December 22, 2020

Bath & Body Works You’re the One Is a Delicious Berry Scent

5 stars out of 5

Bath & Body Works You’re the One Eau de Parfum is a limited edition Holiday 2020 fragrance that is now sold out but I believe they’ll probably bring back at some point! I feel they’ll redo the packaging on this to make it a little less festive and bring it back to stay for a bit. It got rave reviews and most Bath & Body Works perfume releases seem to go out of stock when they launch during the Holidays only to return at some point which makes me believe we haven’t seen the last of You’re the One yet! Of course, it’s still very much available in a Fine Fragrance Mist as well as in body lotion, shower gel, etc…! The perfume is the only item sold out currently.

I’m always happy to haul a new Bath & Body Works Perfume but I have to admit I’m not always a huge fan of them. I mean, they are nice, I’ll wear them, but I think their sister company, Victoria’s Secret, makes the better perfume. In the Stars is probably one of my favorite scents from the brand! Miniso actually has a cheap dupe of it if you ever get to California (or live there)! I talked about the dupe on my Instagram account a while ago!

Probably one of the most interesting things about the release of You’re the One is the size and price. I haven’t seen Bath & Body Works release a 3.7 oz bottle of fragrance in a very long time. I think the last time was when they launched Forever Red. Most of the perfume launches have been 1.7 oz. And the price is pretty shocking at $59.50. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Forever Red around $35 at the time?

That being said, Bath and Body Works has so many coupons you’re never going to pay that high but I still find that price a little shocking. I always feel slightly bad about Victoria’s Secret a bit pricey as well! I don’t mind paying high for a good perfume however, both Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secrets fragrances disappear so quickly I feel guilty paying a lot for them! You really have to layer and hose yourself down to get them to last or at least that’s the case for me and my body chemistry.

Bath & Body Works You’re the One is a delicious berry fragrance but I don’t think it’s super unique. It’s a very nice jammy fragrance with berries, leather, and hints of rose. I’d likely it to Lush Rose Jam but on a much more tolerable level as it isn’t as tooth achingly sweet and doesn’t evoke the headache that Rose Jam can!

Bath and Body Works is always a little vague with their notes. This contains a blend of soft rose, winter woods and a drop of strawberry nectar according to them but it does seem a bit more complex than that! This starts out with a nice burst of strawberry jam with a swirl of rose! It’s jammy, syrupy, sweet, and fruity! I don’t really get the wood note at all! Even three hours in and at a complete dry down no woodsy notes come out for me! I do get the beautiful rose that swirls around the strawberry which gives it that rose jam element but the full body of the scent evokes sweetness, fruitiness, and jam!

It’s surprisingly long wearing and does linger nicely on the skin! I don’t think it’s a super unique fragrance but I do think it’s a very nice fragrance for anyone that likes sweet, fruity fragrances!

I’m placing bets we’ll see Bath & Body Works You’re the One come back around Valentine’s Day! It’s a perfect fragrance for the season of love and romance.

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