Too Faced Smoke & Mirrors Fall Collection 2008 Sneak Peek

Remember how I was blogging about the Too Faced Smoke & Mirrors Fall Collection a week or so ago?

Well, I got a sneak peek teaser for you!

Look what came in the mail this weekend:

Excited about the upcoming review?

I am. The palette box is simply awesome! I’m so eager to start working with it and get on with the review!

Can’t wait for my review? Click here to view more of the collection at the Too Faced website!

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  • 7/24/08 10:45 Chica:

    Lucky musey!!
    I can’t wait for the review, please give it a good one so I can justify the pay cheque I will be sacrificing to the gods of make up 😀


  • 7/24/08 11:39 Decorative Diva:

    This stuff just looks gorgeous!


  • 7/24/08 11:56 the Muse:


    Very yummy teehee!


  • 7/24/08 15:01 R:

    Holy Cow! Hurry Hurry I wanna see!


  • 7/25/08 7:32 the Muse:

    lol r :)
    it’s a coming!


  • 7/26/08 8:42 Bliss:

    OOoo so lucky those items looks fabulous cannot wait to see you review them :D.

    I searched for the DAY TO Palette when i was in UK, i couldn’t find it booo.


  • 7/28/08 11:32 the Muse:

    hi bliss!

    how are you :)

    Review to come soon hehe 😉

    Aw poo! that stinks if you need help just give a yell and I’ll see about a cp :)


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