Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara

You probably remember me blogging Fairy Drops Mascara way back when! Well, Fairy Drops now has a website…whoa…and it’s introduced a brand new version of it’s popular mascara which is called Fairy Drops Platinum…double whoa.

As far as I can see Fairy Drops Platinum is about the same formula as the regular Fairy Drops but has a different applicator. The brush applicator on this new version is slightly curved to fit the contour of the eye better plus I believe the new version may be a fiber based mascara but I can’t verify. It retails for 2,200 yen and may be discounted by 20-30% in Japanese drugstores but again I can’t verify.

I did find it decently priced online for $28 USD however after shipping it may not be such a fab deal. But if you having a lemming you can pick it up from Japan LA for yourself.

Although I love the regular version of Fairy Drops Mascara I’m unsure I’ll pick up Platinum or not. Current conversion rate from yen to usd is working in our favor so if you have a friend or family member you might want to ask for a cp.

Looks interesting to say the least!

Want it cheaper? Try out Rimmel Sexy Curves!

Anyone have a try?

Want it?

Love the old version?

Tell the Muse!

  • 1/23/10 3:56 Reggi:

    i heard this new version has fibers?? not sure though…


    • 1/26/10 16:37 the Muse:

      not sure reggi…mm could be as fiber is popular in japan I haven’t tried platinum yet :)


  • 1/9/11 4:46 Hannah:

    OMG! I have that mascara, and it’s great! I definitely recommend it! It has this lash growing serum in it too, so when you wear it, it would make your lashes grow longer too! Hehe Oh! And yes, it does contain fibers! :)


  • 3/30/11 15:15 Roxanne:

    Does it really have lash growing serum??? OMG. I just got this and it arrived in the mail today. Can’t wait to try it!



    • 3/30/11 15:28 the Muse:

      brilliant roxanne, not sure don’t have this version for Hannah said yes ;D!


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