January 7, 2016

NARS Goulue Blush Review & Swatches

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NARS Goulue Blush3

NARS Goulue Blush ($30) is a new Sephora Rouge Exclusive blush shade that recently launched on Sephora.com. This NARS Blush isn’t actually new as it was released with the controversial NARS x Guy Boudin Makeup Collection back in 2013 so if at the time it wasn’t a shade you indulged in, you can now obtain if you’re a Sephora Rouge Member.

Let’s take a look!

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January 6, 2016

New Drugstore Makeup Picks for Spring 2016

drugstore makeup spring 2016

Plenty of new Drugstore Makeup Picks for Spring 2016 oh the horizon as you already know if you read my blog. New cushion makeup, new lip balms, new lipsticks, so many new delightful drugstore picks!

Here are a few new drugstore makeup picks for Spring 2016 that recently caught my eye.

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January 6, 2016

New High End Makeup Releases for Spring 2016

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makeup spring 2016

There are plenty of high end makeup brands releasing new collections and products for Spring 2016 like Dior, Laura Mercier, and more! I always like this time of the year because not only are Spring Collections up and coming but also many brands tend to focus on new and innovative skin care launches. I was never a skincare junkie until I got a bit older now I’m all about trying the latest lotions and potions.

There’s not a lot of skincare upcoming this year but there is plenty of new high end makeup releases for Spring 2016 that might capture your eye.

Here are a few that captured mine.

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January 6, 2016

Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette Inside Revealed

Jerrod has finally posted that most coveted image we’ve all wanted, the inside of the new Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Eyeshadow Palette (and yes, according to his post, it smells like PB&J). Now I’m not a peanut butter and jelly kinda girl. I am, however, a love of each individually just not together. Peanut butter on anything particularly toasted white bread is delicious and jelly, well, jelly on toast is lovely but I prefer marmalade myself.

I’ll make an exception for Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette though! This one is filled with, well, you guessed it, PB&J inspired shades. Actually, if we’re being technical there’s a lot of peanut butter here but just a little jelly.

This one is an Ulta and Ulta.com exclusive, it’ll be $36, and apparently launched sometime in April.

As more information becomes available I’ll share it but hopefully you enjoy the little sneak peek from Jerrod’s Instagram shot!


January 6, 2016

Whoa Too Light!

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Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer corrector

Heads up if you’re ordering Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer. I ordered four total shades (two concealers, two correctors) from Sephora.com and ALL were TOO LIGHT!

Oh noes!

I got the Light to Medium and Medium in both formulas and they were super duper pale. My suggestion is go up three shades ha…I just placed a re-order and got the Medium to Tan shade. Hopefully that fits me.

But, I just wanted to give everyone a warning just in case you had plots to order these new concealers!