MAC Christmas in February FOTD

I decided to crack open my one of my MAC Christmas palettes this morning for an FOTD! I also indulged in a bit more Bobbi Brown Gel Liner (love that stuff!)

Hope you like!


What I Used:

MAC Royal Assets Palette in Metallic Eyes
Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner in Black
MJ Mascara
KATE Gel Liner in Gold
KATE Loose Eyes Shadow in GD1

Shu Uemura Blush in P Orange 58D
Bare Minerals Gold Gossamer

Aube Fruitina Lipgloss in 15

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  • 2/20/08 21:52 nic nic:

    Looking very pretty in your fotd!
    i missed on the metallic and bought the warm palette. looked awful on me and gave it to my sister lol.


  • 2/20/08 21:54 the Muse:

    thanks hun! Aw shoot :( sorry to hear it. Good news is if you have a CCO in your are I’m positive the palettes will make a guess appearance soon!

    I find they show up around March at CCO’s 😉


  • 2/20/08 22:57 (g)ezebel:

    very beautiful!!


  • 2/20/08 22:58 the Muse:

    thanks gez *hugs*


  • 2/21/08 4:20 Cassandra L:

    hey muse, do u line your lower lashline with bb gel liner?


  • 2/21/08 4:45 Anonymous:

    did you use any other lip color?


  • 2/21/08 6:47 the Muse:

    hi Cassandra!

    Lower waterline but not lower lashline 😉

    I got a bit daring. I normally don’t use gel liners or pot liners on my waterline but this seemed gentle (turns out it is) and I decided to be daring!

    Plus it lasted all day which I was properly happy about. I normally line my waterline with MAC technakohl but around 6 hours later it’s all gone. The BB liner lasted all day 😉



  • 2/21/08 6:48 the Muse:

    hiya Anonymous!

    Just the orange aube gloss. I really piled it on though! If you use only a it’s a bit too sheer to show up the lovely color I got from it so go wild and build up the color! It’ll also give you a bit of nice plump this way!

    Thanks for commenting!

    Hope this helps!


  • 2/21/08 7:56 Adina:


    Seriously, this look is beautiful!


  • 2/21/08 8:25 Bliss:

    This is a gorgeous look on you, and i especially love your lipgloss.


  • 2/21/08 8:51 the Muse:

    Aw thanks Adina *hugs*

    Totally made my day love!


  • 2/21/08 21:38 robin:

    very pretty


  • 2/22/08 9:26 the Muse:

    thanks robin 😉


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