MAC Enchanting Vermillion Fashion Eye Kit Nordstrom Exclusive

Those crazy kids at Nordstrom have released an Exclusive Kit for MAC Holiday 2008 entitled Enchanting Vermillion Fashion Eye Kit.

Last year Nordies did much of the same the name of which escapes the Muse at the moment (getting old sucks!):

Last Year’s Collection

This year’s kit includes the following items:

Red Zip Around Wallet
MAC False Lashes
MAC Fluidline (Full Size)
MAC Glitter Liner in Glitter Gold
MAC Zoom Lash (Mini Size)
MAC 209 SE Brush

The Muse already owns MAC Glitter Liner in Glitter Gold so she was kind enough to gift you with swatches below! I’m such a sport right?

The kit looks nice but I personally won’t be indulging as aside from the glitter liner nothing else in the set is worth looking at in my humble opinion.

The MAC Enchanting Vermillion Fashion Eye Kit is exclusive to Nordies for $45 USD so if you’re wanting it you’ll need to skip your way over to your local Nordstrom or head to the website to make your donation to MAC.

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  • 10/28/08 8:57 makeupmag:

    Wasn’t it called Keepsake or something like that, the 2007 Nordies set?


  • 10/28/08 9:17 the Muse:

    YES YES!

    thanks mags :)

    I was trying to recall the bloody name…Keepsake something :)

    yup came out with the Antiquitease stuffins :)

    Good call Mag!


  • 10/28/08 9:42 Shefali:

    So skipping! Thanks for the heads up!


  • 10/28/08 9:44 the Muse:

    my pleasure lovie :)


  • 10/28/08 12:41 Nell:

    Keepsake was way better, well, money saved for once :)


  • 10/28/08 12:42 the Muse:

    i’m with you nell!

    I kick myself for not getting it as the blush was so pretty!


  • 10/29/08 3:40 Ann*:

    i actually saw this set in m’sia! so its not so exclusive anymore.


  • 10/29/08 7:17 the Muse:

    does not surprise me in the LEAST ann :)



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