April 29, 2021

That Cloud of Fluffy Marshmallows You’re Smelling Isn’t My Coffee Drink

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jessica simpson desserts

I’m walking around in a cloud of fluffy marshmallows with sweet orange blossom and I’m reeling in the compliments everywhere I go today. The girl that asked me outside Starbucks what I was drinking because it smelled so sweet (I was drinking Espresso Frappuccino). I shrugged and told her it was an Espresso Frapp (Don’t judge me, I really needed a hit of caffeine today! I normally don’t drink coffee anything but on a rare day I need something! I can’t be all rainbows, hearts, unicorn sweetness everyday! Sometimes I need an espresso to get that going! LOL!) to which she replied, “No, it’s not coffee it smells sweet and marshmallow-y!” I had to explain it was my perfume.

The man behind me in the post office that told the lady he was with, “Something smells so sweet and delicious!” Why yes, it’s me (I didn’t really say that ha but I did smile behind my mask)! Not only do I have a sweet personality but I also smell sweet ;-D Winky face.

Naa, seriously, though, whenever I wear Kilian Love, Don’t Be Shy it stirs attention up! I decided to wear it today because I was re-organizing some stuff the other day. I know, I know! Why am I re-organizing stuff that doesn’t need to be organized? My clean freak and organizational good nature has sort of went a bit wild with the pandemic. My sister Facedtimed me while I was deep in my pantry the other day and before she even said hi she was like, “OH MY GOD! Are you labeling stuff again? But why!? You know it’s pasta do you really need to stick a label on it!”

Anyway…I decided to hit up my archival beauty closet. That’s where I keep all my beauty from the past pieces. It’s stuff I can’t use anymore because it’s old but I keep it to refer back to it. In reality, I’m a hoarder I think but a well organized one. But anyway I was in there and lo and behold a Jessica Simpson Dessert Kissable Shimmering Body Powder was in there. Honestly, if I dig a little deeper I’m pretty sure I still have the perfumes too. I wrote a post about it on Instagram when I got up early this morning because I needed to share how I was missing the brand. Does anyone remember it? Finding that definitely inspired my need to wear a sweet yummy perfume today!

I think really sweet fragrances aren’t really a thing anymore. Gourmands are much more complex. For example, take my beloved Baccarat Rouge 540, it’s a beautiful gourmand but it’s totally a naughty, misbehaved cotton candy blend! Not straight up sweet but sweet with warmth and spice! Or Flowerbomb and Angel both very filthy, dark, flirty gourmands. No one appreciates just sweet scents anymore. I think it’s my juvenile inner teenager that loves them so much. I love fluffy vanillas or uber sweet candy scents. It feels like no one does those anymore!

I’m just throwing it out there if anyone wants to make some sweet candy scents I’m here for it.

How about you?

Do you miss Jessica Simpson’s Dessert Collection?

Do you like sweet fragrances?


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Morgan

    I remember how cool and fun these looked but I was definitely too young to have (or rather, ask my mom to buy me…) such suggestive toiletries hahaha! It was a small thing I wished lasted longer than it did so I could have indulged when I got older!

  • Deb

    Organizing! I love you Muse, you have the same compulsion I do!! My friends and family make so much fun of me and I don’t care. I love having my stuff organized, it gives me joy and contentment. And like you I will redo a space several times searching for that “perfect ” solution. You keep doing you and make that label maker proud!

    • Isabella Muse

      AHHHHHHHH Deb you’re my soulmate! I love you too! Same here, same here. Plus I’m really hard working and I like things done a certain way. I like to be up really early in the morning to get things done. I love making lists. I’m just very disciplined. I feel like things are falling apart if things aren’t organized haha! I def get a lot of grief about it and yeah, people def make fun of me about it too but hell, I’m just gonna embrace my hard work and be proud of myself for going the extra mile even when I don’t have too!

  • Heather M

    I was bonkers for that line! Those lipglosses were so delicious! They should bring it back in more mature packaging ๐Ÿ™‚