Beauty Battle: Stila Convertible Color VS Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge

It’s that time again kids! Time for a Beauty Battle! Taking two of my favorite cream blushes and battling them again each other should make for an awesome fight. Stila Convertible Color versus Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge to the death!

Let the game begin!

Let me tell you this is sadly not much of a battle as it’s easy enough to see who will win here but let’s have a go and see what you think after I’ve butted these two against each other!

Stila Convertible Color comes housed in a cute little palette with embedded flowers on it’s lid and a nice full size mirror for on the fly application. Packaging wise Stila has it going on. When compared to Bobbi’s very minimal black pot design there isn’t much of a question which is the cuter of the two. Placing cuteness aside Stila Convertible Color has alot of catching up to do in the price and size department. At 0.15 oz in size with a price tag of $25 USD, Stila has alot of work to do to catch our attention aside from sweet packaging.

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge def doesn’t have the cute factor in it’s ring but it has the size and the price tag to please! No mirror here and no cutesy flower compact but a $22 USD price tag and a size of a whopping 0.38 oz makes Bobbi Brown a fierce competitor for Stila Convertible Color. So that’s over double the size of Stila plus $3 bucks cheaper? Uh oh Stila look out!

Both formulas are incredibly long wearing and can easily be considered almost an identical product.

Stila takes a sucker punch from Bobbi Brown in the color department. With merely 7 shades and Bobbi coming up on 10! Things are starting to tip dangerously in favor of Bobbi’s side here. Stila defends itself with a quick punch to the left and snaps up about LE color releases for Stila Convertible Color but can we swayed by cute packaging, a few LE colors, and a high price tag? Probably not.

The winner?

Obvious isn’t?

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge wins this beauty battle kids! Great formula, long wearing, a huge size for a nice price tag makes it the champion in this fight. Sorry Stila…it was obvious from the start you weren’t going to win this one. We love you but your size and price leaves a bit to be desired.

How about you?

Is Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge your winner?

Or is Stila Convertible Color your champion?

Tell the Muse!

  • 9/18/09 12:59 Susana:

    I would like to know the names of the Bobbi Brown pots shown in the pictures (I’m specially interested in the lighter colour)
    Thanks a lot in advance!

    P.S.: Please forgive my English, but it is not my mother tongue 😉


    • 10/1/09 15:09 the Muse:

      hi susana

      I recently had a bit of a blog hiccup did you get my response?!


  • 10/11/09 14:40 Susana:


    I did receive your response (it was very helpful!!), but I’ve been very busy with work, so I didn’t get to answer to your kind response until today.
    Warmest regards,



    • 10/13/09 11:31 the Muse:

      ahh glad it helped susana



  • 2/11/10 16:46 Vanessa:

    Hello Ms. Muse ! I was also wondering what that lighter color of Bobbi brown pot rougue is. Is it powder pink, pale pink?? I have to know! I’ve used stila convertables and I have to say that I think Bobbi’s winning me over with the quantity and price. Please come and help a girl out. Thank you:)


  • 6/19/10 6:42 Stila Make Up:

    Good comparison Muse.
    We have just got the Stila Petunia in Europe and its a gorgeous shade. The Peony and Camellia are also popular

    Jayne xx


    • 6/21/10 16:28 the Muse:

      aw thanks Jayne, glad you enjoyed it 😀 Stila CC is great 😀 all the shades are so workable :)D


  • 9/19/12 17:05 Suanne:

    Hi! The response to what BB colors are shown is not displaying publicly. Can you please tell me what they are? I love your blog! I refer to it often before making a purchase.
    Thank you,


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