Beauty Discovery: Villainess Soaps

The Muse has been a fan of Villainess Soaps for years now. She recently was thinking what a great Beauty Discovery it would make here at Musings as some of you perhaps never heard of this e-tailer!

Jump ahead to discover Villainess!

I thought that Villainess would make a great beauty discovery because they recently introduced a new skincare line to their normal routine. The new About Face collection includes mud masks and a makeup remover. Quite exciting to say the least.

For it’s fans Villainess is known for it’s incredibly unique round up of soaps that have a bit of a dark edge to them but are delightful none the less. Big slabs of colorful soap in an array of beautiful blends make up the catalog at Villainess with frequent introductions to special limited edition soaps that are available for a very short time which are known as “Temporary Insanity” this is what makes Villainess an interesting and fun bathing experience.

Villainess branches out to getting your skin not only clean but soft and dewy as well with it’s line of body scrubs that they call Smooch! And of course an entire line of whipped body creams wraps up their catalog. Recently, perfume oils have also made a guest starring appearance as of late!

Although the collection isn’t huge the release of new blends quite often keeps things fresh and of course keeps fans clamoring back for more please. With the introduction of it’s new face muds and makeup remover the catalog delves deeper into keeping not only our bodies squeaky clean but our faces as well.

I’ll be reviewing a few pieces I recently purchased for you in an upcoming post including the brand new muds but I thought I’d introduce you to Villainess Soaps today and tell you what a great beauty discovery it is!

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  • 1/3/10 21:21 Susan Petersen:

    I received an order from Villainess Soaps about 2 weeks ago. I ordered 4 ‘Whipped’ in Datura, Jai Mahal, Pearl Diver and Decadence and loved them all. I also ordered two full-sized soaps in Canaan and Villainess. I received a few other soap samples and I loved everything but ONE. It was the namesake soap ‘Villainess’. What happened???? This soap smells just like moth balls, OMG. I had to throw it in the garbage. Everything else was fantastic. Aside from that, I will definitely be ordering from them again. The customer service was excellent and I feel the quality of these products exceed most out there.


    • 1/4/10 21:57 the Muse:

      oh Susan hmm I don’t think I ever indulged in Villaniness 😀 glad to know though as I’ll avoid now haha. I’m a bit fan of frostbite, it’s my fav. I’m so glad you enjoyed it all, did you discover it on my blog or are you a long time user/fan?


  • 1/6/10 21:11 Susan Petersen:

    Muse, I actually was looking up ‘Villainess Soap Reviews’ and there you were. HOWEVER, what a fun and extensive blog you have. This is really geared towards my nieces whose ages range from 13 to 26, and I have since told them about this site. I’ll still be puttering around here because I want to use or have used many of the products you have listed. Keep up the fantastic work.


    • 1/14/10 21:15 the Muse:

      awesome susan 😀 why thank you hun! I’m so glad you discovered me 😀 LOL I love you stuck around here with me 😀 I hope you’ll stay! Thank you for your lovely comments!


  • 4/21/10 14:53 Rosalind:

    Do you know who owns Villainess Soaps?


    • 4/21/10 14:55 the Muse:

      no Rosalind….I assume they have contact info on their page. Perhaps email them and ask? plus they have an about me section I think


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