Visee Fall Collection 2008: Glamorous Hunter

Our friend Kodi Kumi is back in full swing advertising Visee’s Fall Collection. After a rough patch of publicity it’s nice to see her back in the promo for Fall!

A few items are being released with Visee’s Fall Collection but of course the item that really jumps up at me is the new Glam Hunt Eye Palettes. Visee makes a great eye palette as you may have guessed from my previous raves. These are a revamp from the last few releases and the colors are very suitable for the cooler weather that will be upon is soon!

The palettes come in five styles and include five shades of shadow plus a brush for application. I see at least three color combos I want but I may just indulge in all five.

Each palette is 1890 yen but it’ll probably be a bit cheaper due to various drugstore discounts in Japan.

Expect a review on these shortly!

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  • 7/17/08 7:52 Decorative Diva:

    I just ran the number through (a site I use at work), and 1890 yen is about 17.87 usd.

    The colors look very metallic, which I like!


  • 7/17/08 9:13 Jossu:

    I love Kumi Koda so this collection is a must have for me. The eyeshadow palettes look fantastic! And the lipstick! And… And… Everything! I can hear my visa crying…


  • 7/17/08 10:46 Stephy:

    omg my favorite browns and pinks and greens again!!! *drool*
    i hope i can get them online soon!!!


  • 7/17/08 13:00 the Muse:

    hi Decorative Diva!

    It’s prob cheaper than that too as these are normally discounted 25% 😉 hehe!

    They are prob very shimmery! Can’t wait to try *rubs hands together*


  • 7/17/08 13:02 the Muse:

    hiya Jossu!

    FINALLY someone who loves her too. Everytime I talk about her someone comments that they don’t like her (clears mandy…lol)

    I love her promo pics! LOL! I want the palettes for sure..unsure about the rest..Hmmmmmmmmmm so difficult to decide :)


  • 7/18/08 6:24 beautyaddict1one1:

    Wow it looks so nice i love it


  • 7/18/08 18:06 Anonymous:

    isnt her name kodA not kodi?


  • 7/19/08 3:39 ailove:

    hey muse!
    I really like Visee solely because it really captures my style.
    I hope to get all the eye palettes soon. Hopefully adamb. have 'em soon. >o<


  • 7/21/08 12:45 Aya:

    Muse, I saw the collection, including a new lip gloss at my local drugstore a few weeks ago…everytime I go in there, I stare at the palettes and I grab one or two and walk aimlessly for ten minutes, but I always end up putting them back. I cannot bring myself to pay almost 2000 yen for something endorsed by that airhead. (I’m sorry if I’m offending anyone who’s a fan of Ms. Koda, I just can’t stand her). Buuuuut I LOVE how the shadows have this cool imprint on em…I haven’t swatched any yet, but I will soon, and let you know what I think :)


  • 7/21/08 19:46 the Muse:

    sorry Anonymous!

    a girl can make a typo-o here and there 😉 Happens to the best of us!



  • 7/21/08 19:47 the Muse:

    hello ailove!

    Ditto. I really enjoy the shadows and other items :) I’m sure he will. Also xanadu has them at retail plus shipping which is awesome :)


  • 7/21/08 19:48 the Muse:

    AYA my friend :)

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I kinda dig her :)

    lol! I feel the same way about Intergrate and Angelina jolie…LOL never brought a single item from intergrate b/c of her totally turns me off lmao!

    Looking forward to hearing about these Aya 😉 Plus some of the colors will look simply awesome on you!

    Love ya!


  • 7/24/08 19:38 Anonymous:

    no big deal on the typo.. i was just extremely confused for a second. i was thinking “isnt that koda kumi? wait kodi kumi? then whos koda? what??” lol


  • 7/25/08 11:28 the Muse:

    lol sorry :)

    Sometimes I pump out 8 posts a day and typos are a plenty I’m sure 😉


  • 8/3/08 23:57 Raby:

    is there anyone who knows what color of lipstick Kuu is using, it’s like pale pink or something…if anyone knows please email me at…thanks…


  • 8/4/08 13:20 the Muse:

    hello there raby!

    she’s wearing one of the new lippies in be 370

    hope this helps!


  • 8/6/08 23:50 Raby:

    Hi Muse, thanks for your reply…i went to watsons store and there’s a lot of colors of lipstick and glosses to choose from, there’s no visee store here so can you tell me the shade of Kuu’s L.S.? I was asking the saleslady, “do you have a L.S. that is like a pale, grayish or pinkish whatever…coz in her concerts it’s what she always wear… thanks…


  • 8/11/08 8:45 the Muse:

    hi raby!

    No problem.

    She’s wearing the shade be 370. Just tell the saleslady you’d like be370 from the new Fall Visee Collection :)

    Hope this helps!


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