C-Shock: A New MAC Color Story Part 2

C-Shock was all it promised to be! The lipgelees and lipsticks weren’t so fantastic in my humble opinion, way to loud and garish. The real star of the show were the shadows. The only one I didn’t get was passionate as that was a repromote and originally released with the Nocturnelle color story back in the fall!

Of course I’d never leave you without taking some fine pics of the bits I purchased today!

C-Shock Eyeshadows
Picture017 400x300 3

Bang On Blue
Picture018 400x300 2

Fab & Flashy
Picture019 400x300 1

Going Bananas
Picture021 400x300

Big T
Picture022 400x300 1

Picture023 400x300

Picture025 400x300

Picture026 400x300

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