September 3, 2020

Bath and Body Works Fall 2020 Lipglosses are Bringing Back Feel Good Liplicious Days

Heads up Pumpkin Cupcake and Vanilla Caramel Latte Shimmer Lipgloss for Fall 2020 are now available on the Bath and Body Works website (and apparently in stores soon too!). There’s actually third gloss in the flavor Candied Apple as well available but it hasn’t yet popped up online. Oh my god! These are giving me such feel good vibes from days of old when I had a hardcore Liplicious addiction. Remember the year when they launched like 200 hundred different Halloween Liplicious Flavors? Ok, ok it wasn’t two hundred but it was like ten of ’em! I still HAVE THEM! I don’t use them but I kept them because I needed to have them for my beauty archives! Does this make me a hoarder? I’m not right?

Anyway, Liplicious used to be a really popular thing for Bath and Body Works. They used to have all sorts of flavors and a special area in stores with little bins featuring all the different shades and colors. Every season there would be a new round up of delicious shades and flavors! C.O. Bigelow played an important role in these launches as well as there use to be a slew of different C.O. Bigelow Lipglosses launches from Hot Cocoa to Mulled Cider. Bath and Body Works has every so slowly started bringing lipglosses back but until now no Fall ones!

I’m happy to see they are doing these again and I hope Holiday 2020 will feature some yummy glosses too! These are $8.50 each or Buy 2, Get 1 Free.

There’s also a Honey Lipgloss line available with is a clear gloss available in Honey, Orange Blossom, and Wild Berry flavors. Same price and deal as the Fall Lipglosses!

I dunno about you but I’m pretty excited to see these return.