August 11, 2020

Olay Exfoliating Face & Body Powder Pitaya & Cranberry Seed Is the Weirdest Beauty Thing To Come Out of the Pandemic

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
4 stars out of 5

I purchased a lot of things during the pandemic but one of the weirdest one was Olay Exfoliating Face & Body Powder Pitaya & Cranberry Seed. Correction, I didn’t actually purchase this my sister did! My sister and I were doing these care packaged during COVID and each week we’d take a turn where we dropped off stuff to each other and left it on the porch. I’d make cupcakes and pack it with antibac and drop it on her front porch. She’d make her incredible charcuterie board and pack it up with my favorite deodorant! True story 🙂 It was just the little things that made us happy during that stressful time. We’d just treat each other to a little beauty item and some snacks or food that comforted us and kept us sane.

During this time she somehow, someway came across Olay Exfoliating Face & Body Powder Pitaya & Cranberry Seed during a Target essentials run. Now, my sister is not a huge skincare person but she knows I LOVE it not to mention she also knows that I like trying new stuff. So, along with homemade garlic hummus and pita bread she tucked some Olay Exfoliating Face & Body Powder Pitaya & Cranberry Seed into the little box she left for me.

It was sort of weird when I pulled it out of the box because it gave me Tatcha The Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder but it was for my face AND MY BODY. Interesting and slightly weird as I’ve never seen a exfoliating powder you can use on your face as well as your body!

This comes in a 4.32 oz bottle and it’ll set you back about $8 to $10. To my knowledge powder cleansers and and exfoliators aren’t really a thing at the drugstore here in the US. They are very common in Japan but they haven’t really been something that popped up in drugstores here in the US. We do have a lot of higher-end and mid-range brands that do them! Tatcha of course, comes to mind as a brand that has exfoliating powder and of course, Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains is another!

This is actually nothing like those products. It performs a bit differently. For one thing Tatcha’s Rice Polish isn’t terribly grainy and doesn’t really feel like it does much in the way of exfoliating your face. It also doesn’t produce a heavier foam. This does both of those things.

As with any powder exfoliating you need water but unlike most powders you don’t have to add water and work this into a paste. All you need to do is wet your hands, tap some of the powder into your wet hands, rub your hands together, and presto you’ll have a really thick, creamy paste instantly. As soon as you apply it on your skin you’ll feel the tiny cranberry seeds and you’ll also see it lathers up quickly and creates a very rich later.

One thing I highly encourage you not to do is using a Clarisonic and follow up with this. I made that mistake. What happened was I removed my makeup one day with my cleansing oil and I followed up by using my milky cleanser with my Clarisonic. After that, I decided I’d exfoliate using this. Bad idea. It sort of stung and burned my face a little bit. I guess my face wasn’t prepared for that jolt of citric acid so soon after cleaning with my Clarisonic. This does urge me to tell sensitive users to proceed with caution as this may be a bit intense for you especially if you suffer from redness or Rosacea. Another tip, don’t get it near your eyes or in your eyes because again, citrus acid. Also, don’t forget your sunscreen when using products that contain citrus acid.

Now, it does lather up well and the seeds seem to do a basic but effective job exfoliating my skin gently without feeling too harsh or grainy. I tried it on my body as well because hey, curious minds but I wouldn’t say this works great exfoliating my drier knees and elbows! For those areas I need a sugar or salt scrub that has a bit more punch!

I was pretty impressed with the ingredients as I felt positive this would be filled with really bad stuff. But it actually isn’t terrible aside from the addition of baking soda.

Sodium bicarbonate which acts to keep the pH level adjusted but is essentially baking soda and can be bad for your skin, maltodextrin that may add a softening effect to the formula, Citric Acid that acts as an AHA for exfoliating (although I don’t always understanding how an AHA can benefit you if you’re washing it away), and sodium cocoyl isethionate which is a gentle cleansing agent. I think one of the worst things here, as there isn’t a lot of bad would be the fragrance. It does have a very strong apple scent that’s pleasant but a bit too strong for sensitive users.

A few things I liked about this powder….

My face felt smoother, my skin felt cleaner, and I had a certain glow after using it.

Things I didn’t like about this powder…..

I do have to switch up my skincare routine when using it! No Clarisonic the nights I do! Also, I didn’t like the way it rinsed off. It felt like I kept rinsing and rinsing but I wasn’t removing anything. Anyone have soft water? It’s like that. I have soft water in my upstate home and it feels like I’m rinsing soap off my hands but it isn’t coming off! Same with this. It’s a weird feeling. Good news? Once I rinse and dry it didn’t leave a weird film behind.

Bad news about this powder…..

I probably can’t use this in the Winter. I’m pretty oily at the moment. New York humidity, baby! But in the Winter when I’m drier I can see this making my skin tight or even dry! So, I best enjoy it now! I’ll test it in the Winter though just to be sure as I may be wrong.

Olay Exfoliating Face & Body Powder Pitaya & Cranberry Seed is getting a yay from and a go and buy this for yourself and try it out! I like it. It’s a very interesting product.

Olay Exfoliating Face & Body Powder Pitaya & Cranberry Seed is a new exfoliating powder that contains citrus acid to smooth and exfoliating your face and your body. This is a 4.23 oz bottle that is priced at $8 to $10. To use you’ll start with wet hands and shake some of the powder into your hands and proceed to rub them together. Within seconds the powder turns into a creamy paste which will turn into a lather once applied to your wet face. These has very tiny cranberry seeds that do quite well to gently exfoliate skin. I was pretty impressed with the amount of lather this created however, it felt weird to wash it off as it felt like a weird film was still on my face as rinsed! However, that feeling didn’t last once I dried my face. Coming out of the cleanse/exfoliation my face felt smoother, had a nice glow, and didn’t feel tight nor dry!



  • Affordable.
  • Exfoliates quite nicely and gently.
  • Left my face with a nice glow and my skin felt squeaky clean.
  • Creates a nice lather.


  • A little odd during the rinsing process as it felt like it wasn’t coming off my skin.
  • Strong apple fragrance may be a put off for sensitive users.
  • Formula may be too strong for sensitive skin users or those prone to redness.


If you’re skin is resilient and you want something that gently exfoliates and smooths you might get on well with Olay Exfoliating Face & Body Powder Pitaya & Cranberry Seed!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Jane

    I’m not so self-involved to think you’re talking to me when you mention “sensitive users” but I always feel seen when you say it.

  • Kitten

    I love exfoliating powder cleansers! I find that I can use most of them by just getting my hands wet, pouring some powder into my palm, and rubbing together to make a lather. I’m curious to try this one once my Tatcha runs out!

  • Shelly

    This stuff is weird. I wouldn’t use it anywhere near my face!!! I’m going to have to force myself to finish the bottle up

  • Jennifer

    This sounds similar to the Japanese brand, Country and Stream’s, Apple Powder Wash which has the same texture, consistency and action. C & S’s contains Apple stem cells, papaya enzymes and adzuki powder. It’s for normal to oily skin and definitely more base than acid (which is not great for your skin I believe, I’ll double check with with skincare chemist friends) so it gives you that “can’t rinse it all off, still soapy feel“. I’ll use it once in a while just for that ultimate smooth clean. Btw, this one is not grainy so it’s different there and also no scent.

    • Isabella Muse

      Never tried that! I used to love Syu Wa Wa Powder but I haven’t used it ages, also Japanese. Do update me what they say! Always curious if I am doing my skin more harm than good ;-D

      • Jennifer

        A pH of 4.5 -7 is optimal. Most bar soaps are more alkaline. That’s what gives some people that overly tight feeling (because the skin’s acid mantle is thrown off balance…it’s normally slightly on the acidic side) and could cause more oil production from your skin.
        So I guess if it feels soapy, it may actually effect your skin like soap…which is not very good for most people.

        • Isabella Muse

          It’s always a difficult task picking products with the right pH it would be nice if they were all disclosed on the label or on the website like CosRX does!

          • Jennifer F

            That is such a brilliant idea!
            CosRx…I love them!
            There’s a new brand that just came out (or is launching soon) that even lists the percentage of each ingredient!

          • Isabella Muse

            oh my god sign me up what is this brand!??!

  • Miska

    This stuff scares me. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is the first ingredient. I’ve had many bad reactions with deodorants that contain baking soda aka red raw pits on fire. I’m afraid this would ruin my skin barrier. Maybe the other ingredients would cancel it out but I’m afraid to chance it. I used something years back from Boscia (in a hot pink container) that reminds me of this. It was too much for my sensitive soul. More power to you if this works for you though. I’d be leery of using any acids (AHA, PHA, BHA), vitamin C or retinols on the days that this is utilized. I cringed when I read about your Clarisonic experience, I’ve been there! Again, everybody’s skin is different as is the way we tolerate ingredients. Ahh to have soft water! I live in southwestern PA and we have some of the hardest water in the US. Rough on everything from hair to skin to washing clothes. I stayed somewhere where they had soft water and I felt like I couldn’t get anything to rinse off (shampoo, conditioner, soap) in the shower and had no idea why! You can definitely get away with using way less amounts of product in the shower with soft water.

    • Isabella Muse

      I have to admit I don’t mind hard water at all! My Summer home has soft water and I absolutely hate it! I’ll take hard water any day of the week 😀