October 16, 2020

Bath & Body Works Black Friday 2020 Dates and News

Bath and Body Works Black Friday 2020 dates and news has been announced today and I think maybe it’s going to change how we do Black Friday this year. As you know many stores have been announcing that they will be closed for Thanksgiving this year! That’s such a welcome relief for those that work in retail as having to eat turkey and rush to work without actually enjoying the holiday reason sucks. Thanksgiving has always been a day that 99% major retailers shut down but in recent years they would close during the day and open up around 5 or 6pm for early Black Friday shoppers. It wasn’t that they wanted to do this to their sales team but they were sort of forced to do it to remain relevant in a world that was shopping online.

I believe Target and Walmart already said they would be closed for Thanksgiving this year and as kind as it sounds that they are doing this so their employees can enjoy time at home with families in reality it’s to prevent people packing into stores I imagine and worsening the COVID situation.

Bath & Body Works announced they are making Black Friday a week long event. This is comical because they act like they created the Black Friday week long event thing! Girl, it’s been around for a while now! Most stores just doing an entire month of deals but they really focus hard on the week of Black Friday to push deals.

But they do have a schedule of how things are going to go down…..!

According to them Monday November 23rd through Wednesday November 25th there will be deals in store only. That means you have to head into store to grab any deals they announce! On Thursday November 26th, Thanksgiving Day, they will be closed and all deals available will be on their website only. And finally on Friday, November 27th, Black Friday, they will have deals available both in store and online.

One of the biggest changes and ironic changes is they expect you to head in store Monday thru Wednesday to snag deals versus just going in on Thursday and Friday. Either way, when deals are available it’s going to create a crush of people so I don’t think this will solve anything in regards to a crush of people. It will however, offer employees, a much needed rest. Don’t forget many of these people have been working through the pandemic and I think it’ll be nice for them to sit home, eat turkey, and binge Harry Potter while spending time with their loved ones versus working for a change.

I’m sure we’re going to see more and more stores doing the same this year.

What are your thoughts on the Black & Body Works Black Friday 2020 dates?

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  • Kimmwc03

    I’m glad stores are closed for Thanksgiving this year. I hope they keep with that tradition in the future. The one day, rush to store, be rude and lacking manners trend needs to die already.

    I heard candle day is still happening in December, though.

    • Isabella Muse

      AMEN! I couldn’t agree more! Candle Day is supposed be like four days or something weird like that. They are doing some big for it!

  • Mary B.

    This year, for safety in the pandemic (which is getting worse again) I think all stores should have all their big sales online, period. I’m certainly not going to any in-store events or sales.

  • Elise

    I agree! 🙂 I think a return to stores being closed on Thanksgiving is a great thing. Thanksgiving really needs to be properly celebrated and enjoyed.

  • Dee

    Totally nuts! And unsafe. I love BBW deals but won’t be heading into any store that week for deals.

  • jill

    oh, isabella. you know i love ya. truly. but i’ve just gotta call you on this one:

    “will however, offer employees, a much needed rest. Don’t forget many of these people have been working through the pandemic and I think it’ll be nice for them to sit home, eat turkey, and binge Harry Potter”

    nobody who works – or should i say WORKED (as in used to) in retail was doing diddly during the pandemic, except possibly spending hours on the phone, trying to reach the unemployment office. EVERYONE got canned, furloughed, put on hold, kicked to the curb or otherwise jettisoned the minute things started looking dicey. like early march. and many, many retail workers are part-timers, lots of whom didn’t make enough money to qualify for the unemployment threshold. as a result, legions of retail workers spent most of this year sitting on their couches, living on credit cards and trying to figure out where their next meal was coming from, because there was literally no income to be had.
    and when stores started opening again (which was not that long ago, remember?) business was – and still is – quite slow. many retail workers have not yet returned to work; in fact, many of us have long since been permanently laid off.

    darlin’, you don’t have to publish this. it’s just me talking to you. retail workers got DECIMATED during this pandemic, right up there with food service workers.

    fortunately for moi, i’m smarter than the average bear, and had already started working on my own small business when the poop hit the fan. miraculously, i’ve been able to expand said business through the pandemic. it’s not a full-time living…but it might be one day.

    so anyway, i am one long-winded broad, but i just wanted to realign your paradigm a bit, regarding what has become of retail workers during the pandemic. it wasn’t (and still isn’t) pretty, my friend.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m talking about all major retailers not just BBW. Target, Walmart, all those people worked right through the pandemic. They deserve to sit home on T-Day and enjoy themselves. I know a lot of speciality retailers like bath and body works, nordstrom, etc were closed but there were many still open and even in California most never even shut down including BBWs. So not everyone was laid off and did indeed work through the pandemic. Hope that makes sense? I’m glad your business is thriving 🙂 that’s amazing! Thank god! Nothing is pretty now, no business is immune either be it huge corporations, smaller businesses, or major department stores.

      • jill

        True that. I stand corrected. I wasn’t thinking about Target, Walmart, etc. Probably because I was holed up, too scared to go out during most of this. Plus I was scrambling to figure out what I was going to do to survive. It’s hard to find a job at my age at all.

        Good for everyone in retail who was able to hold on – that makes me happy.

        I was actually working for Lucky Brand at the time covid hit (notice the pattern that I work for the stores whose stuff I love the most? ). I was in a brand-new store that had just opened in November. I still
        have the photos of when it was just a concrete shell. We put that whole baby together, precision-folding and stocking tens of thousands of pieces of merchandise in just over a week, then opened for Black Friday. I got furloughed in early March.

        As the pandemic raged, Lucky threw in the towel & elected not to re-open that store at all. Shortly thereafter, they threw in a bigger towel and collapsed into
        bankruptcy. At that point I received notice of permanent termination. I think my outlook is colored a bit by the fact that I’m really mourning that loss. I loved that place. Between Lucky and Pier1 going down, I feel like I’m losing a big piece of my personal history. I grew up with them.

        I’m still in a state of grief over this whole thing and how it has dramatically changed our lives, our world, forever.

        I apologize for my emotional outburst.

        your pal,

        • Isabella Muse

          I don’t know how but those people at Target/Walmart/Wholesale Warehouses like Sam’s Club/smaller businesses, etc got through it. I was super, super paranoid at the start of this and if I had to do what they were doing wow just wow! Anyone out there working on the daily and having to be in front of people are super heroes! Even with cases down it’s still dangerous. I think the weirdest is when people in California were posting about homegoods, tj maxx, and bath and body works hauls when there cases were skyrocketing! I felt super bad for those people working during that time. What a weird weird time. Wow. Just wow! It’s crazy how quickly some places just tumbled. I hate to say it but when January rolls around I have a feeling we are going to say goodbye to a lot of stores we love! I’m still shocked at Pier 1. I LOVED that place. I’m still they closed all the stores. Don’t apologize. You can have as many emotions and feelings as you want! Cry, shout, be angry, you can do it here safely! We’re all there with you! It’s a hard time right now but we’ll get through it!

  • N

    To be honest they couldn’t get me to go into store even if they were giving stuff away for free this year. Everything will be online shopping for me. I’ve never agreed with having stores open on Thanksgiving. Our holidays are all being made into sale and shopping days and it is a shame.

  • Mercury

    I don’t really appreciate in-store only Monday-Wednesday. As someone who may have to return to commuting at that time, they put in store deals on the days I generally can’t make it into the store.

  • Rio

    Just saw this on my IG feed: 25% off YSL w code WILD

    Still jazzed about the Lancôme deal!

    • Isabella Muse

      I saw that too! ;-D got an email! Posted about it. Great DEAL! Me too! Can’t wait to get it! thanks for that one!

  • Robin H.

    I am not sureabout shopping this Christmas at all. I don;t plan to be in stores,lining up for candles and may do some shopping online. The shopping on Thanksgiving should have stopped awhile ago but I realize the 4th quarter is most important for retail. Online shopping works for me at this point because our state (Ohio) is seeing numbers of Covid cases rise.The last 4 days are 2000 plus a day. Stay safe people