Sephora Catalog Looks

The looks used in the Sephora Catalog are up with How To’s on the Sephora site! I love, love, love that they do this for the last few catalogs! I’m always generally curious what was used on the model and prior to the last few catalogs you had to play the guessing game! The fact that they put together a quick list of what was used is awesome plus a little “how to” is always appreciated!

Click the picture for details on what was used and how to create it! Happy duping!

I won’t be recreating any of these as I’m definately not talented enough but if anyone does do shoot me a comment or an e-mail! I’d love to see!

  • 3/4/08 6:28 Row:

    I LOVEEE the pop culture look – just my cuppa tea? Maybe I should bravely attempt it but I dont have the bone structure!

    I love these sephora looks and magazines!


  • 3/4/08 9:19 the Muse:

    me too Rows :) You’ll look fab! DO IT :)

    I love that they do these now! It’s kinda cool!



  • 3/4/08 16:32 Allysia-May:


    Nice ones but i was only bold enough to try Venus Envy.

    The rest are way out of my league.

    Check your inbox!


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