New Korean Brand Beauty Credit

Round up those CP pals my friends! You’re going to need a CP pal after you hear this.

Muse you always talk about CP’s what the heck does that mean anyway?

Gasp! Some of us aren’t always up to date on our internet lingo so allow me to briefly explain that CP stands for “custom purchase”. This entails a certain individual from another country going out and purchasing an item for you and you either return the favor or you pay them via paypal. After arrangements have been made to either pay them or swap with them your items are sent over and you send any goods over to them and Bob’s your Uncle you have a CP partner!

I’ve done many a fine CP for people and have had many CP’s done for me thanks to people I’ve met on MUA, various makeup forums, etc….

You might remember Laura who runs around England snatching up Bourjois Paris for the Muse and shipping it over. I heart that girl!

The moral of the story is now is a good time to grab your CP partner OR find one on your local makeup board.

Beauty Credit is a brand new brand I came across while watching some Kiss and Makeup TV. Those cheeky monkees, Zara and Gemma, have created major lemmings for me after I viewed their video!

Since the Muse loves Zara and Gemma so much she’ll forgive them this once for making her want to indulge in major amounts of Beauty Credit and roll around in it.

What’s Beauty Credit?

Somang Cosmetics is South Korea’s 5th Large Cosmetic manufacturer and distributor. It began in 1992 with three employees and has since ballooned into 600 employees! Amazing right? Somang Cosmetics has several sub-brands and just as Kanebo in Japan distributes several brands such as Lavshuca, Tiffa, Coffret D’Or, Etc…Somsang Cosmetics has several different brands it’s responsible for manufacturing and disturbing. One of which happens to be Beauty Credit.

My readers in Singapore may recognize Beauty Credit as it is available within Singapore. Beauty Credit is available in 17 countries including the US and Canada (I haven’t personally run across the brand within the US).

As you know from past posts and reviews I’ve done Korean cosmetics are normally two important things, high quality and cheap plus add in very cute and you got cosmetic nirvana. I think we established how much the Muse loves Korean makeup and culture already so of course I jumped all over Beauty Credit when I heard about it!

The good news is I’ll be reviewing some of the line for you shortly. The bad news is that you can’t order it online within the US. Sorry guys. Which is why you’ll need that CP pal across the pond for the hook up of purchasing and sending over some Beauty Credit your way (or if you’re lucky maybe Beauty Credit is available in your area of the US?)

The really good news if you happen to be lucky enough to be English (the Muse wants to be English when she grows up if she can’t she’ll settle for having an English accent and being Asian in her next life…what are the chances I’ll get that lucky?!) you’ll REALLY want to pay close attention to this little brand since it’s very, very cheap. It’s rare you can find quality cosmetics in England at a good price. And this brand is very nicely priced for UK beauty addicts.

I don’t yet know how good the products are but I shall be reviewing them shortly as I mentioned but I’m sure it’ll be fabulous as when have we run across Asian cosmetics that aren’t anything but brilliant right? The line looks very promising and contains bath and body, skincare, and cosmetics. Did I mention they have their own BB Cream too? Promising, very promising!

Stay tuned for further info!

Cure your lemmings, begin your shopping list, or start making a wish list by clicking over to the Beauty Credit website!

Happy Browsing!

  • 8/18/08 9:34 Kathi:

    I reviewed some Beauty Credit items in my blog, too =)
    Great stuff and really dirt cheap


  • 8/18/08 10:11 serenity.:

    i love beauty credit!! whenever i go to korea, i stock up on missha, the face shop, etude, beauty credit, skin food and the likes. man, i can’t wait to go back to korea!!! summer 09!


  • 8/18/08 10:26 Ethereal Prey:

    zomg there’s a beauty credit store where i live! i didn’t realize it was a beauty line, it was in our mini koreatown here so i assumed it was just the name of the store! now i’m gonna go in and explore!


  • 8/18/08 11:14 Cosine:

    Hey Dear!

    Sorry I haven’t been leaving any comments! Varsity life just started for me and its a hell lot of work to do.

    Anyways, like u mentioned, Beauty Credit is available here in Singapore and I’ve tried some of the products before! They’re really quite good.

    I’m currently using the Colour Lotion (which was initially created for men who wanted to look betterand the sales was so good, they created a female one… so odd! Men taking the lead this time!) which is under one of the lines from Somang and its really great!

    The Color Lotion acts as:
    1) Indoor Sunscreen SPF24/PA+
    2) Moisturizer
    3) Foundation

    It spreads well and lasts long. The flora fragrance is a little heavy but not disgusting and the coverage is quite sheer although it is pretty buildable. They even gave me a sample Q10 cream (for age prevention) and a small tub of loose powder in the set. It’s totally great for people like me who wants makeup to cover flaws but doesn’t want it to look obvious especially in school! I love it!

    Anyways, since we are on Korean cosmetics, I’ve got to tell u that in Singapore, we can get English subtitled DVDs from S$20 to S$80. That’s really cheap compared to what u have to fork out so if u do need help locating cheaper DVDs for Jap or Korean dramas, do tell me ya! I’ll try my best to locate it for u!

    Love ya! Muackz!


  • 8/18/08 13:17 Tammy M:

    Darn! I don’t have any buddies in Korea! Oh Musey, with you I will travel all over Asia and beyond! I cannot tell you how much my most recent CP from Aya totals….it’s an addiction I tell you!!


  • 8/18/08 14:13 the Muse:

    hi kathi!!!!!!!!!

    How are you!? :) I didn’t see your review must go see :)

    Very cheap and very cute :)


  • 8/18/08 14:14 the Muse:

    hi Ethereal Prey!

    AH! Lucky! GO NOW LOL! :) Tell us what they have :)


  • 8/18/08 14:23 the Muse:

    hi cosine!

    That’s ok! I understand how busy a person can get :)

    I’m happy to see you! You were missed!

    Yay! I’m happy to hear that :)

    How very interesting that the male product was started first!

    Sounds kinda like a bb! I like the sounds of it!

    Oh my gosh that’s fab! Thanks for telling :) Thanks honey I appreciate it GREATLY!

    And of course if you need anything from here I’ll happily provide it :)



  • 8/18/08 14:25 the Muse:

    hi tammy!

    aw poo! Have you tried ebay and also gmarket?

    LOL let’s go together :)

    LOL Aya is wonderful! She’s a darling :)

    just think of it as an investment for your face lol!


  • 8/18/08 16:50 jkim:

    they had a store in my local mall just until late last year (closed to relocate, which they haven’t done yet). and, of course, i found out about the (non)existence of the brand/shop a little too late – story of my life. :-( suffice it to say, glad to see the reviews here so i have some means of seeing what kinds of products they had/have.


  • 8/18/08 19:28 ???:

    hi Musey!

    i think beauty credit is available here in msia :)
    i think i saw it, if i am not mistaken somewhere around in a little shop selling clothings…

    i will go check it out when i’m free! currently i haven’t finish checking out etude house, so it will have to wait 😛



  • 8/18/08 22:24 acutelife:

    OH this CP thing is seriously a brilliant idea!!would you be my CP muse???the only thing that bothers me is that I cant return the favor since there’s no good local brand cosmetics here :( unless if you want to stock up more on funky eyelashes??lolz..I know one company here who produces those funky eyelashes for shu eumura 😉
    im loving beauty credit!! I read from lotuspalace abt them and now your review makes me want them even more


  • 8/19/08 4:57 Beauty Addict:

    Hi Izzy, how’s your weekend? Ooh ya. Beauty Credit is available in S’pore. I’ve been using their Green Tea Yellow Soil Mouse. Yellow Soil is rather famous in Taiwan and Korea. The texture is similar to a mud pack.

    Izzy, I recommend this to u as it brightens up dull skin and sucks up dirt from the skin. Good for regular makeup users! :)

    I love their lip glosses as well. Some ranges are sheer washes while others can really built up nicely! :)

    Hope u have a nice time trying them! :)



  • 8/19/08 8:01 the Muse:

    hi jkim!

    Wow lucky. I haven’t seen this around here maybe I am missing something!

    Aw shoot that stinks! Totally can relate to the feeling!

    I’ll be bringing you the reviews shortly. I’m eager to see how it is :)


  • 8/19/08 8:03 the Muse:

    hello there plue!

    Ah yes I read it was available your side! Lucky little duckling!

    LOL EH still has you in it’s grasp eh!? :)



  • 8/19/08 8:11 the Muse:

    hi acutelife!

    hehe :) isn’t it? helps when you need something from abroad!

    Sure if you’d like something from the US let me know although I can’t get you beauty credit as I don’t think we have a shop here in NY!

    aw thats ok. I’d happily get what you need just yell!

    LOL! Funky eyelashes eh? hehe!

    I read Kathi’s review too and it sounds great!
    Can’t wait to try for myself :)


  • 8/19/08 8:13 the Muse:

    hi gracie!

    It was fantastic how was yours?!

    Awesome! 😉

    Sounds freaking fabulous!!!! Thanks for the rec. Must try!

    It sounds all so awesome! i can’t wait to try it!

    Hugs darlin’!
    Thanks for the recs!


  • 8/22/08 0:36 Anonymous:

    umm escuse me i know where u can buy Beauty Credit products… in NYC im not really sure if it REALLY is the REAL Beauty Credit but it says it in the banner and it says something about BB Cream, i will have to confirm it first and then I’ll let you know =X


  • 8/22/08 10:31 the Muse:

    hello anonymous.

    do share! :) I live in New York and never seen this around these parts! Where abouts have you seen it!?

    Looking forward to hearing :)


    • 1/5/10 21:00 rose lee:

      actually there are like… i believe 6 different beauty credit locations in nyc^^
      but I only go to 2 locations. the one in hester has a decent selection but they don’t have all the sheet masks i want :(
      if you like korean cosmetics, there’s also a missha in queens mall and The Face Shop in Koreatown at 32nd and 6th I think. love the face shop^^


      • 1/14/10 21:28 the Muse:

        yes Rose :) I haven’t been but heard :) and thank god for face shop hehe :) they sell online too now


  • 8/24/08 23:04 Anonymous:

    hi muse
    i confirmed that the store i was talking about… is THE BEAUTY CREDIT! and the address is
    158 Hester Street
    New York, NY 10013
    and their telephone number is 212.334.6400


  • 8/25/08 13:05 the Muse:

    hi anonymous!

    This is fantastic! Thanks so much! I’ll be sure to include this info with my next review post so New Yorkers can see it 😉
    I might head over myself as I want to see the rest of the selection in the flesh!

    Awesome! Thanks so much!


  • 8/25/08 19:15 ???:

    darling izzy,

    me shall wait for your review or thoughts on this before i go indulge! 😀



  • 8/26/08 14:24 the Muse:

    plue you’re such a sweetie putting so much trust in me!

    MWAH :)

    Reviews are a coming up soonish!


  • 8/26/08 14:41 Annie:

    hey muse,
    i know youre a native new yorker. i’ve seen a big beauty credit store in chinatown and another smaller one flushing! 😉


  • 8/28/08 9:15 the Muse:

    hi annie!

    thanks honey!

    I need to check these out! It’s easier than having it airmailed over 😉

    Is the selection good?!


  • 1/21/10 19:33 Iris:

    hey~ love reading your blog entries Muse. =]
    i live in toronto and we have a lot of stores that sell this brand and line. my sister and i personally love getting things from the store. I love how they have a whole set for one line, i’m currently using the aloe line because my skin is very dry. and the lady who works there is very friendly and she always recommends great products everytime i go! maybe if you guys visit small plazas more in asian areas, you might just be able to find a store!


  • 3/11/10 17:41 rachel:

    hi muse!
    there’s a lot of stores selling beauty credit in flushing
    have u seen those? xD


    • 3/22/10 21:28 the Muse:

      yup rachel sure have 😀


    • 2/17/13 15:33 Lori:

      Been looking for this brand since I purchase one at Hester. I think the store on Hester closed down.


  • 4/9/10 4:25 Stel:

    Wow this CP is a good idea, except I have nothing great here in Aussie that you don’t already have in US, boring huh.


    • 4/12/10 14:04 the Muse:

      aw stel maybe you can swap for some candy that someone in the states doesn’t have access too? :)


  • 4/13/10 1:43 Stel:

    Haha candy for makeup, I didn’t think of that. Btw how does one go about looking for CP mates? Is there a forum or something like that I can go to? :)


    • 4/13/10 15:53 the Muse:

      hi stel makeup forums are a good place to start :) Make Up Alley is the most popular I also like Cozycot!

      Hope this helps!


  • 4/14/10 1:42 Stel:

    Okie thanks Muse, I’ll go look around there. :)


    • 4/14/10 9:31 the Muse:

      my pleasure good look stel!


  • 6/23/10 4:04 cristin:

    wow so cute……….


  • 12/8/10 12:21 Giovanna:

    Hi! (yes, it’s me… again! lol ) * resurrecting old posts xD *
    it is just me or… the link to the uk site doesn’t work?


    • 12/8/10 15:08 the Muse:

      mmm Giovanna I looked hun and you’re right, it isn’t working for some reason how odd!


      • 12/15/10 6:20 Giovanna:

        I wrote an email to Mr. Benjamin Min, the Korean Assistant Manager in the “Overseas Department” of Beauty Credit and he told me that there is NO shops in Europe at the moment… how is it possible? ò_______O


        • 12/15/10 9:15 the Muse:

          Hi Giovanna, sorry :(


  • 4/7/11 8:10 aya mohammed:

    hi is there is any shops or contact in egypt???
    i get an eye brow pen but i don’t know where the store is?


    • 4/7/11 8:59 the Muse:

      i’m in the us aya I really don’t know sorry.


  • 6/27/11 10:18 monettex:

    I heard there is one in NY now, have you been to it yet?


    • 6/27/11 10:19 the Muse:

      only the one in Flushing and that closed down I believe monettex


  • 8/27/11 13:17 Namie:

    Hi muse! Hmm I’m about to buy beauty credit products later.. Good thing we have one near our place. Soo lucky. I wnt to achieve korean like skin too. Wish me luck I hope I could buy many I’ll bring my bf along. lol.


    • 8/29/11 8:56 the Muse:

      happy hauling namie! :)


  • 2/17/13 15:37 Lori:

    Hi, do you know where I can buy beauty credit in NYC?


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