November 3, 2020

Lush Roasting Chestnuts On An Open Fire Smells Like a Smoky Version of Porridge Soap

5 stars out of 5

Lush Roasting Chestnuts On An Open Fire Shower Gel is a new, limited edition Christmas 2020 launch. I purchased a small bottle of this online recently and I have to admit I regret it. I should have gotten the bigger bottle. But it’s ok! I can always grab some more before it disappears for good!

According to Lush this is a marzipan Christmas scented shower gel with soothing oat milk and chestnut puree. I’ve read some weird reviews on this but none of them mentioned that this smells like a smokier version of Porridge Soap.

I’ve read reviews that say this smells like Snowcake. I’ve read reviews that says this smells like Cinders. I’ve read a ll sorts of strange things about how this smells but I just smell a smoky, warm Porridge Soap! I actually don’t even know how to describe this. It’s a bit difficult. Initially you’ll get a strong oat smell but you massage it in you’ll get a cherry note from the almonds and slowly the smoky nuttiness arrives. It’s a very warm, comforting smell. It sort of reminds me of a warm bowl of oatmeal with warm milk on top sprinkles with almonds and just a tiny dab of maple syrup.

The formula is disappointingly runny but I always find that this isn’t a main characteristic as it can vary from batch to batch when it comes to Lush since products are handmade. There’s a very real possibility you may get a batch that’s thicker and more shower gel-like. Mine was runny. I was disappointed about this at first but that quickly disappeared as somehow, someway that runny, thin gel created to most lush, moisturizing lather ever. I was very impressed with how much lather this created not to mention it left my skin feel very soft.

All in all, another great Christmas pick from Lush!

Lush Roasting Chestnuts On An Open Fire Shower Gel is available now online and at Lush stores.

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  • Christina

    Ahaha! I’ve never used Lush products before and have no clue what Porridge Soap is, so when I read your description that it smells like porridge, all I could think of was Chinese/Vietnamese congee, and I was like I don’t want to smell like smoky chicken soup. For some reason, my mind didn’t even think of oatmeal and cinnamon.

    Are Lush’s shower gels anything like Philosophy’s? I used to buy a ton of those.

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL no def not like chicken soup ;-D kind of like a smoky oat scent with a nutty warmth! Not really as their scents actually linger where as Philosophy’s are an in shower experience only!

      • Christina

        That sounds perfect winter. I may not wear perfume, but I love good shower gels, even better if the scent lingers some.

  • L

    Hmm. I got the Snowflake body lotion on belated BOGO last year and ugh I could see why it was left on the shelf long after boxing day. The marzipan scent chokes it’s so overpowering and it is very very thick, and stays greasy after application. I never thought I’d find a Lush lotion I’d avoid but that was it. I might be once bitten twice shy about Lush marzipan now.