds and it will be donated to a New York organization called Life Camp Inc. I don’t normally speak about charities, donations, and organization that I support because I believe that is a personal issue and not one to be flaunted around on a blog post or across social media. But I do think that in this case I wanted to share what I was doing behind the scenes regarding these issues!

There’s still much to do in the Black Lives Matter Movement and this is a very small way I can help. Donations are not something that will change the way people think, see, or understand this movement but I have hopes it will help in some very small way.

We still have much work to do. You can help by signing petitions, supporting brands that are black owned, listening, learning, and educating yourself on the topic.

We’re all in this together.

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