March 19, 2021

I Think I Slide Into People’s DMs Too Often And You’re Next Target

Happy Friday ladies and gents!

What are you up to today? Is your Friday going well? I’ve been a busy bee trying to get my desk cleared up because Monday I’m probably going to be very, very busy!

You know what? I realized I slide into people’s dms a little too often…! People post stories on Instagram and I’m totally sneaking into their DMs to comment on them. Is this taboo? I never know….! Oops….! Does anyone do this too? I totally do it with celebs as well. I was hitting Pedro Pascal’s dms pretty hard for a while there when he had them open to the public! I suspect they are now closed because of me! I am so NOT sorry about that. I swear it was all nice, respectable responses to things he posted!

Actually, on second thought, it wasn’t me! It was all the Tiktok fangirls! They swear he’s opened their dms and some even say he replied. For the record, he has never said two words to me although, this one time, Neil Gaiman tweeted me. I like to brag about that as often as I can.

By the way, I realized that I was adult when Pedro Pascal became sexy compared to BTS. It just came to me one day that Pedro Pascal was cuter than my favorite boy band members. Don’t tell anyone I said that! They kick people out of the Army for less.

Now that we discussed proper DM etiquette how about we talk about proper Target packing etiquette.

Target I totally SLIPPED into your DMs today to bitch about my latest package!

I ordered a heap of Kristin Ess last week and Target, I do so appreciate how quickly you shipped it. I mean, you really go the extra mile to get me my stuff fast. But man, you need some help packaging stuff correctly.

First off, you can’t just toss bottles of shampoo into an empty box with absolutely no padding. Pedro Pascal would tell you this is simply not the way. Thankfully, it all arrived safe and sound. My real issue is the the tape you use to shut the bottles. Thank you! I appreciate you don’t want things to drip or spill but taping the bottles shut with that horrible Target tape should be illegal. It’s impossible to remove and when I do get it off it leaves behind a gross, sticky residue. Let’s maybe invest in better tape and hey, here’s an idea, maybe better padding when shipping items!

I slipped into Target’s DM today to share my thoughts with them about this tape! Let’s see what they tell me!

Who’s DMs are you sliding onto ;-D I hope they’re mine because some of you crack me up when you do slide in.


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  • Jujubes

    First the dildos, now this…you are so funny!! You made me miss Mando. LOL.

    • Isabella Muse

      haha I’m glad I made you laugh ;-D Aww me too! And it’s going to be a bit of wait as Bobo is coming for xmas which pushing Mando further into Spring 2022 EEEEPPP!

      • Jujubes

        You sure did, and thank you for the laughs! 😀

        Maybe by the time Season 3 finally comes, Grogu would be all grown up! lol!

        • Isabella Muse

          I secretly hope he remains me a baby forever haha! ;-D Aww that’s what we need right now! To laugh and rejoice in life <3! There's way too much sadness lately : (

  • kjh

    Neil Gaiman? NF way! Was the context BPAL? Because I can totally see that.