Eyeko New Releases for Summer 2008 and New Packaging too!

Eyeko is my favorite little brand in all of England (and that’s sayin’ something considering what a Lushie I am!).

It appears Eyeko has a few new items up on it’s site that I did spy with my little eye! One product in particular that caught my eye was my very favorite cream in new clothes!

Eyeko’s popular cream has been revamped and repackaged and is looking quite glam! The Muse is excited as she’s running low so a new package definately appeals!

I guess Eyeko went all out for Spring/Summer because I see quite a few new items available on the website!

How about some Eyeko Eye Beauty Eyeshadows?

5.00 gets you a fun tin of eyeshadows to make yourself pretty! These appear similar to Pop’s Eye Cake but they have my heart for the cute design on the package! Three options to choose from too! The Muse has her eye on the Pretty Eye Palette!

If it’s sparkle and shimmer you seek I imagine Eyeko has you covered with it’s new Sparkle Powder! 5.00 gets you a cute box full of candy scented shimmer to dust where you please!

You might need something to remove all the makeup on your face at the end of the day so Eyeko has new Face Off Wipes! Grab a box of 20 for 5.00 and wipe all that makeup off your face with a pre-soaked towelette that contains only good things for your skin like Vitamin E! They claim to remove water proof mascara too! I’m on it!

I’m always looking for my holy grail concealer might Eyeko’s new Touch Up and Go Concealer be it? At 5.00 I can afford to say yes to a test drive!

Considering our good friend Kylie Minogue is such a great fan of Eyeko Cream she should be happy about the release of Eyeko’s Touch Up and Glow Highlighter! Click your way to beautiful for 5.00!

All of Eyeko’s new items are in my cart for purchase! I’ll definately bring you a review shortly!

Love Eyeko?

Want any of the new line up?

Tell the Muse!

  • 5/21/08 10:57 Adina:

    I have never tried eyeko before so I am especially excited to hear about an upcoming review. Izzy- by any chance might you be going to nordies today to check out all the new mac collections?


  • 5/21/08 11:50 Laura:

    This is my first comment here! I’ve been a fan of Eyeko for such a long time, it’s great to see someone else giving it some love!

    Laura x


  • 5/21/08 12:06 the Muse:

    ‘ello mizz adina!

    eyeko is the awesome. You must try it. I swear by the cream :)

    Umm I dunno probably? or I may hop to Macy’s if it’s easier. it’s out the 21st or the 29th?

    did you need me to pick something up for you?

    Give a yell!

    I’m actually not too too excited about it. I’m actually happy as I’m normally rolling around in pools of my own drool when a new collection pops up but this hasn’t completely got me under it’s spell yet 😉


  • 5/21/08 12:08 the Muse:

    hiya laura!

    Nice to talk to a fellow eyeko groupie!

    I’ve a big time fan! Eyeko is probably one of the few brands that always has consistent releases of good products at a nice price. It’s especially shocking that it’s so low costing considering the UK is pricey as hell!

    I couldn’t live without the cream! It’s an absolute staple 😉

    Thanks for the comment!

    Hope to see you around here 😉


  • 5/21/08 13:10 Adina:

    Izzy, it actually comes out Today (the 21st) at nordstrom. You must must must try the orange lippie. It is love! Want to see my fotds?


  • 5/21/08 13:12 the Muse:

    jesus adina how behind am I 😉

    hehe :)

    Yes yes! Please?

    Can we feature them as guest ones?



  • 5/21/08 13:53 MandyPandy:

    I love Eyeko’s creme. Ulta needs to bring Eyeko back, damn them!


  • 5/21/08 13:54 the Muse:

    holy frack mandy! I had no idea Ulta sold Eyeko before!

    I can’t live without the cream 😉

    Definitely a staple!


  • 5/21/08 21:49 Beauty Addict:

    Hi Muse, I’ve not heard of eyeko b4. What’s the eyeko cream for?

    Anyway the packaging looks really cute. Very cutesy teeny booper. I suppose their target customers should be teens hence the cheap price?

    gracie :)


  • 5/22/08 5:50 petitez:

    Is Eyeko’s cream really good? I’ve never even heard of this brand before! How do you use it and whats it for?? The packaging is really cute though.


  • 5/22/08 7:31 wen:

    these are so cute!
    ive nv seen them before!
    (i know, not surprising. spore doesnt have it, as usual.)
    what’s that cream that you love so much? facial moisturizer?
    everything looks so pinky and girly. haha.
    and i wanna try the concealer as well! ive got those panda eyes. T.T


  • 5/22/08 8:45 Anonymous:

    how much is this is us dollars.. 5.00


  • 5/22/08 8:47 Anonymous:

    How much is this in us dollars.. 5.00


  • 5/22/08 8:49 the Muse:

    morning gracie!

    Eyeko doubles up as a highlighter and a cream. It’s a soft pink color that highlights under the eyes and the cheeks :) Very nice stuff! It’s a personal staple for me!

    It’s actually a line geared towards teens but has a huge celebrity cult following 😉


  • 5/22/08 8:50 the Muse:

    hiya serene!

    Very good in my humblest. It’s a staple product for me. It’s an English brand not very available outside of England. It’s a three in one product used as a moisturizer, highlighter, and eye cream.


    Packaging is adorable. It’s manga themed. Supposed to appeal to teens but it has a cult following 😉


  • 5/22/08 8:51 the Muse:

    wenny hi sweetie!
    Get my package yet?

    Oh it’s not only ‘pore. It’s also other places. It’s most available within England. I’ve never seen it in stores. I THINK Sephora may have carried it way back when???

    It’s a moisturizer that doubles as a highlighter :)

    I like pinky and girly heheheheh!

    I have panda eyes too lately due to lack of sleep hehe!


  • 5/22/08 8:52 the Muse:

    morning Anonymous !

    How are you me love?

    Tis about $10 bucks 😉

    It’s safe to just double sterling as it evens out in US dollars!



  • 5/22/08 21:10 Anonymous:

    Thanks. Do they ship internally?


  • 5/23/08 4:44 petitez:

    Is it a very rich moisturizer? I’m beginning to get fine lines under my eye and it could be the fact that I don’t use eye cream! How can I purchase it if I want to?


  • 5/23/08 5:34 the Muse:

    hi anonymous.

    they do indeed. if you’re in England you can always just pop to the shops to get this 😉


  • 5/23/08 5:35 the Muse:

    hiya serene. You def don’t wanna use this for fine lines :) It’s more of a highlighter and gives a glowy look to eyes :)

    They ship internationally so it shouldn’t be a prob to order it :)


  • 5/23/08 6:04 petitez:

    Oic…. then i think i can safely skip this then! hahaha…. more money for other stuff! yeah!


  • 5/23/08 10:10 the Muse:

    hey serene :)

    It’s worth checking out for the cute factor alone hehe!


  • 5/28/08 7:07 yummy411:

    such a cute little brand. thanks for sharing!


  • 5/29/08 9:52 the Muse:

    you’re most welcome Kia 😉



  • 9/1/08 16:44 lottie_x:

    Sorry if i sound a bit stupid but How do you use the EYEKO touch up and glow highlighter pen???

    plz reply



  • 9/2/08 10:46 the Muse:

    hi lottie!

    I’ll be reviewing this shortly but basically you can use it for a highbrow highlighter, as a cheek highlighter, as an eyeshadow all over the lid, or a few strokes under the eye just where the cheek bone begins to brighten up the area :)

    Hope this helps!


  • 7/26/10 15:30 RonyaLii:

    its sad, that only highligh cream is avaible on website now . i would love to test those and Minty lip balm . but i ordered both creames, rock chick set and magic set :)


    • 7/27/10 8:08 the Muse:

      awesome ronya 😀 nice hauling. yes I know 😀 I got the extra glow cream to try out recently. so fab!


  • 7/26/10 15:31 RonyaLii:

    p.s they have new extra glow cream


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